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Donald Trump Is Picking Your Pocket

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/28/donald-trump-picking-your-pocket

Somehow I don’t think this will be an issue if we can get the other G-7 members to read the story about the bedbug lawsuit by Eric Linder of Fort Lee, NJ (?). Who sued Trump for a bedbug infestation at his Doral Resort and won. Trump blew off the story as a viscous democratic lie.
The story ran on MSN today from The NY Daily News, attempts to link the story were unsuccessful.

Russiagate =s Non-starter and, perhaps much worse than mere Hillary & Gang Hallucinations.
Obstruction of Justice =s From a Constitutional lawyer’s perspective; it is in more abundance than used legal pads at a 1st year Constitutional Law lecture at an Ivy League school.

"Don’tcha Know It."

Let’s say the House votes to impeach Trump and the trial in the Senate is so convincing that a lot of GOP Senators vote to impeach, and to remove Trump from office. He leaves, after a bunch of bullshit threats to blow up Congress.

Then what?

The Constitution says Mike Pence, the Koch’s boy, becomes President, but no one who is aware of the situation with the remaining Koch brother (they made Trump choose Pence if they were going to give his financially exhausted election campaign enough dark money to stay afloat.

Mike Pence is a Christian Nationalist - he wants a theocracy (a religious dictatorship) in the USA. He also stands for causing Armageddon in the Mideast, so, afterward, Jesus might return to Earth to rule his kingdom. The Kochs have owned Pence’s soul for a long time, so Pence will have a massive amount of press and media support.

Putting that mess in the White House, making Pence the most powerful man in the world, is, in my opinion, dumb as a box of rocks.

Trump is no better, and he is, before everything else, a thief. The banks carrying his debt required co-signers - Russian oligarchs, I read, because they knew his record of stiffing the people he owed money to. So he’s still stealing, as is the rest of his family, save perhaps Barron.

But there is likely to be enough of the planet left to heal it, clean it up, learn to survive what’s been done to it in the interests of corporate cash flow and investor profit. Alternatives to both Western culture and capitalism (an ideology that must be imposed) must be created and deployed, so we don’t leave the problem for our posterity to have to fix again.

Denying living things the freedom to thrive is what we get from those empowered by the Constitution, as does pretty much all life forms on this planet.

We start fresh, but not with a planet that’s had an all-out nuclear war in the Mideast. We’re talking Mars, or Venus, after that, because Christian Nationalists are ecologically illiterate, as is “The Bible.”

Any other “then what” ideas that fit evidence-based reality? If not, do you still want to impeach worthless old Trump, or send him and Pence - and the Kochs - packing in the 2020 elections? Then we can address the ecological emergency, which is a lot more than global warming and climate change. If we fix them, we still have the emergency, just after it’s had more time to become harder to resolve. How do we get out of this fix with a home planet that’s not hostile to life?

Well I can guarantee that the DNC can’t be depended on. They seem to be Hell bent on doing everything they can to ensure Der Pumpkinfuhrer a second term.


It is remarkable that Trump’s “chaos,” a kind of cognitive dissonance, gives the appearance of sheer incompetence (which is the case) while his administration is extremely active in (competently) pursuing its destructive agenda especially in the realm of self-dealing, immigration and environmental protection–Meanwhile all the media noise, sound and fury, jumps from one meaningless thing to another (Greenland, nasty comments on Twitter) the Trump administration is carrying out its inhumane and destructive actions and there does not seem to be any mechanism to do much of anything about it! Everything is tied up in the federal courts, which McConnell and Trump have been busily packing!
One thing I take away from all this is the house-of-cards nature of a constitutional-on-paper republic and the need for a major overhaul once this Trump “era” is over, presumably in 2020.

Not going to be “an overhaul” of the Constitution in 2020. No matter who wins the election, the D’s And R’s will make sure the status quo from which they both profit will remain in place.

So, what’s it gonna take for “the people” to walke up to the FACT that we don’t live in a democracy, the entire system is rigged to benefit only the wealthy, and that the people have no voice AT ALL in this joint.

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The only overhaul this country needs is a complete and total flushing of both corporate political parties down the toilet.

Anything less, will just be a return to the Status Quo.

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A whole lot more than than the “corporate political parties” need flushing. We the People need to start seizing our RIGHT TO GOVERN in the places where we live to protect our own health, safety and welfare as well as the rights of our environment to exist and thrive. In LAW.

This has been happening in communities across the USA. A recent example in Toledo, Ohio to protect their water and Lake Erie. (article here: https://theintercept.com/2019/08/29/lake-erie-bill-of-rights-ohio/ ) We’re doing it here in Oregon in multiple places (article here: https://theintercept.com/2018/09/15/oregon-pesticides-aerial-spray-ban/ )

I’ve been an organizer in Oregon for community rights for over 7 years. The last three have been low key due to illness, but I keep fighting and helping others in the movement. Alice Paul and the Suffragists are my guiding light.(Watch the movie “Iron Jawed Angels”) And this work is empowering as all get out. Been thinking about getting a plastic Viking helmet and Joan of Arc sword…or something :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your dedication to community.