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Donald Trump Is Stealing From Our Children

Donald Trump Is Stealing From Our Children

Tom Engelhardt

Think of President Trump and his administration as a den of thieves. There is, of course, the obvious thievery: what they will in the end, as with the recently passed tax “reform” bill, steal from ordinary citizens and offer as never-ending presents to the already staggeringly wealthy, among them the president himself (possible savings up to $15 million annually) and son-in-law Jared Kushner (possible savings: up to $12 million annually).


Thanks to Tom for getting to the straight skinny - more must voice their outrage! The trump regime is a malignant, destructive and corrupt force to everything they touch; a clear and present danger to ALL Americans outside the co-conspirator 1% who fund, empower and share in the stolen wealth of that band of thieves and rapists! It is not only American children and citizens that are being robbed, but the entire earth and all its peoples and creatures. ALL Americans with even an ounce of sense must somehow become aware of this truth and those already aware fight as if their lives and those of their children depended on it!


Trumps rush to create another War, or two, where none exists, in order to stimulate the economy, before it totally “tanks” is what’s happening presently.

Maintaining the facade, with his base, that Trump has revived the economy so that they can continue to believe that he has accomplished some good, from which they may benefit at some point in the future, is all part of his “great deception.”

Once the results of his “greatest achievement”, the Tax Scam Bill and his plan to deregulate everything that protects the masses from all manner of harm becomes evident to even the “poorly educated”, if a new war hasn’t been started, the President and his Men, are going to have a lot of “splaining” to do.


Remember when, during the W. years, they attempted to rollback/reverse environmental regulations with Orwellian names like the “Clear Skies Act” which did the precise opposite of the name? It was disgusting, it was destructive, and the use of the Orwellian names was - aside from being clever - insulting. Today, with Trump and his fascist regime, they have taken the war on the environment for the sake of profits to breathtaking levels of naked greed and disdain for the truth. As with all other things Trumpian/Republican, they just stick their naked avarice out there for all to see with a big, fat middle finger to science, nature, the truth, the rest of the world, and future generations. Removing regulations that protects our air and water and food is horrifying, as they are literally poisoning the earth and their own children. The fact that they don’t even need to invent cute names that try to hide their true intent, as they know that their base and most Republicans will support it all anyway - and a hell of a lot of Democrats - is proof that we have reached the end-game of Capitalism where we begin to devour ourselves and our future for short-term gains.

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That’s what happens when a small group of sociopaths elects one of their own to rule the country–you end up with psychopathic legislation created by degenerates.


How many years will it take to undo this insanity visited upon us by this hopeless degenerate? His termite army has been ruthlessly pecking away at our Government regulations and institutions ever since the get go- Will we ever become strong enough to undo all of this senseless destruction?


Maybe I’m crazy, but I have a serious problem with the whole idea of “future American global domination”. Why is that so important? Why is that even necessary? Is this really what most Americans want?

“Global Domination” should not be, and is not, the purpose of our Government! I don’t believe the Founders ever intended it to be!

The costs of achieving and maintaining “Global Dominance” are much too great. Human costs. Environmental costs. Financial costs, as well as other unforeseen costs. It is an absurd idea! Do these stupid jerks even think about what their words and slogans mean anymore? Why are they never asked to explain what they mean by slogans such as this.
“Global Dominance”; “Make America Great Again”. WTF do they really mean?

I am pretty sure they mean anything. Also nothing. And people fall for this crap!


I think it will take more than strength. And it is looking quite challenging on all fronts given CO2 levels reached 410 ppm yesterday and human inflicted terracide has been occurring for a long, long time.

February 10, 2018
410.05 ppm

February 10, 2017:
405.61 ppm


The headline of articles like this, Imo, should always include at least an “et al” or something that indicates there are a whole lot more factors (obviously) at play in this human induced terracide than DT.

Wish it were as simple as getting rid of one sociopathic man to stop the destruction of life on the planet.

Not to minimize the dangers (to put it mildly) of this administration . . . . . but I know too many people who simply focus on DT —it’s almost becoming an addiction to them (or so it seems) and headlines like this may help keep that narrow focus intact.

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Excuse me whilst I change this headline…

Donald Trump, the phucking RepubliCons and the greedy-grabby oligarchs with millions of ‘free speech’ dollars are stealing from our children and the future of humankind.


Chill, Tom. The Earth is going to be just fine, and so is the climate. The overheating taking place is in your mind, not the globe.

Yes, I see that here even on CD-
Donald Trump is following the wishes and commands of the ubber wealthy, Huge National and International Corporations and the Republican Party- He is their tool and his obnoxious behavior is A thrown in added bonus- He doesn’t have the brains to orchestrate this kind of chaos- It is all carefully choreographed for Trump to keep everyone off balance while he is working on the next insulting piece of Legislation and he has the Iran deal and North Korea to throw in for dramatic effect-I believe they are also showing him the way to finally become A Billionaire at the 99% expense…
Trump is really nothing but A cheap and phony con, petty gangster with A big mouth and an illiterate mind- Others direct him and tell him what to say and do and like the people he surrounds himself with he will do anything to fk with people and make easy money, no matter the consrquences…


One President of one country cannot destroy the Earth (well…unless they sent every nuke all around the world), just like one President cannot save the Earth. This is going to be a long process of continued destruction or revitalizing and conserving, but it will play out over generations; not in one presidency.