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Donald Trump Isn’t Really Reaching Out To African-Americans


Donald Trump Isn’t Really Reaching Out To African-Americans

Terrance Heath

Contrary to recent headlines, Donald Trump isn’t reaching out to African-Americans. He isn’t even talking to us. He’s talking past us, and saying exactly what his alt-right base wants to hear him saying to black folks.

Donald Trump is telling African-Americans that our biggest problems are simply the result of listening to the wrong white people.


Perhaps ironically Bernie Sanders campaign suggested that African Americans did not understand what is good for them when they voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. Bernie's people and probably Bernie himself thought his economic message would help African Americans the most so they were surprised that they kept losing the African American vote by wide margins in state after state. Trump is a very different candidate than Sanders because Trump does not seem to have any core values. Whatever he says and does appears to be simply done for him to be a winner. He seems to be the last to realize the he cannot win the election the way he was going so finally he is trying to reverse direction. He is not only appealing to African Americans but also shifting on what he says about deportation. Most of his original supporters probably now realize they have been scammed. Even they must now understand that you can't believe anything Donald Trump says, nothing. I would assume African Americans would not fall for his phony attempt to reach out. They can see he only speaks in front of mainly white audiences. He is actually getting a lower percentage of African American support than George Wallace got, and Wallace was a segregationist.


African Americans know things that you do not know.


Not really reaching out to African-Americans?