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Donald Trump Is the Most Impeachable President in American History

Donald Trump Is the Most Impeachable President in American History

Ralph Nader

Donald Trump is the most impeachable president in American history. Many Democrats, however, are running away from the word “impeachment” for tactical political reasons. Some Democrats say they have a sworn duty under the Constitution to present articles of impeachment for a vote in the House of Representatives, regardless of the refusal by the Republican controlled Senate to hold a trial.


the Most Impeachable President in American History

And the best KABUKI compliant congressional actors in history too.
So, Status Quo


Refreshing to hear a responsible adult sum it up.

Enabling this freakish actor to persist is just giving his minions more power. Out with him I say and the sooner the better.


So, Democrats, what’s it going to be? Justice before politics (impeachment), or politics before justice (let the election sort it out)?


Only one problem, Ralph. The Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate don’t want to impeach. They are desperately clinging to the notion that the political cost of impeaching Trump will be higher than not impeaching Trump, even though their constituents are increasingly demanding impeachment. The party establishment prefers to run out the clock with more investigations with the cowardly excuse they need more dirt on Trump. For damn sure, the Republicans had no hesitation impeaching Clinton, but, then, the Republican party, toxic as it is, is an actual political party, while the Democratic party is little more than a corporate fundraising organization and anything but a true resistance party. Bottom line is the Democrats won’t move on impeachment until their big money donors give them the go ahead and, right now, the big money in this country is perfectly content with Trump.


Ralph has been speaking truth to power almost as long as I have been alive, 68 years, and still he might as well be talking to the wind. Sure wish people would pay attention to what he has to say. I think he ought to replace nancy as Speaker of the House. That might wake up Americas govmint.


"Run Ralph Run. 2020!"


If this nation allows this criminal to make it to 2020 in office, we have failed our children.



Well said!


No offense Mr. Nader, but where have you been for the last couple of years. The Democrats have no credibility, who could take a Nadler seriously after he compared a hoax (Russiagate) to Pearl Harbor. The only investigation likely to happen is the investigation of the investigators.

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As you know better than anyone, our government (we the people) have not held politicians, corporations, and uber wealthy accountable for 50 years or could be more. So we’ve taught our politicians/corporation that they can do whatever and get away with it. At the same time republican party were repeating lie after lie and never held accountable. Even in this digital age when journalists could easily bring the facts forward and not allow lies and misinformation to be decimated across the US and world. We the people keep electing these idiots and expect a different result??? Now Trump’s base believe all his lies and do not think outside the reality tv snake oil salesman.


If lamestreet media had an ounce of real journalism in them, they would be having Ralph Nader on these talk shows and news segments. BUT NO, they are crooks and convicted people do the talking. Thank goodness they don’t have Newt G on anymore but who knows.

Lamestreet media is the 1%, working for the 1% and now local news is the same.


Absolutely. Next up: every single corporate democrat and the building of a real alternative party to the two wings of the business party.


The Dems (with Biden and Hilary at the forefront) were complicit with the Dubya Administration, they are complicit again. The Dems, like the GOP, are a failed party. Where does that leave us? Up the creek. The system is rigged to allow two parties , Dumb and Dumber, who might question the establishment but never actually change it. Trump shouldn’t be able to finish his term, he should already be in jail by now. Not in the U.S.


Seeing how the Dims threatened to but failed to issue a contempt citation to Barr confirms that they are not just tacitly enabling Trump to win in 2020, they are complicit. It makes life easier for them and the corporate money will keep flowing to the party…a priority much higher for the Dims than winning elections.


All true –

The House Democrats can strengthen their case with the American people by connecting impeachable offenses with actions that endanger the lives, health, and economic well-being of adults and children.

My opinion is …

GAG RULES ALONE would be sufficient to impeach Trump –

. . . . but if we don’t stop Venezuela, Iran will follow –


IMHO, it would be great if all liars – such as Tweetle-Dumb and his mis-spokespersons Sara Sanders and Bill Barr – could be decimated.  Of course if all liars were decimated we’d have far, far fewer law­yers, and almost no politicians at all — and that would be a VERY good thing!


"Hey Trump, Here’s Your Smocking Gun."

Better call Roy Cohn now.

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“Follow the money” - never more true than today. BUT… we’re talking about a SYSTEMIC spectrum of abuses. I find former Central Banker Bernard Lietaer provides some insights:
so what is money?

Every time I read something from Nader, it reminds me why I voted for him every time he ran for president.