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Donald Trump Meets the Easter Bunny

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/28/donald-trump-meets-easter-bunny

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A legend in his own mind, Trump sees himself as the best at whatever he endeavors.

Delusional and narcissistic, a deadly combination.

Pandemic or Plannedemic?

Trump and his minions are taking extraordinary steps to suppress information from all over the world, showing evidence that this crisis originated in the good Ole U.S.A.

The MSM has been “berry, berry, good” to the architects of this financial coup.


Cause and effect, perhaps? The former, COVID19, brought to you by nature, while the latter was just possibly, in part, discussed at, oh let’s say, Davos, as contingency plans to be executed at the next available time–now. We should monitor the international theater to see if there are parallel trends.


The easterbunny looks far more intelligent than the idiot/moron/jackass in chief.


I read a very sad story yesterday. A teenaged boy in Lancaster , CA died. The news story first said that he was a very young person, the youngest in CA who had died of the coronavirus. The next story said, no it was not the coronavirus that killed him, He did go to the hospital, but because he had no health insurance, he was turned away.

Maybe Trump can send the Easter bunny to Lancaster CA, you know, in case the young boy’s family, whoever they are, will be able to bury him with some pomp but under very unconscionable circumstances. : (


A whole lot of Amurikkkans will discover the answer to Pascal’s Wager over the next few weeks and months. And they may realize they’ve been punked for 2000 years.
As for Fermi’s Paradox, I think we’ve discovered the answer to that, too. Any intelligent species with a high moral and ethical code would put Earth under Interdict, like a deadly virus. Obviously, to them, our species is nasty, vicious, greedy, and is destroying its very home for the good of a very few of the species.

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Interesting and thought provoking comment!

As for Christian apologetics, I believe all religion is manmade. Spirituality is not. By reason I have decided: If “God” is omniscient and omnipresent, then God cannot be a person but a force. If, according to the bible, God made man in his image, both male and female–then God is neither male nor female, but both. And if God is everywhere, then God is around us and within us. Therefore, every breath we take is God. Every molecule we (as well as everything on this planet) are made of, is God. Therefore, we have the source within us to create and change our reality. So–it is possible, if enough people raise their consciousness, we could create a new reality/a new world. However…the bible also says: By their deeds you shall know them. And when one evaluates trump and his followers we see that they: Show no mercy, Engage in Greed and lust and all the 7 great sins, Worship Mammon, Act for their own best interests, not the peoples; and so, I discern that they are not to be followed nor believed.

As for extraterrestrial life…OH! They have been here alright. In fact, I believe they are still here and may have had a hand in the “evolution” of our species. It’s a possibility. Given the behavior of our government, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have manipulated and tortured captured aliens into giving up their secrets, but also, extra-terrestrials could have had this plan from the get-go-----slow extermination of the human species. Or: Let us stew in our own juices, i.e., mess.

Either way, we have a choice to make (no pun intended). Do we believe in trump or not? He is not God. He has no more power within than any of us do. Is he an alien? Perhaps. All we can do is follow that still small voice within and make the best choice for ourselves and our loved ones.

Take care and be safe and healthy.

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