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Donald Trump is Betting Against all Odds on Climate Change


Donald Trump is Betting Against all Odds on Climate Change

Bill McKibben

President-elect Donald Trump has already begun to back off some of his promises: Maybe not all of Obamacare has to go. Maybe parts of his wall will actually be a fence. Maybe it’s okay to have some lobbyists running the government after all.


These are in large part middle aged and old men. They honestly don't give a flying fig about the odds , they just want to "get theirs" right now, so they can sit on their pile of ill-gotten lucre and look down upon us from the heights of their psychopathic delusion of grandeur. And they are viciously indifferent to the suffering they cause. Vermin, every one of them.


Donald Trump could not have won the election by proposing action to fight climate change. And he cannot retain his political base by proposing such action. He is doing what it takes politically. Too many voters are climate change deniers. Some are the "deplorables" but many are not. Millions of Americans have sided with anti-intellectualism and ignorance. They do not trust the well-educated elites who have been in charge of running things. They want the ignorant to take over. They think they can do a better job. With regard to climate this will lead to disaster.


Many people wrote to President Obama before the 2008 climate talks.

At first glance there's nothing surprising about the letter above.

In 2009 a coalition of business leader wrote to President Obama before the UN Climate talks:

Please don't postpone the earth. If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.

Such a letter made perfect sense: unless you're in the arms or disaster management industries, climate change is bad for business.

The letter with many business leaders signing it was

...The letter was published in this form in the New York Times on 6 December 2009.

but guess who signed the letter? Bold in the original

But hold on a second! Just check that list of signatories towards the end:

Donald J. Trump, Chairman and President, Donald J. Trump Jr., EVP, Eric F. Trump, EVP, Ivanka M. Trump, EVP, The Trump Organisation.

Well, at one time the new climate regime was a big problem for humanity, but now it is a political soccer ball (the globe is round so better than saying political football.)

Another thing we learned about that 2008 climate conference is that it was spied on by the NSA and Obama arrived at the last day and pulled something out of the fire so it would not have been a complete disaster. Several nations were working on a much stronger statement but the US derailed their effort. Thanks Obama and the neo liberals.


The well educated elites for many decades now have had us swimming in a sea of propaganda, better known as lies, to get what they want at our expense. And when someone lies and cheats your you over and over again you get to a point that you don’t trust them anymore. Where does the common man look for truth when the word of those “running things” is a long way less than worthless? Thus has decades of propaganda made it possible for frauds like Trump and the Republican leadership to deny scientifically established climate change and yet not be run out of town as blatant hucksters.


Capitalism=endless exploitation of all life forms and all of nature-what could possibly go wrong?


Come on people. Didn't we learn everything we needed to know in kindergarten; don't we remember the lessons of Br'er Rabbit and the briar patch? Here we go again falling into the MSM/NPR trap of letting Trump head lined non-stories distract us from what our plutocratic-oligarachy controlled government has been doing to us for at least 50 years; stealing our resources, stealing our self respect and using our taxes to build the strongest, most powerful military in the world which will soon be turned directly against us, disguised as cops of course. Climate change is real and it is coming directly at all of us. Trump did not cause this. Past governments, tolerated by many of us, caused this. Both Democratic and Republican Party led governments caused this, with our negligence. I am anything but a Trump supporter and was in no way a Clinton supporter either. We are a nation of war, run by the MIC and the Big Banks and the fossil fuel Goliath supported by the MSM/NPR propaganda machine. Get over it or do something about it. At the very least re-read your kindergarten lessons.


Considering how badly Cinnamon Hitler has done in the gambling business, this bet is bound to be a bad one, especially for the planet.


Here is one thing those of us who are inclined to can do. Put Donald Trump in your prayers. Create mission statements with intentions such as 'the Earth's atmosphere needs your help." Use meditation both individually and with groups to influence him on specifics as they come up.
We are all linked in consciousness. President elect Trump knows that better than anybody. And, because of it, he is also very susceptible to being influenced himself. A word of caution. Get in your heart to craft these messages. Stay positive if possible. Love matters.


Nice thoughts in general but what evidence do you have to make such a statement as above? How does Trump know we are all linked in consciousness better than anybody? Because he is good at bamboozling some people with his mouth?


Yes, the stand of the Trump cabinet and the GOP in general on fossil fuels is worrying, but try to stop an avalanche, once is gets going.
To place that into perspective see:


I think the stronger statement you referred to would have required China and other developing countries to do absolutely nothing. That is why Obama did not go along. He did the right thing. Now developing countries are willing to reduce emissions and virtually every country is on board. Thanks to Obama.


The well educated elites have been putting out the truth. Climate change is real, it is mainly caused by humans, and it is a serious threat to survival. Blaming well-educated elites for lying is total nonsense. If you want to know where all the lying came from try conservative talk radio. It is from people like Rush Limbaugh and he gets the lies from the right wing think tanks that churn out lies constantly. The big lie repeated over and over is at the center of their strategy. Remember the lie that the ozone hole is caused by volcanoes. The well-educated elites have spent decades trying to counter the lies about everything from DDT to more recent climate change denial.


Vermin are much better than these guys.


Bad News group.

We will not survive, no matter what. Who says so? The Laws of Thermodynamics. We have released too much heat energy from ancient fossilized sequestered carbon. It can't be put back into the ground!

Even if we stop every engine and smokestack on the planet, the oceans are now red-hot almost all the way down the water column. They will heat up the atmosphere even if everything is turned off.

In the Washington Post is an article this week saying the North Pole, right now, is 36 degrees above normal! That's a thermal runaway, folks, and it's going to raise oceans 21 feet if Greenland melts all the way which it is doing.

The last time there was 380 ppm CO2 the oceans were 80 feet higher than they are today.

We are doomed. The Pentagram knows it, the See-Eye-Aye knows it, NASA and NOAA know it. And for sure, now Donald Trump is getting briefed on it.

There is nothing we can do, imho. The Washington Post also had a piece about scientists turning new CO2 into rock in two years of fracking injection into bassalt, but that doesn't address red-hot oceans melting the South Pole next.

Our cars caused this. And our illogical belief that population does not matter. Oh well, ALL species go extinct according to the geologic record. Homo naked ape is not going to be an exception apparently. So Green conservation at this late date is a fool's errand. Don't get yourself invested into a movement which cannot succeed. It might buy us some time, but in the knowledge of Abrupt Climate Change, that time might be less than singular years.


"And because he is good at bamboozling some people."
No. He seems to have been successful at bamboozling a whole bunch of folks.
As to how he would know, start paying attention to him a little, and it will possibly become clearer. The old adage is; if you are looking for someone to sell your products or ideas to, a salesman is a good buyer candidate. Donald Trump has been selling fear and hate and hope, and he is obviously very very good at it. He could just as easily be selling a clean energy future for all of us.
Obviously at this point that seems a very remote possibility at best. But that's only because we are yet to began in earnest to apply our collective mind to the task of turning him around.
This is not an either/or thing. Try everything else as well, what choice do we have. But don't exclude this direct approach. Get your head around it: millions of people sending Donald Trump subconscious messages of love and light, profound peace, and even specifics at appropriate times.
A bunch of effort will be needed to get going on this, and to fine tune it, plus the cooperation of many many courageous dedicated souls. The sooner the better in my opinion.


I agree T. Jefferson. We have crossed the rubicon.
Thought I was closer to acceptance but with each mass death (starfish, puffins, sea lions and on and on and on) comes overwhelming feelings of grief and terror. And more grief: