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Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Are Far More Damning Than Anyone Could Have Imagined


Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Are Far More Damning Than Anyone Could Have Imagined

Randall Eliason

Donald Trump Jr. has just released the emails that led to his meeting in June 2016 with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Jaw-dropping is not too strong a term for them.


Time for prosecutors to offer Fredo and Sonny, I mean dumb Don Jr. and Jared, a plea bargain arrangement in which they serve minimal time in exchange for spilling the beans on those chats they had with The Don(ald) on this topic. Club Fed better get some rooms ready…it’s perp walk time.

Not a NYTimes fan, but I congratulate them here and now.

And the words President Pence make me ill.


Timely revelation, given Trump’s recent chummy meeting with Putin at the G20. Trump’s favorability ratings are about to take another nosedive.




And the wardrums against Russia will beat louder still.


fine, thow him in jail. now does that mean we get to talk about the DNC emails now, too?

Trump’s going to need a diversion: maybe he can blame Canada for Flint’s water?


Well he did just sign another ceasefire that he can break.


It’s more like Fredo and Carlo.


I suspect it will be another late night cable fest for Trump, yelling at the television and his aides for making him look bad.


Have you ever stopped?

Trump Jr publicly admits treason yet you still want to talk DNC.


Yes, I do. And so should you, unless you care more about Russian nepotism than you do rigged primaries, which is a vibe I’m getting from too many of you.

As for treason, I’m long past tired of playing dictionary for the hopelessly lazy. Look the word up and try it again. Feel free to double down. I’ll be taking a pass.