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Donald Trump Must Be Held Responsible for the Michigan Terrorist Plot

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/09/donald-trump-must-be-held-responsible-michigan-terrorist-plot


Trump is the leader of the new Confederate insurgency in the USA.
He may well be a foreign agent, acting on behalf of Putin as an internal destroyer of our country. He sure has killed a lot of Americans, ruined our public lands and the environment, gutted our best government agencies, and used the presidency as a cash machine.
Further, he has openly encouraged racist, fascist, gun nut violence from his followers for years, and despite his recent forced condemnation of white supremacists, we all know he is their Fuhrer. He loves those “very fine people.”
He openly encourages them to be the goons they are.
Trump and all his right-wing armed goons should be dealt with the way any domestic terrorist would be.
Here’s a good report on how bad it is in Michigan:


To add to this article, the best way to hold Trump responsible is not only to kick him out, but change the composition of legislatures across the country. It’s a redistricting year and an important bulwark against the most conservative Supreme Court since Warren Harding may be the governing body of your state. Voting rights, the environment, and a host of key issues for the next decade will be litigated at the local, not national, level. Just look at the jurisprudence of the recent appeals court decision on absentee voting in Wisconsin. Your state legislature will play a key role in actuating progressive policies, or at least policies that are not rank disenfranchisement, or not.


What he deserves is, or should be, codified in laws regarding terrorism and treason. Nevertheless, Nancy is not interested in even impeaching him for the highest of high crimes there is. Only out of political revenge for a friend.

I wonder if Nancy would be interested in impeaching Trump if she knew how many of those proud boys were conspiring to murder her?


Many of these militias (that exist in EVERY state) are influenced or lead by local gun shop owners whose primary mission and business plan mirrors the NRA’s…sell more guns and ammo.

Meeting goals was easy during the Obama years. Whenever the NRA and gun shop owners needed to bolster sales they simply rebroadcasted their mantra “Obama is going to take your guns away”, despite Obama actually loosening gun regulations for 8 years. Gun shop customers serially responded by buying more guns and ammo. Easy money !

After Trump ascended the throne, gun and ammo sales growth slowed until Covid striking in March created a surge in gun and ammo sales. Once that surge slowed the only way for the NRA and gun shop owners to bolster sales was to latch on to Trump’s latest contrived boogeymen, including antifa and Democratic Governors in swing states.


You are absolutely correct. The gun manufacturers, gun/ammo sellers, and gun ranges are all greedy promoters of the gun lust that plagues America.


“Identified and infiltrated by the F.B.I”

Don’t get me wrong, crazy militias aren’t cool - yet the F.B.I has a history of “not so gently leading” radical groups towards their radical actions.

Just sayin,…


Trump, the stochastic-terrorist-in-chief, must be held to account for this plot, Charlottesville, etc., and events that are sure to come. His base, and there are multiple definitions for that word, have been so actuated as to put many innocent lives in danger. Donald Trump is Charles Manson with political office. No one is above the law in a functioning society; let’s bring function back to this one.


If this isn’t inciting terror and treasonous, what is?
And this is something journalists and media should state over and over again and call it out for what it is. They are not doing this which leads to normalization.
This cannot be normalized----but I fear it is. trump’s behaviors (and his enablers) have been laughed at for far too long.

Trump calling Harris a monster and Communist cannot be normalized.

And again, there isn’t one body in the u.s. government who is able to stop this----right?

Even if trump were impeached again the repub senators would dismiss it.

I don’t see any way this will play out that isn’t utterly terrifying and violent.

Anyone out there have a scenario that isn’t brutal?


Alas, no. The American Exceptionalism and neolib definition of “liberty” and “freedom” are coming to their logical end, as numerous totalitarian empires have done before. Europe, to paraphrase our Great Leader, did not send Turtle Island its greatest and best. They sent the hard core shock troops, the excess population made so by the Industrial Revolution, the greedy ones ready to make a fast buck in land speculation and slave owning. Somehow, we turned our genocide and slave-owning economy and culture into a Manifest Destiny, that we were chosen to spread our ideals globally, forcing our ways onto unwilling others.
This will happen quickly, from climate change natural forces to economic collapse to societal collapse. After all, if you can’t trust others, you don’t have a society, right?
I’m much more interested in what shakes out in other areas. Look at how Ertogan in Turkey is trying to join the Superpower Club over in Armenia/Aberzaijan. The entire ancient Silk Road region is off of our radar, yet these countries are developing and gaining power. I highly recommend the book The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan, a scholar’s scholar of a book. The detail and insight is an eye-opener for anyone with an ounce of curiosity about other cultures and their history.


Gun sales to African Americans rose dramatically after the George Floyd protests started, in fact, by a higher percentage than any other demographic:


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AMEN!   IMHO, they should be dealt with the way the Nazis were dealt with at Nürnberg following WWII.

After all, what’s good for the Goose(-stepper) is good for (Michi-)Gander . . .


It seems that the assumption here is that if he is not elected, all this will pass away. For that to happen the Lame Stream Media would have to take their camara’s off of the Trd, which they will never do. To the LSM, he is just a money maker and the CEO’s of the LSM don’t give a sht as to the consequences of their actions.


TDS taken to the next level.

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Tweetle-Dumb’s lawyers will stretch out his trials for tax evasion, bank and real-estate fraud, money laundering and violations of the Emoluments clause for several years — cash-cow reality shows for Faux “News” and the rest of the MSM.  He should have no trouble raising money from all of them to help keep the lawyers working, but heaven help the ratings once he’s convicted and put in solitary . . .

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The arrested are dangerous criminals from two groups.

Militia are National Guard, Naval Reserve, Air National Guard and Coast Guard Reserve.
Perhaps the label ‘vigilantes’ fits.
“Militia” does not because they do not report to any legit authority.

I am wondering about the education, work history, prison records of these scoundrels.
I am also wondering who finances them and their immense purchases of ammunitions, bomb making, etc.

There is a group of military veterans in western Illinois at the Mississippi River who have received all the ammunition they ask for from federal government. I would trust them to be real militia if need be. Likely other small groups within USA also. Perhaps recruited from various veterans organizations.

You opine that:

“He [Trump] may well be a foreign agent, acting on behalf of Putin as an internal destroyer of our country.”

Undoubtedly Trump can create chaos on his own quite well without the aid of someone like Putin. It does not help matters when you attempt to irrationally resurrect the hysteria of the Cold War as we see many liberals of the 21st century picking up where the conservatives left off during the mid 20th century.


Evil fraud prez rump is complicit …Guilty of the crimes of his rabid deranged enablers!

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Trump had nothing to do with that plot in Michigan. He wants people to vote against democrats to make Michigan better. The kidnappers were anti Trump idiots.

Why do you feel that only Nancy is responsible for handling Trump? Narrow vision on your part. The House passed impeachment articles only to be denied by the Republican Senate. Waste of taxpayer money to do again.