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Donald Trump Is No Longer President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/donald-trump-no-longer-president

Donald Trump never was president.


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58% is a nationwide statistic. In rural areas its 80%.

Many of Trump’s campaign mantras hinted at dictatorship. He has been a dictator ever since he requested a heavy artillary parade as part of his inauguration and will continue to be as long as the US Senate tacitly and actively rubber stamp his every action.

Recall the Raygun regime era bumper sticker…god, guns and guts made america great


With demented Joe as the democratic nominee, Trump has a good chance of no longer being president for four more years.


He and his horde of fascist bigots are still ‘allowed’ to be in office - in control - Still being ‘allowed’ to put unqualified far/alt right judges on the federal bench - They are still being ‘allowed’ to win, to purposefully destroy what’s left of ‘our’ Constitutional Democracy, still ‘allowed’ to distort the environment laws to protect themselves and their profits, rather than us or the environment. We deserve what we continue to ‘allow’.


Gee, so is the rest of the government still the government?

Reducing the complaint to one man comes across as an effort at containment.


Events of the past three decades have demonstrated how flawed and prone to abuse that the process for impeaching the President is. Reform is needed.

Another way to handle the matter would be to set up processes where the Electoral College would be reconvened to deal with the matter, where its members freed from their pledges would have the power and responsibility to judge the President’s actions and, if needed could reconsider their choice and have power to select a different President if they decide that action necessary. It is true that if they were recalled today they could leave Trump in power, or they could select Pence. I doubt that they would. There is a realistic probability that the decision arrived at by the discussions and negotiations of the 538 unencumbered electors would adequately resolve the issue created by an incumbent whose actions or incompetence or circumstances resulted in the Electoral College being reconvened.

Similarly, when a President dies or becomes incapacitated the Electoral College would be reconvened while the Vice President assumes the President’s responsibilities and powers until the Electoral College chooses the new President.

I saw that poll on Rising TV. Unfortunately people answering the polls don’t think very hard or the polls are not very good quality because you can also find a poll that says people think it is now justified to burn a police precinct to the ground (for which taxpayers cover the cost of, not police) 54 to 38% (with remainder not answering I guess). You would think anybody who thinks property damage is justified doesn’t want the military to come in, but if these polls are correct, at least 12% of the people (54 - (100-58)) think they are good with burning down a police precinct AND they want the military to come in (presumably to prevent it).

I’m not crazy about the military coming in, but I know that they will under ANY administration or state government if things get bad enough. I am 100% opposed to any rioting, property damage, as well as any poorly thought out police response (like blinding a reporter in one eye permanently). I shudder to think how much messier it will get with the military coming in.


Some good points here.

Yes, the military could come in but not by presidential order. It takes a act of congress.

I didn’t realize so many Americans were this masochistic.

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“Get tough…” coming from the heel spurs POTUS.
Tough military guys must be loyal to a disloyal chicken to pay for college.
That must be tough.

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Most “democratic” countries have a way of holding elections if and when necessary from a particular government collapsing. There is no law of nature that says that elections must happen on a specific Tuesday in November. It’s only the USA that restricts itself to a strict electoral calendar.


I would have taken this piece seriously if it had been a real indictment with real thought and some options posited for how to move forward.

But, it’s only a whine, the kind of whine that makes his voters laugh and ensures yet another glide path to office for a second term. Given the choice between a dodderer and a dodderer, a racist and a racist, I’ll never support but have to vote for a toss-up choice.

We lack statesmen, stateswomen, informed and capable media. Plainly.

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All of what you write is true but completely tangential to the observation that the impeachment process in the USA is flawed and in need of reform. I merely suggested for consideration a possible reform that would make use of the Electoral College as a method of getting around the obvious problems with the impeachment process.

It does not follow that with Liar Trump being incompetent for the job that the House and Senate also need to be replaced, nor that an election is needed to replace Liar Trump. We already have a mostly elected Electoral College whose members were put there to select the President. Those electors did so as our representatives. I see no reason why they should not represent us when a President needs to be judged, reprimanded, or replaced. I would trust the judgement of these 538 electors over the judgement of the House and Senate who are mostly distracted with their daily power and profit games.

I would like to see the President annually put to a vote of confidence by the people each May Day where, when the result is significantly adverse for the President, the electors of the Electoral College would be automatically called back to reconsider their choice. When the people vote for a President based on his promises, and then observe that he has no intent of honoring his promises or properly doing his job, or has misrepresented his abilities and loyalties, then they know that they have been swindled (again). You might describe it as being buyer’s remorse. I submit that a recall of the Electoral College to decide the matter would be far preferable to the House and Senate spending their time on the matter and far preferable to going through an early Presidential election with all its expense and distraction.

Pace WiseOwl and Reich — Trump became President of the United States at the moment he was sworn in; he remains the President of the United States and will remain so until the sooner to occur of his resignation, his removal by vote of the U.S. Senate, or the swearing in of his duly-elected successor.

Proclamations to the contrary do not alter those truths.

I suspect that what they do is further enrage Trump’s supporters and perhaps distract from efforts to find a candidate and build support to elect someone other than Trump or Biden.