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Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed


Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed

Michael Moore

The following was posted by the author to his Facebook page. Read the original here.

A week has gone by since Donald Trump admitted he's only been to "two or three" of his daily presidential national security briefings. There have been 36 of them since the day he secured enough electoral college votes to be appointed president next Monday when the Electoral College meets.


Our over-preoccupation with "threats" (a few real, most imagined or serving special interests) is partly responsible for the state we are in.

I, for one, am glad to see a President elect slipping the noose of this smothering attempt to control his sources of information. Obama was a brilliant and attentive man who read the briefs daily--didn't help much.

Panetta can go suck eggs along with the rest of the CIA keystone cops. BTW, this is no apology for Trump, his IQ, his curiosity or his character. Instead, it is a rant directed at the whole homeland security apparatus.


Is it worth a 52.6 billion Black Budget when the CIA can say that Russia hacked the election without providing any proof? Doesn't the CIA hack the elections of Russia and of all other countries? If that's the international m.o., why should the US Regime be the exception?

And if instead of pursuing wars of choice, Trump wants to do friendly business with countries that the US Regime has deemed our enemies, what better way to prevent terrorism?

Trump is bad news, but as far as regional wars and possible nuclear wars go, I prefer him to Hillary.


with only 32 Murkins having been killed by terrorists during the past decade compared to 80 to 90% of Murkins being negatively impacted by the 2008 crash caused by Wall Street with its too big to fail banks, Trump confirming (via his cabinet and other appointments) that Wall Street's license to steal will have no expiration date WILL harm most of us while the likelihood of very many of us being directly harmed by terrorists is far lower.

Although it is indeed likely that in the name of fighting terrorists Trump will destroy civil liberties to a far greater extent than Cheney and his puppet Dubya did, the too big to fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets in 2008 and now control 50% (with no end of their march to monopoly in sight) are a clear and present threat to most of the 99%.


Hey Mike, you can share the blame for putting Trump in the WH. A democratic apologist for years, you supported the Democrats who totally sold out the American people. The result: Trump in the White House.

And now, the best you can do is resort to fear mongering??

So please, I beg you, just go away!


Wake up Michael Moore. 911 was in inside job -- not a terrorist attack. Stop sipping the Kool-aid.


Even you Mike?

The President's number one job is to keep us "Safe"?

The President doesn't swear to that.

He swears to Protect and Defend the Constitution against all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

Of course, from LBJ on, that would be novel.


Disappointing article. More scare mongering about terrorists.

I thought it was going to be about the real possibility of Trump will be going after "us" (i.e. us radical leftists) with death squads just like the very similar-to-Trump governments of Colombia, Argentina, Chile, did in the 70's-90's and Honduras the Philippines are currently doing. It sounds far fetched, but I cannot think of any other plutocracies like Trump is putting together in the past that did not include a savage iron fist component.

But hey, oh-so-mainstream liberals like Michael Moore - just like the ones who tangoed away in fashionable Buenos Aires from '76 to '82 - will be safe from the death squads.


Supporting the only candidate who could beat Trump equals getting Trump elected?

That makes the kind of sense that doesn't.


Michael Moore has this annoying habit of embracing establishment propaganda if it is convenient to make his own, in this case that the intelligence community exists to keep us "safe" in the first place.

Oy vey Michael.


Albert Einstein once said: there are only two things infinite. "One is the Universe, the other human stupidity; and I'm not so sure about the Universe". I'm sure, he was clairvoyant. He was foremost talking about Trump when he mentioned human stupidity.


There isn't a deep thought bone in Trump's body, much less any conviction for "friendly business with countries that the US Regime has deemed our enemies".

I'm not taking the neocon driven confrontation with Russia position, however to not recognize that Trump's friendliness with Putin is about as deep as his worldview in general, reveals a blind spot about Trump way too prevalent on the "left".

I'm NOT arguing a case for Clinton, and any such comparison at this point is just ridiculous.

What is reality, is we are going to have Trump, and any illusions that this right wing fascist jerk will in ANY way be a positive relative to US foreign policy is just utterly insane. Not you, but that argument.

You don't think Trump will immediately escalate war in the ME?

You don't think Trump's already volatile attitude (indicated in his campaign btw and commented about by me many times) toward China couldn't end up in a nuclear flashpoint scenario?

Who would Russia join in such a flashpoint? Trump? No, Russia would ally with China.

So much for Trump Nuclear War insurance.

Leftists should cancel that policy they bought on that, post haste.


"To you, Mr. Trump, I say this: When this next terrorist attack takes place, it is YOU who will be charged by the American people with a gross dereliction of duty."

Doubt it; the "American" people are derelict, too; especially when under attack from without.

And, et tu Michael: stooping to the Russophobic and simple-minded invocation of "Putin" as a generic stand-in for all-things-bad?!


Hey, Mike, Another terrorist attack will not draw the ire of Americans against Trump. In case you were asleep or out of town, you missed the false flag event on 9/11. It united Americans behind the biggest buffoon ever to occupy the white house. (Trump has yet to take residence.)


Well, so far, most of the comments here are kinda strange and kinda stupid. Now, technically, Obama is still in charge so Trump only getting his security info from Putin is not important for a few more weeks, but even though Trump is so smart that he doesn't need to get any more information (he knows so much that adding more might cause a brain malfunction), still it's good to get a second opinion (even though most of us commenters know that Putin has the straight poop, and our intelligence agencies are some combination of evil, stupid, and wrong).


George W. Bush was briefed that terrorists might fly planes into buildings and that didn't help. Therefore, just reading the briefings is not the most important thing. What counts is paying attention to what the briefings say and not ignoring what is on them. There is no guarantee a president will do that. But as a minimum presidents should read national security briefings. You never know what bit of information will turn out to be important.


"Smothering attempt to control his information sources"? A Trump spokesman just explained on TV that Trump will rely upon his National Security Adviser to attend the daily intelligence briefings and tell Trump the NSA's condensed version of what the intelligence briefers said. The NSA in question here is a man who relies on social media sources to get his version of what is going on in the world -- as exemplified by this NSA's recent tweet regarding the obviously "fake news" that Hillary was conducting a child sex ring in a Washington DC pizza parlor (a tweet in which the NSA urged his followers to look at this obviously "fake news" item). No, idiot, we Trump critics are saying that Trump needs to make his own evaluation of national security briefings, rather than relying upon an obviously unreliable underling to do his thinking for him.


You (we) are more likely to be shot by a toddler with a real gun vs. being victim of a terrorist attack.


Mike & all the other Democrat boosters in the media have gone off the rails.

WaPo & NYT pimping for war with Russia, granola crunching 60 year old feminists screaming for Putin's head on a platter.

And that's the liberal side of the equation.

Feel like something very big & very bad is going to happen.


Short memory? Donald Trump is no worse than GW Bush!