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Donald Trump Is an Existential Threat to Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/27/donald-trump-existential-threat-social-security

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What ain’t trump a threat to?


Now that Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP has completed stacking of all levels of federal courts, Trump has become irrelevant with respect to ACA, Social Security, Medicare, and other “domestic programs” that the GOP has been trying to dismantle from their inceptions.

Just as the fascist majority SCOTUS will dismantle the ACA they will readily dismantle Social Security, Medicare, etc.


Trump is blatant about his attacks, but the drive to undermine social security and other

beneficial social programs has been repeatedly brought up by members of congress

over many years.

One senator who was repeatedly saying he saw cuts as necessary was Joe Biden.

Putting this attack all on Trump is a lie. Trump is simply the loudest predator among

his bipartisan colleagues in desiring to destroy the social fabric.

If Biden is elected, you better be prepared for a more devious scheme to follow through

with the predatory privatization. He will most likely use his same old framing and it is a version

of Nancy Pelosi’s and the lousy republican’s “pay-go” scam.

Of course none of them will consider reducing the Pentagon and spy agencies insatiable

depletion of the economy. Those bloated, money-suckers are needed to force compliance

around the planet for the greediest predators benefit.


Wasn’t it Barack Obama who created the catfood commission to reduce the yearly COLA for social security? Isn’t Barack Obama a democrat? Wasn’t Joe Biden the vice president who served with Barack Obama? Just asking.


Unfortunately, Biden is too. We made the huge mistake by joining the WTO in 1994 which basically doomed both of them because they are subsidized. That literally weds us to the for-profit system.

The only situation where that wouldn’t apply is if we had had a single payer system before we joined the WTO in 1994. Social security and Medicare are both in serious danger because they have been gradually doing things which destroy the exemption which allow them to exist while receiving a subsidy. Expanding Medicare likely destroys it too. Read the Annex on Financial Services and Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services. They want to get rid of them because they violate the free trade ideology we committed to.

We are also planning on outsourcing a lot of jobs and they get in the way of large scale outsourcing.

What will probably happen is we’ll get a minimal healthcare system for the destitute. People who have no income and no assets will get help, but it will likely involve minimally trade restrictive conditions. They can get help when there is zero chance they would “crowding out” any insurance companies customer. (This all applies to banks too, as foreclosures add to their bottom line)

We can expect the eventually, its likely a WTO decision will be rendered allowing various changes they want but which they want to blame on the WTO.

Right now its prohibited but in a way we already know is WTO illegal, but likely soon, any kind of hospital procedure that’s expensive will probably be provided elsewhere. Conditions already exist requiring subsidied services of general commercial interest be allowed only under certain conditions, which are supposed to become gradually less and less generous. Right now if you look you can see subsidies re already quite minimal and only where a market failure exists. Eventually we’ll see them only after people have used up their own resources and possibly only overseas, maybe Mexico or India as they are ideologically compatible countries and want the business Negotiations have been going on about this “patient mobility” issue for decades, but previously, in the GATS 2000 and Doha Round talks they collapsed repeatedly over terms.

Also, foreign firms firms want equal market access to perform service jobs here, if they can do them cheaper, and of course they can. This is a very big thing that will remake the US labor force. As profit is king. Its been planned but held up for a long time for various reasons. Decades. SO we’ll be seeing massive job losses but they will have a benefit of reducing cost increases for consumers by at least 2% over ten years… LOL, just kidding there.

Health insurance is supposed to be a financial service and nobody disputes that so its actually going to revert back to the regulatory condition in 1998 when the Understanding was signed. Read it. Same with the Annex on Financial Services requiring Medicare turn into a for profit thing if we expand it beyond the retired. Read it. Please correct media when they say that healthcare is going to be expanded beyond these groups. That simply isnt possible unless we leave the GATS and of course nobody has spoken a word about that. Silence = Death, you know.

Like then, people will have access to healthcare if they have the money, as long as they don’t have any pesky pre-existing conditions.

You can pretty much bet this is going to be the case within a year or so because the ten year limit (for GATS emergency/exemptions) is likely up.

Its a matter of principle for neoliberals. We - because we’re running the show- have to get the worst deal of them all.

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Cognitive dissonance, the best tool in the Republicans’ kit to attack Social Security. Slugs begging for salt because of icky “socialism”.

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I know of few treaties that the US has adhered to though in Article II Section 2 Clause 2 of the Constitution a treaty is considered the supreme law of the land subject only to the Constitution itself. GATT and therefore WTO are only treaties and like most others have been violated by the US when it suits the .00001%. It may be used to support something like you state concerning SS but that will only be to support the underlying agenda, which, as you say, is to privatize SS. But this is not Chile whose SS system was only a couple of decades old when it was dismantled Milton Friedman style. SS in the US is 86 years old and dearly beloved by most levels of society. They will pick away at it but in the long run it will remain and expand as the 99% mobilize to protect it.

1947 GATT is just concerned with goods.

Your misspelling of the treaty I am talking about is an example of habitual GATSlighting practiced by people involved in its cover up…

That was before the creation of the WTO. Also, you are ignoring the fact that we set this system up to do this. We cant set a system up to force countries to privatize and globalize everything,m make the whole world miserable with it and get rich from it for 26 years and then get away with ignoring it just to save our own peoples jobs and lives and retirements. Not after collecting the benefits all this time. (Like high drug prices) Who is going to pay the African and Asian countries elites back for colonialism? The US is way ahead in billionaires, they are just millionaires in India,l and they arent going toplet people here forget about it. They want the jobs and they want them now.
Stop hoarding jobs.

This is not really a joke.

They figure out the perfect scam with the perfect straw man transaction cover story. “It was the promise of those jobs, in particular that kept the oligarchical nations in the system”. (Pretending that they didnt know)

Its like the Thord World Debt. The lenders knew the money would be stolen but they lent it anyway. And now they want it back, they say so Americans have to give up their jobs to help the poor…; hehe…

You cant tell them we want to keep our jobs. Those jobs have already been traded away. As I said a whole class of people have gotten filthy filthy rich off if this deal.

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Wow Donald Trump:
YOU had better keep social security going and maybe add more money to it—because when the government gets done with suing you—maybe the only thing you’ll have left is social security! I am sure that your 400,000 president yearly won’t go far—and as you owe a gazillion dollars—what are you going to do when Ivanka and Jared run off to Israel with all your company money? : )

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Are you saying that former presidents get a $400,000/yr pension for the rest of their lives? Nice. Do former presidents get $400,000/yr and secret service protection for the rest of their lives, even if they spend it in prison?

[Actually, it sounds like it is “$219,200 per year”. ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Former_Presidents_Act]

Its much worse than that. You have no idea. What is it that not already stolen, or in the fast track to be, IS likely to be stolen under these trade deals soon. I honestly cannot think of anything that’s been left out, although there must be something.

That’s no-matter who wins, by the way. IMHO Trump’s “anti-globalism” is an act. A sham. Think of it this way, they want people to project their hopes on to a President. Hoping against hope that some option exists where their lives wont be toast. But such an escape is not to be. We should realize this. The longer we wait expecting hope from the puppets in Washington that never comes, the worse. People need to set up alternative ways of survival that put people first.

Humanity. Dump the corporate rule. Dumpthe unbelivably evil and corrupt political party system.

Just refuse to play along with it unless a candidate is independent, (does not run under a party) and honest, and then only vote for them.

Thanks to all these trade deals, what was once democracy has now been captured.

Its a sham. They should be tossed out, all of them. Let them get real jobs that are not low show jobs at think tanks. Make them deal with what we deal with. Nobody is never corruptible so we need direct voting in some manner. Designed OF BY AND FOR the PEOPLE, not multinational corporations.

Corporations are not people.

Read this, people, the very first section. Read and weep. (You have to look up what the legalese means)


Make a note of it. It dooms SS and Medicare/Medicaid

This does too, but in a different way. But you have to read our Specific Commitments and its history to realize that. It likely dooms the ACA.


Hi atelios:
Oh sorry, I meant they get $400,000 a year—( even if all they do is create chaos! ) I can’t remember if Bush got that first or whether it was Obama. : )

Why don’t you spend a little time searching the ideology that is driving this. Some (not as many as you might think) rich people are a lot different than the rest of us. As we are seeing, they would rather divide the country with a bundle of fake but very sophisticated propaganda and disinformation, and two totally fake candidates, than be real Americans who cared about the nation and realized that we have a strength in diversity. Both Biden and Trump have NPD, we can be fairly certain of it. In 2016, it was like that too.

Narcissists are like that. They are the last people we should be trusting because they cant tell right from wrong. They are really good liars, though. But eventually it all falls apart, badly. We’re making a huge mistake to entrust peope like that with any kind of political office. Isnt it obvious that they have something broken?

The GATS is really the trade deal from hell and so is its progeny TISA which is almost certainly going to get revived. Trump is working on several too, if he is re-elected he’ll probably revive TISA also Its like GATS on steroids.

They want to divide and conquer. Which is what they are doing, in case you hadn’t noticed. They will play everybody off against one another by outsourcing all the good jobs. That’s where the money is.

They have been planning this for decades and thats easy to find nand track. Just read the trade literature.

They’d rather destroy democracy than share the fruits of technology. What should our response to automation be? We can bet it wont be what they come up with. All the things we should do are all off the table. Bernie lied, he was hiding this.

They are very thorough.

They see themselves as entitled to everything that it gives us. They are this country’s secret cult, and greed is its secret religion.

As shown by the US’s IP-maximalist creation of the WTO TRIPS which has hugely increased the prices of drugs and may have killed tens of millions of poor people. Mostly children.

We think that workweeks should shrink and people should get more free time, they think that we have lots of surplus people who they wish would just go away.

So, decades ago, they traded the jobs away to other rich people like them elsewhere, literally decades ago. And now they plan to implement it. That’s whats driving all this deception. They want us to think its only happening now. And they want it all, they dont want to adjust to the real changes that are going on. They feel that as the pie shrinks, they deserve more and more. And peoples lives will be worth less and less, as hey wont be working, trade deals like GATS are a global grab.

They basically make it so there is no shared anything. Its FTA-illegal for governments to help people. If its something people need, People will have to pay the most possible for for it, and wouldn’t you know it, they traded the jobs away. Its more profitable for subcontractors to do them.

This is an outcome that no sane person would want so they created a totally fake political system that “justifies” it that only rich people even know about. In these treaties that go above nations and domestic regulation. People have no idea.

They are not going to give up that or tell the truth.

In their eyes, why would they since they are the job providers. Pretty much the entire US workforce is too expensive so we’re free to go.

They are setting up the scam so that the world is set against one another and they just sashay in and take it all.