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Donald Trump Makes the Swamp Bigger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/04/donald-trump-makes-swamp-bigger

Notice that its been awhile since we have heard the T cult chant “drain the swamp”. Perhaps some of them finally decided to figure out what Trump meant by it and realized that nobody has benefited more from swamp culture than the Trump clan ?

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And Mitch and his fellow reptiles in the Senate have converted a third of this expanded swamp into judicial quicksand only the rich can slither across safely.

Washington, D.C. is NOT a Swamp — It Is A CESSPOOL!!!

An article about the political swamp that does not mention Hunter Biden enriching himself through his only asset - his name?

It is still nepotism.

Remember Billy Carter and his beer brand?

Joe may genuinely not have known of his son taking advantage but i recall Margaret Thatcher’s son, Mark, was up to his neck in dealings with Arab and African nations and his only talent was his political connections.

And it is not only his relationship that Prince Andrew had with Jeffrey Epstein which was of concern but he engaged in all sort of middle-man business activities and it was his royal status that counted, not any commercial acumen so much so he had to be distanced from official UK trade delegations.