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Donald Trump Jr.'s Email Thread 'Could Hardly Have Been More Explicit'


Donald Trump Jr.'s Email Thread 'Could Hardly Have Been More Explicit'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In what one commentator said "may be the most extraordinary development yet in this whole Trump-Russia saga," new reporting and an email thread released by Donald Trump Jr. on Tuesday has cast new and incriminating light on possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian officials.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall of any room in the WH to witness the despicable despot exploding and then falling to the floor in a raging, kicking tantrum shouting the vilest expletives about his soon-to-be exiled devil spawn/namesake (stripped of his name, disowned, and ostracized).


Mueller is having steak tonight

That’s the group I want to listen in on


The Russia story is now seven months old.
Just how much more has to come out before the obvious conclusion is officially reached?


I just wonder how the “it’s a distraction” folks are going to spin this latest distraction?Expect a Norm Solomon column soon to tell us.


Could it be that son vs son in law has borne its own fruit?


Or did trumpanzee jr publish all those emails in an effort to deflect any possible fallout from falling on dada prictator?


I didn’t do it, but if I did, it’s not illegal and if it is illegal, Hillary did it too, but it’s not important and get over it we won the election, you stupid and gullible libtard snowflakes. And start again tomorrow with the next thing.

Are there ever going to be actual consequences? I’d like to believe so, but it looks like this crew gets away with anything.




And if they think it’s a distraction why are these the stories they expound on while ignoring most non putin stories?


Obvious is not a legal standard. Nor is “everyone knows”. This stuff has moved much faster and more broadly than the watergate story.


Don’t worry they will find some way to turn this into telling everybody how horrible the so-called establishment Democrats are. All news represents another opportunity to bash the DNC.


Don’t disagree.
The “deconstruction of the administrative state” (promised by Bannon at CPAC, 2/2017) is well underway.
Meanwhile, Don and friends stay in power.
It would help if Republican pols actually put country over party.


Somehow I do not think that it is in the DNA of the drumpf line to fall on one’s sword for another…unless threatened with another more punishing end…


You bet I’m going to use this as an opportunity to bash establishment Dems.

Here’s my prediction: Establishment Dems will ride Putingate into the next election breathing a sigh of relief that only hippies will notice that they’re back to cozying up to the corporatacracy (as usual) and offering zilch on policy that matters.

Single payer? Just ask Feinstein, Rendon, and Ossoff.
A living wage? Nope.
An end to constant bombing? Hell no.
Taxing the filthy rich? Ossoff gave you that answer, too.
Tuition-free public universities? No way.

Putingate is the D-party wet dream come true: An excuse to stay their disastrous course.


" This is more fake news. This is more fake news. This is more fake news. Come on, come on, repeat after me: This is more fake news. I won the election, fair and square. It was the biggest win ever. The biggest crowds ever, watched me be inaguarated. I don’t know any Russians, personally. I don’t even like Chicken Kiev. I can’t let you play Russian Roulette at any of my casinos. I don’t let Melania where Russian fur pajamas to bed. I have no connections to Moscow Mules being served at my golf courses and hotels. I am not a crook hanging out with organized crime figures. I, I, I, ah ah ah … I’m a victim. That’s it, I’m the victim of a vast, right wing conspiracy. I’m the victim of a vast, right wing conspiracy. Repeat after me: lock them up! lock them up! lock them up! Lock up the right wing conspirators! Lock up the right wing conspirators! Lock them up! Lock them…" :wink: :wink: :wink:

Someone get about 20,000 feet of brand new rope. I’d hate to have a hanging party, or hang a party, with old rope. Here’s to hoping we get them all.


Good point … the truth is I have a heart so I really have no idea how the trumpanzee herd works.


Isn’t it immoral how rich and well-connected Democrats are treated by the victims of their policies? These “so called establishment Democrats” are much better than the actual impact of their policies show and they are much better than you’d think if you only paid attention to what people think of them and them getting massively wiped out by the Republicans, a party in which only 23% of the country now identifies with.

Now, this Russia stuff calls for some investigations, but the corporations that dominate the system (and Clinton’s campaign) and have a far larger impact on what policies are chosen, the range of debate, the candidates that actually win? Only the silly ideological purists call for a more holistic view of this, and to put this in the context of powerful interests behind the scenes dominating our democracy. The fact that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a far greater impact than Russia does on our elections (a strong case could be made for Turkey and China as well), the policies we support, what the candidates do and say when in office? That shouldn’t be part of the discussion. We also should say nothing if the right wing continues to push for tons of deeply unpopular and destructive policies, and that the Democrats spend more time on this than all those issues combined. That shouldn’t be debated. Now, if it turns out that people do in fact care more about jobs, healthcare, the environment, public education than Russia and if the Democrats do in fact spend too much time on that relative to those issues, and if that results in them losing, will you all finally take responsibility for anything? Or will you continue to lecture those that were once again proven correct? Rhetorical question, you’ll continue to lecture us, and you’ll never get to the point where you have respectful conversations and debates with us on issues, and you’ll continue to be wrong about a hell of a lot too.


I am gasping for air…laughing too hard…but, I sure needed that!!! Thank you.


“The Crown prosecutor of Russia…offered to provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to your father.”

Russia does not have a “Crown Prosecutor.” Where did this guy come up with that language?