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Donald Trump... Leaker-in-Chief?


Donald Trump... Leaker-in-Chief?

Tim Koechlin

Donald Trump and his associates have spent much of the past year deflecting questions about Trump’s stubborn refusal to release his taxes. What is Trump hiding? Embarrassing business relationships in Russia or elsewhere? Debts that might indicate conflicts of interest? Or maybe this billionaire’s tax payments have been embarrassingly meager. Or maybe Trump’s fortune – like his inaugural crowd and his stubby hands – isn’t nearly as big as he’d like us to believe.


The author is right, this all looks way too manufactured.

It will be funny watching the Trump mouthpieces react to this over the next few days.


They believe we are all morons.


One interesting thing about the tax returns was almost all of the taxes Trump paid were due to the alternative minimum tax. And now he wants to abolish it. If it is abolished many people making the kind of money he makes would pay much less tat then they do now even with all the outrageous deductions that are allowed. But the main point of seeing his taxes is not how much tax he pays but his connections to Russia. His foreign policy and glowing praise of the Russian dictator Putin has raised concerns that somehow the Russians have compromised Trump and he is not acting in best in interests of the US but in the best interests of Russia. Pretty serious stuff that should be investigated to deal these lingering suspicions.


The MSM has been "Dan Rather'd" again!

For cryin' out loud MSM, the documents were not even signed by the preparer (whoever his tax accountant was). This means the documents could be faked or at best drafts. They are NOT his actual 1040's filed with the IRS. Those would have an actual signature on the bottom, not a rubber stamped "Client Copy".

This leak does several things to the benefit of Trump:

  1. It creates a perception that he actually paid his fair share of taxes.
  2. It diverts attention away temporarily from the disaster of Trumpcare.
  3. It allows the Trump administration to bellow against this (false flag) leak.
  4. It allows Trump to once again claim "Fake News" for questioning his taxes.

Seriously MSM. This looks to me (not a journalist) to be a very amateurishly designed piece of bait which you all swallowed, hook, line and sinker.




Smoke and mirrors.


Just imagine Rachael Maddow and David K. Johnston instead of spinning around Trump's little finger, might look beyond to the very question they raise of Russian oligarchs... AND... the phenomenon of the BRICS - entirely fashioned as FINANCIAL configuration. Th B and the R stand for Brazil and Russia. Now, ask yourself what the B and the R and the T have in common? BIG state/TAXPAYER FUNDED projects that now include MEGA INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS.
Folks here are aware of the Brazilian corruption scandal "Operation Car Wash". We have to get to the point where we realize some of the valuable aspects of the ecological aphorism "Think globally, act locally".

Here's an example that is well documented and worth tucking in a file, because its relevance to crises here and all over the world are fast getting a close shave. Some of the aspects might still be a tad subtle to US citizens. The oligarchs are fashioning ethnocidal scale activities. Best to recognize how they're fashioned, because 'class' is once again the new 'ethnic'.

Belo Monte: After the Flood
It is a free download today. I don't know if it will remain free.


Rush Limbaugh was already in full-rage-damn-whiny-liberals mode today.


Being morons themselves, they assume everyone else is, too.