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Donald Trump May Choose Bush-Era Torture Architect for CIA Chief

Donald Trump May Choose Bush-Era Torture Architect for CIA Chief

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump may choose an architect of the George W. Bush administration's torture program, Jose Rodriguez, to head the CIA, The Intercept reported Friday.

Well this guy should be in jail. He still around and ready to take on another job because Obama wanted to look forward and not back.

Well Obama this is your future.


“The [Obama] Justice Department declined in 2010 to investigate Rodriguez for destroying the tapes.” This is one of the reasons that Clinton lost the election. Obama gave little reason for Americans seeking justice for various crimes committed by the elite (of both parties) to believe in an establishment candidate like Clinton. Unfortunately, Trump bamboozled half of America into thinking he was anti-establishment.


Read your history. Most of the German People thought Hitler was just a rather nasty and unpleasant clown. They didn’t believe he would ever gain much power, if any.

  • When he was elected to the Reichstag, it was as a fairly small party and everyone thought that the Reichstag would control him. Then, Hindenburg appointed him Reichskanzler. The SS set fire to the Reichstag building, blamed it on a Dutch carpenter who was a communist and the enabling acts were immediately put in place, depriving the German People of their civil rights. The SA, SS and Gestapo were given virtually unlimited powers to surveil, imprison and kill those who defied Hitler’s edicts.
  • The rest, as they say, is history.
  • For the past twenty or thirty years, we have been watching a similar buildup of control and now, we get to watch the “instant replay,” possibly expecting a different outcome?
  • Maybe, but don’t hold your breath…

An excellent post and reminder.

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Have you read this? http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/its_worse_than_you_think_20161111


" To compare him (Trump) to Hitler is beyond all bounds of reason."



Chomsky said this quote 6 years ago about the current administration, but I feel that quote is even more appropriate now.


Not is is not. You seem to not understand the comparison to begin with.

The comparison being made isn’t what resulted in Hitler’s reign, but rather how he came to power.

If you don’t see that parallel, well, you are simply blind to it.


Well, I tried to edit my post just 2 minutes after, and getting a message that I can’t edit the post because it is too old.

Incredibly annoying this new development.

I’ll simply edit my post through replying to myself…

Trump is inheriting more power than ANY President, upon entering office. Obama has done his duty with his corporate cohorts and the Deep State by refusing to prosecute all manner of crimes by the Bush Administration, including torture.

The Obama Administration, along with corporate Democrats and Republicans has codified mass surveillance, and inserted the dangerous NDAA provision, that Trump could utilize.

Trump will essentially have many of the powers Hitler had, from the get go. Was Hitler a psychopath? Yes.

Is Trump a psychopath? Well, he certainly exhibits all of the qualities of a psychopath, according to the accepted clinical evaluation of such personalities.

Has he demonstrated a penchant for cruelty with zero remorse? That is clearly the case.

Hang onto your hat.

Also, the content of this article alone, is a pretty good clue.


Yeah, I just had the same problem, so had to reply to my own post.


I don’t understand your rhetorical question. It makes no sense whatsoever.

The CIA was running the offshore sites where torture was being practiced by the CIA.

The Obama Administration prosecuted the whistleblower that brought that torture to light, while protecting those who actually engaged in torture, and the architects of the torture program in the CIA and throughout the military.


Once again, not even a minute old and I couldn’t edit my post. This is ridiculous.

Here is my edit…I was adding the following…

Thus, the incredible danger of Trump. He has openly said the US should officially once again engage in torture, more torture, and worse torture, AND make it legal.

That presumably, would extend the law domestically as well. Remember, we have no Constitutional rights as it stands.

Trump a unique danger in this regard? Hell yes.


I’ve always considered Trump to be a Mussolini wannabe, but the track the US Fourth Reich is on is certainly paralleling the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of the Third Reich, but I see that others have noticed the same thing.

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Good link! Thanks. I hope he reads it.

My fear is that Trump doesn’t really want to be president and turns over most of the duties to Pence. Meanwhile, Trump continues to hold his massive, ego-stroking rallies. He seemed to really like the adulation. So Trump stokes the enthusiasm while Pence and Ryan give us Cheney’s dream of the republic. Please tell me I’m just being unduly fearful.

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It was only a matter of time since the United States FLAT OUT REFUSED to prosecute the worst crime known to man, that of war of aggression. Instead they started a handful more of these crimes against Humanity. With the FULL backing of their 2 major political parties!


Then why have you left your comment as saying that Chomsky said it about the coming Trump administration? There IS a name for doing that you know.

Ahhhh that answers my question then.

“The Justice Department declined in 2010 to investigate Rodriguez for destroying the tapes.”

Thanks Obama and Holder!