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Donald Trump Is the Mosquito, Not the Zika Virus


Donald Trump Is the Mosquito, Not the Zika Virus

Tom Engelhardt

[Note to readers: I’ve long had a weakness for commencement addresses, or at least for what they might be rather than what they usually are, which is why I’ve written them relatively regularly myself. Since no actual college or graduating class has ever asked me to give such a speech, I’ve addressed the graduates of 2015 and other years fr


It's as if the broken US political system that has been tumbling down the rabbit hole the last few election cycles finally hit bottom and cracked open, releasing unknown unknowns (to channel Rumsfeld), akin to opening Pandora's Box.


Tom, the world is in decline, but it is all about population more so than politics. Overpopulation is wearing out the infrastructure and the environment. Yes the planet is in decline, but population is growing at 9000 per hour. We spend billions on military solutions when the answer is in family planning for all who currently have no access. About 50 percent of all pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted. Fixing just that would help save the civilization for a bit longer. Our priorities are upside down largely because of fear and greed. Over population is such a serious problem that is totally ignored by politicians and the media. I am amazed that people still want to bring children onto the planet. What are they thinking? The coming population crash will be awesome and awful.


Welcome back... or did you comment under another name in the several year interim?


I'm sorry but I have to compare the bird that flew on Bernie's podium in Portland and of the fly that landed on Trump's hair. too funny.

Fly trapped in Trump's hair takes centre stage during charged rally in California

Bernie Sanders 'put a bird on it' at Portland rally


opps .....ok it's on the abc site at this link:



Nah, I was mostly just slumming at the MSM sites after tiring of preaching to the choir. I've been reading here from time to time, but only started commenting again yesterday. I did notice that you have been active, fighting the good fight.


A pretty accurate scenario but while it accurately portrays Trump, it conveniently leaves out criticism of the other Caligula -- Clinton is more the competent fascist promoting militarism, war, the intrusive deep state and even the destruction of the planet accompanied better rhetoric, more defined illusions and when that fails, the iron fist of arrogant assuredness.

No one can stop this juggernaut but us and it will not be easy or pretty. The odds are against us but we have no choice.


I disagree. While an increasing population does put huge pressures on the planet, even if the world population suddenly halved itself, there would still be serious problems - economic and political.
And above all the incredible inequality - the 1% owning and controlling the wealth of the world, land, mines, factories, retail and wholesale chains, etc.
Tom - you wrote a fine piece but you left unsaid the fact that we - the 99% - can and clearly ought to act to end such a crazy antisocial system. This system is run in the interests of the 1%, the few. That's a topsy-turvy way of doing things surely!
If democracy is to mean anything, we the majority, the 99%, need to take control of our world and to end this system of class exploitation where the whole thing is run for the benefit of the few, at the expense of the many. This is a world of haves and the have-nots, and it's not in our interests.
The word 'capitalism' should not be relegated to the financial casino of the stock market gamblers. It can and should be used to describe the whole system of commodity production - production of goods and services for sale at a profit. And another word 'Socialism' needs to be reclaimed for those who work for a world based on common ownership, not class exxploitation.