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Donald Trump Is Bullying Unions. He Picked the Wrong Fight


Donald Trump Is Bullying Unions. He Picked the Wrong Fight

Larry Cohen

It is repulsive but not shocking that Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and president-elect, feels free to target Chuck Jones, the United Steelworkers local president, who is nothing short of a working-class hero. In a tweet, Trump wrote Chuck Jones “has done a terrible job representing workers”.


"Working-class unity is the ammo Chuck Jones and workers across this nation need for their sling shots.": Let each union, craft or industrial, open its membership to anyone from the general public who is not a boss. Also, unlike the mistakes of the past, communists and socialists must be welcomed back. I hope you are reading this Larry. I left same message with your 'our revolution'.


Where is Jimmy Hoffa when we so desperately need him and his paid "collectors and enforcers?"


Exactly. The union-hostility that comes from the lowest wages is absolutely amazing.


I just had an absurdly simple idea! Someone need to get that wonderfully brief manifesto by Marx and Engels, update the language, remove anything that might connect it to Marx - and get it circulating around the internet.


We need to gridlock D.C. and demand another FDR New Deal. The devil with the protest permits (which will only be issued on Sunday when all lawmakers are gone.)


Trump's history of abusing workers is unlikely to change after January 20.


Something like this?
"Freeman and slave, .01% and 99%, CEO and worker, union boss and journeyman, white and black in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on a non-stop, now you see it, now you don't fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolution that reconstituted the whole society, or else in the common ruin of both sides."


Let them eat humble pie.


They should start a national union for all workers....anyone working anywhere can join and when they say strike ..then every worker in the USA can walk off the job from factory worker to McDonald's to Walmart..One text from the union to all members phones saying walkout in 10 mins....Now that would be power the corporations would hate and so would the republicans...I would join and gladly pay dues....Picking on American workers needs to stop....You cant outsource them service jobs....lol.....When the workforce takes the power away from politicians and corporate landlords you will see real change.


On the money Akita! The MO of the oligarchy, political party sellouts, and the bosses (among others) has been to divide us, to divide workers, the middle-class, minorities, religious beliefs, social beliefs, environmentalists, anti-war activists, from one another - the PTB can then pick us off one at a time. Never has this understanding been as relevant as now with the Trump regime forming.

All people of good conscience and groups must support each other - speak-out against division and oppression - the "downpresser-man". It was a great failure to mostly keep silent during the 8 years of the great progressive fraud, Barack Obama - because he was "a Democrat" - that was fantasy BS and false hope, as I hope millions that drank the Obama Kool-Aid can see now. Failure to speak-out against injustice, usury, greed, corporate domination and the vulture capitalist wage-slave system itself is critical! The issues must be the focus, regardless the party screwing us.....................

"Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish. They've got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. But no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen." - Huey Long


Bravo. Akita--this idea appeals to me. It is right up there w/Jews saying that if EgoManiacTrump tries to move to target Muslims, then we jews will all say "We are Muslims." These measures are like the Danish King putting on a yellow star when Hitler marched into Denmark. Solidarity now, solidarity forever!
OAT, all of us who fear climate chaos, who despise our government's egregious historyof stealing from Native Americans, better girl our loins because EnergyTransfer et.al. are surely going to come back against the warriors of Standing Rock w/a vengeance. Why is it those of us who desire peace for all, a living wage for all, women's empowerment, etc etc are alwys having to fight the SevenDeadlySins--principally GREED, the love of $$$$ and desire to oppress others.
I say that priests, ministers & other clergy need to practice what Jesus preached and stand in solidarity with StandingRock warriors, with unions, w/peace proponents, w/women,w/the environmental warriors, or what r they good for? I am not looking to an afterlife; I want THIS ONE to be good for all.


I agree I have been a democrat all my life republican rhetoric is absolutely ridiculous ...I never vote republican because I am not a 1%er....I work for a living and everything they want to do only adds to the hardships of those who only want what the rich and republicans want themselves...Work with dignity and a living wage to support families and buy products these corporations make in china to sell back to us.....Obama I voted for him twice only because I didn't like McCain or Romney...I am tired of lessor of two evils....But Hillary's evil is far more preferable than Trumps and a totally owned GOP house and senate...BERNIE was my man he ran on issues I have always talked about....I was appalled by those who put Hillary in as the democrat front runner....Geeze REALLY another Clinton..Just because she was a woman...and the elite democrats like the Schumers..Wassermans and others are democrat sell outs..They pushed her in front..knowing she would ok TPP....But guess what so will Trump......Hillary would not be planning on destroying ssn or medicare....So you tell me which one is better in the long run for working Americans....A lying orange headed idiot...NOPE....Or a more softer version of wrong Hillary.

The democrats did this to us they stuck us with this big douche....all we can do is buckle up for the long haul.

Want to shake up the establishment start another grass roots party of real democrats....called progressives or what ever...You start grabbing their voters they will start listening to you. We got 4 yrs to do something or nothing will ever change the voters will only keep believing their lies and voting them back.


I think all preachers who believe in the conservative mantra are posers they are not Christians just mouth pieces for the 1%.......I think the Christian mumbo jumbo is nothing but conservative Bullshit.


We are definitely on the same page with many of the same experiences and history Akita.....IF people recognize the great dangers we face from Trump & Co's extremism - it's not a far stretch to label it terrorism - we can, and must, come-together to take the Dem Party (unlikely given the establishments corruption) or form a new party, conceived in liberty, equality, and justice, OF, By, and FOR the common man and woman, and for the Common Good, not common greed.

Keep the faith!


Religion is always used to subjugate the masses..People may believe it but governments dont especially republicans....But governments use it because they can fool the stupids by telling them the other side is taking away their Jesus and freedom of religion and thats all it takes to get them votes.


Any church practicing politics should be denied tax exempt status....Keep religion in the church and home and leave it out of government.....You cant practice a religion and then be a republican lawmaker....They have no concept of the real meaning of Christianity it only sells votes.


Lotta "shoulds" expressed on here, but we could've kept Trump out of the White House altogether. Would Clinton have been wonderful? No. But now we are going to get the hardcore Right running agencies etc. Republicans are already talking about cutting Medicare and Social Security, their ultimate wet dreams, too. All I saw pre-election was that feelings and golden ponies were way too important for progressives to seriously think about what putting a rightwing conspiracy monger who has actively shorted his own workers, contractors, and imported foreign labor which he then underpaid, into the White House.


That's right Hoffa - you were just re elected.


Golden ponies?