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Donald Trump Is Moving to the White House, and Liberals Put Him There


Donald Trump Is Moving to the White House, and Liberals Put Him There

Thomas Frank

A month ago I tried to write a column proposing mean nicknames for president-elect Donald Trump, on the basis that it would be funny to turn the tables on him for the cruel diminutives he applied to others.

I couldn’t pull it off. There is a darkness about Trump that negates that sort of humor: a folly so bewildering, an incompetence so profound that no insult could plumb its depths.


Look on the bright side - democratic elites got their just deserts. Meanwhile we all may have escaped nuclear war. Nor was incrementalism ever going to change the global warming equations.

The physics of CO2 and climate change is inescapable - even Republicans will one day have to pull their heads out of the sand. We are no longer "sleep walking to extinction", we are on a runaway train that is hurtling there.


While you are correct that the blame lies squarely with the Democratic Party, but ...
The Democratic Party is neither Liberal nor Progressive,
So the blame should not be on Liberals or Progressives.

Would you call Barry Goldwater a Liberal?
"Goldwater Girl" Hillary Clinton has never been a Liberal or a Progressive but is instead a Corporate Democrat just like the national party. She pushed NAFTA and would have undoubtedly pushed the TPP once she was in office.

The Democratic Party worked to get Donald Trump as the Republican candidate (Wikileaks memos) and due to the law of unintended consequences, got exactly what they worked for.

The Democratic Party has lost its way.
And the blame for the loss lies squarely with the Corporate Democrats.

There is one bright news after this election:
These message boards are no longer dominated by the "Correct The Record" trolls.
Now maybe there can be meaningful discussions.


Expectations of ole' foggy bottom being drained of its corruption by Trump is like expecting fungus not to flourish in a moist environment. There is absolutely nothing in Trump's background, not to mention arrival, that has not sought out, used and benefited from precisely the same red cape of baiting with which he has been taunting from the get-go. I would dearly love to be proven wrong, and be witness to a miracle.

Perhaps more likely is that 'the establishment' has run its course in this 'cycle' and as scapegoat for the upcoming collapse ginning up the spectrum of self-divisive tropes, which has a verified historical formulaic hand this time being played with a 'trump' card. In an era of hegemonic powers forcing collapse by generating chaos, Trump figures as a bellicose darling of such forces. It makes them appear mild behind his veil.

Criminalization is now a for-profit, ubiquitous methodology of the new level of colonization as it faces a finite planet. Climate change being real or not pales before the component of the poisoning of environments, material and conceptual, also subject to the exponential function and feeding changes in climate environments.

In the mean time, countless agroecological and other projects are proving the science behind alternatives. It seems that the planet is struggling with an epidemic of parasitic models and development of immunity to these, of coming back to REAL cycles of life, might very well represent premises for regenerative models.


My biggest disappointment is that the Greens didn't get their 5%. I will not miss the Clintons and I'm glad that the Clinton dynasty has been derailed. Trump is horrible, but at least he will be criticized by the left instead of receiving a free pass like Obama. Thomas Frank has had it right all along. Its sad that the candidate who could have generated passion was tossed aside.


You might want to reconsider your headline. Liberals did NOT do this. The Democratic Party did. "Liberal" does not equate to "Democrat." The Democatic Party elite really did rig the nomination, because they thought the base was too stupid to choose for itself. Liberals and progressives turned their noses up at the Democratic Party when the elite decided on Clinton over Bernie. Most, I imagine, have become so disgusted they've reregistered as Independents and Greens. I also imagine a whole lot just stayed home yesterday.


The same exact thing happened in Massachusetts — A blond queen of the democratic establishment pushed aside good alternative candidates and lost to a blond republican that pushes charter schools and gambling casinos.


Frank was wise to not craft the humor piece he was considering.

During the primary Trump proved that he serially turns bad PR into energy, and he proved it again in the general election.


With all the tricks for electoral fraud at their disposal, it could be said that Trump was elected because tptb wanted him there; likely H's baggage was just getting too heavy.
Similarly, Jill didn't get her 5 as understandably it was not on the agenda.


Typically sound analysis from Mr. Frank. The tragedy here is the loss to the party of Trump (not really the Republican Party) of millions of independent voters concerned about their economic situation. Trump's populist, jobs-oriented, and anti-trade deal message was taken from Bernie's playbook.

Oh how different things might have been had it been Bernie, instead of her.


Donald Trump is currently sitting at less total votes then were cast for Mitt Romney in 2012. While not all votes yet tabulated, if he does surpass that count it will not be by much. There was not a great stampede to Trump based on his stands on racism and immigrants.

The single largest issue was the DNC in their offering up Hilary Clinton who was seen as untrustworthy by far too many.

In essence the DNC said "we do not need or want your trust, we just want and deserve your vote"


hope the damn dems learned their lesson at our expense but I doubt it. awful to think of the supreme court but maybe it will lead to a more revolutionary overhaul of this nation after all. chaos can and usually is also creative. in the meantime take to the streets and to your reps' offices and make them stand up for us all. Make a phone call every day or go to a demo and fight like hell for the country you want to live in.




My headline:



Thank you, Thomas Frank. Thank you for so clearly and so coherently exposing where much (not all, but so very very much) of the blame for this catastrophe lies. And yes. Enough.


thank you Mr. Frank for you cogent analysis. The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

You have the most progressive electorate in approx 80 years with the millennials coming on board.

and at the same time, the most progressive candidate in 80 years in Bernie Sanders who shocks the DNC establishment by outperforming the pre-chosen candidate and is then vilified by every "formerly" respectable progressive media outlet as "un-electable" and he and his very passionate followers are treated like crap and you wonder why the ice queen lost?

The Democratic party needs to be ripped to shreds and replaced and/or reformed by a party that represents the "working class", white , brown, every race and ethnicity. Only then will progressives have a snowballs chance in hell of ever having a winning coalition like that of FDR.

I'm not holding my breath that any professional politician and or media pundit on the left will admit to this or learn anything from this travesty.


When you consider that the corporate Democrat and billionaire GOP candidate received way north of 90% of the popular vote yesterday, I don't agree that "millennials represent the most progressive electorate in approx. 80 years".

During the first half of the 20th century 10% of US voters voted socialist, communist or other progressive party, giving Democrats and some Republicans cover to support the New Deal and other populist legislation under the guise of keeping the US from going commie. Senator Joe McCarthy's 1950s commie hunt demonized all things left of center so successfully that six decades of progressive politics continues to be mired in the swamp.

Although millennials may be more progressive on social issues than older generations, social advances have less value when we see more formerly middle class Murkins taking up residence in their cars,somebody else's sofa, or under bridges.


Good question!


Enough with Clintonism and its prideful air of professional-class virtue. Enough!

I love you, Thomas Franks!


We hope.