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Donald Trump May Not Be Herbert Hoover

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/01/donald-trump-may-not-be-herbert-hoover


I thought that the tragedy/comedy that was Baby Bush’s reign of error would awaken enough voters to send the Republicans into the far corners for quite some time. Somehow they and their Blue Dog pals have persisted and continued to decimate Progress. This nation and this world cannot take much more of the American way. Pacha Mama is pissed.


I’m sorry. I truly am. You didn’t deserve this.

I second the profound apology. We older folks have entirely wasted your future, right up to the present moment. We owe you a fathomless debt. I don’t know what to do about that, not really.


When DJT#45 said he could murder someone on the sidewalk outside his chintzy NY hotel and get away with it, he was planning to do just that. But instead of one victim, he was then and today aiming to murder millions. Murderous wars, murderous denial of catastrophic climate change, murderous avoidance of addressing the spread of pandemic virus and collapse of the economy made murderous by his lack of concern for those who lose their means of support. DJT#45 is an evil sonofabitch fulfilling the wishes of the ruling class who view the rest of humanity as nothing more than consumers, wage-slaves and cannon fodder.


" They call it Sormy Monday
But, now Tuesday is just as bad.
Wednesday is even worse, And
Thursday is oh so sad.
The eagles all died last Friday
from DDT, 2,4D, and Agent Orange.
Delivered by drones, oh man, that is
some wicked aerial overspray.
Saturday’s now, I stay inside growing
old and fat and gray.
Sunday; well, I watch some useful idiots,
and an overweight lunatic get on the TV.
And, tell me it’s all good, everything will be
great again, it will be a-ok.
Well, they call it Sormy Monday
But now, Tuesday is just as bad.
Wednesday is even worse…"
Hounddog " T-Bone " Muddy, Jr.

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Yeah, Trump is no Hoover, sadly–and sadly though I am no fan of Hoover, outside of the vacuums.

More critically, Biden is no Roosevelt–neither one of them, actually. Why not make comparisons with Lucky Luciano or Jeffrey Dahmer or Caligula or Nero or Augusto Pinochet for these guys?

The enterprise of empire is a business that eventually fails, like other businesses. As it expands, you can see its character in the murder and destruction of outsiders whom it subjugates, but insiders like to characterize it by its profitable relationship with them as favored running dogs or employees or lieutenants, and they like to pretend that no other sort of human relationship is possible within the broad world anyway. But when business falters and its rapine energies cannot direct themselves outwards, most of these people turn that same aggression within the organization, casting fault all around and cannibalizing resources within at a dime on the dollar to maintain positions of power.

Would either Trump or Biden were even a Herbert Hoover.


Well, at least it isn’t Hillary…

Its unfair to compare Trump to Hoover, or Hitler, or other 20th century demons.

Although Trump has never done anything that benefited anybody outside the Trump family and his fellow billionaires, Hoover leading the charge to feed Belgium in WWI, and Hitler killing Hitler were two of the greatest humanitarian acts of the 20th century.

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Trump is far more destructive & dangerous than Hoover ever was.

Nixon should’ve done it, then Reagan/Bush, then Bush/Cheney. But none of them were legitimately elected, anyway.

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I would certainly compare Trump to the likes of those monsters you mentioned, but I’d compare Biden with a humdrum corporatist president, or especially any of a long line of losing corporatist nominees (Kerry, McCain, Romney, Hillary all immediately come to mind).

The comparison that you make shows me a line of monsters of more or less the quality mentioned.

To grads: Yall can probably figure out what’s salient in your own heads, though rarely (and sadly, sorry) will you see even any cursory list of the items contributing to the problem in any one single article…that our media will serve up to you every day.

Sorry to be lacking the confidence, but I actually fear Trump’s example during the pandemic has pushed rank and file folks-in-general to the conclusion that he can only remain in office via some police state clampdown…like Bolsanaro in Brazil (yeah, this approach we know about in South America from previous decades). John Kiriakou on “Loud & Clear” mentioned a stat maintaining 1 out of 6 Americans believe everything Trump says [if they were helping Russia promote dissension, would they ever even mention such a stat?]. As good as Loud & Clear is, I can’t help but think John K picked up such a statistic out of our-media-complex that has to keep going with the Americans-remain-dedicated-to-him-doctrine (which they report like it’s some ultimate mystery but nevertheless the case). I can’t believe 538’s 42.9% approval rating either; sorry, just can’t believe it (last link below). Maybe I’m wrong, but I find such things hard to believe. Half the “essential” lose their jobs, and how many that remain amidst the danger really ultimately get jack for compensation [while all the phony propaganda putatively expresses appreciation for their heroism]??? Congress takes forever even to show up for work (they can’t figure out a way to distance? They can’t delegate someone to wipe down surfaces?).

Here’s Tom Englehardt 6/1: “Still, never for a second did I actually imagine this happening to us in the here and now, with the dead and dying, the sick and desperate, jobs lost by the tens of millions, businesses destroyed.”

Here’s Nomi Prins 5/28: “In the face of devastation today, despite multi-trillion-dollar federal stimulus packages, real political action has been lackluster at best. Relief efforts have been skewed toward helping banks and big corporations rather than the Main Street economy. No substantive plan has been offered for real national action to get people working again in ways that would reflect the new norms of the Covid-19 era.”

more from Prins, same article “During the Great Depression, the state of the country became so bad that, in 1932, Herbert Hoover lost the presidential vote to Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a landslide. However, it took until 1934, even with a president ready to do much to help Americans in trouble, for the country to slowly emerge from the malaise.”

“Bolsonaro and Trump: Separated at Birth” ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/06/02/bolsonaro-and-trump-separated-at-birth/


Wow, Ginger Baker left us last year. So this is Jack Bruce on bass?


When they traded our future away they also must have committed to rig anything and everything to conceal it. When I say “they” i mean both parties, together, coordinating. I could probably give at least 20 examples. The so called “health care debate” is almost entirely fake, on every level. For one thing, its not a debate, we committed to what we planned to do more than 20 years ago, in the 1990s. It just gets worse. The sooner we realize this is happening the better, as it stands right now our future is basically lost if we dont wise up, as almost everything we know is wrong.

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Once I was on to the game I made the decision to not procreate. I was happy to consider raising children that had already been brought into the world, but I did not want to bring more into the spinning wheels of the blades. This is not the land of the fairy tales I was told in my youth. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings does a much better job of explaining it all.


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They cant win unless they already have some means of cancelling out the Administration. Otherwise they would run into the GATS “agreement” which forbids the entire progressive platform unless we left it, something which becomes more cstly and difficult all the time.

I saw this ~https://progressive.international/blueprint/fff9daea-4a91-4de6-9865-b9607912de53-todd-tucker-the-green-new-deal-has-an-international-law-problem/en

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It’s even worse on Wednesday. Not sure who’s on bass, actually. And, I don’t know who’s on first, Costello or Abbot? Mother Nature is on deck, imo

I’m reading it now. Its a good article, but he leaves a lot unsaid because people would not believe it, its so terrifying in terms of job losses. I think all America is in denial as to what capitalism’s plans are likely to be as now it has the opportunity to draw on the entire world’s labor force, which means that we’ll lose jobs by the tens or more likely hundreds of millions, other countries will as well, in large numbers but none so many as us (thats what the GATS essentially did, Basically, they didnt per-se trade jobs away, they traded them to the lowest qualified bidders. But the least developed countries do get a preference that will allow them to, for a few years, still win a contract if they are, say, 5% more expensive than other low bidders.

Also, GATS makes the safety net programs subject to the same logic and many of what we do (especially costly things like caring for the sick or disabled) will be required to globalize, depending on the level of subsidization. The laid off employees here can be expected to form new companies to try to preseve their jos but US firms will be stuck in a hopeless situation because even if they were to pay our workers US minimum wage, it may still be too high. The only way I see many jobs staying in the US is if they are done by prison labor, so that is I suspect what they will do, when it is cheaper than automation, its hard to say. However, the one thing we can be sure of its that it will be a LOT different than the rosy picture painted by progressives. That lack of candor on the part of our leadership may turn out to have been a huge mistake, as it will be totally impossible to convince people that nobody knew, in the cold logic of the moment. Maybe the country will go through a civil war, Handmaid’s Tale style, and become uninhabitable for generations, or maybe we’ll somehow make it through the civil strife thats inevitable as people are displaced by the millions to make way for new owners, by moving to the polluted often flooded edges of the country and accepting a short 35-40 year lifespan invariably cut short by cancers, its hard to say,

Food will be in short supply, we can bet on that because it will be needed for export.

Those of us who are deemed responsible, the political class, we may be set upon as being part of a conspiracy to conceal the ugly truth, and sentenced to be cooked and eaten by the dispossessed and hungry…

In any case, this period will probably be viewed as the turning point where we might have changed it but didnt. We should treat black people better because the whole country will be a ghetto soon.