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Donald Trump Naked as a Jaybird: The 47-Minute Presidency

Donald Trump Naked as a Jaybird: The 47-Minute Presidency

Tom Engelhardt

Recently, I did something rare in my life. Over a long weekend, I took a few days away and almost uniquely -- I might even say miraculously -- never saw Donald Trump’s face, since I didn’t watch TV and barely checked the news.

“…only days after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election to a charismatic, young, black senator”

It might be nitpicky, but I seem to recall that Romney lost to a sitting president, not “a charismatic, young, black senator.”

While I’m sure there are a lot of interesting points he makes, but he kind of lost me on that one and–given the length of the article–I wasn’t willing to read any further.

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From the headline:

" Donald Trump Naked as a Jaybird"

I’ll never forgive you, Tom Engelhardt, for that visual.

With that said, what was once said of Newt Gingrich applies even more to Pwesident Twump: “He’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like.” There can be no more than a handful who, coming of age in the NY Metro area, didn’t know exactly what kind of bully, blowhard, groper and grifter he always was.


Yes, it is nitpicky. Stick with Twitter if you have such a short attention span.

I’d be willing to see TrumPutin naked as a jailbird.

Couldn’t we please just toss that bag of garbage overboard and hope the sharks finish him???

naranja pequeño

wolfess, love your codename, well, sharks are ok, personally, I would rather enjoy him being devoured by a mob of Humboldt squid, aka Rojo El Diablo, just my preference.

actually, I think I got the Spanish backwards, sorry.