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Donald Trump Needs to Go. And No, We Can’t Wait Until November

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/02/donald-trump-needs-go-and-no-we-cant-wait-until-november


It would seem that a game of timing and taking is being played by the douopoly. The excrement in the offal office is stretching the envelope (you notice how few object!) and in the voids he creates the predatory capital owners of “representatives” are strategizing how to make their toadies appear “concerned” while continuing to deflect from the abuses of the financial fraud industry, oil companies, agribusiness, trans national slave labor and prison complex, chemical companies spewing waste as never before … and the list goes on.

The game plan would seem to be to wedge Byedone into the jaw flapping media shoes of Drumph while using the MASSIVE handouts to further stake out fiefdoms with this stage of neo-feudal musical chairs for genocide, ethnocide and ecocide.

Trump is apparently ordered to roil the integrity of each state to shake down space for lobbyists, I mean more corporate toadies.

We must be strong, organized across issue lines and rebuild from the ground up.


If he calls out the military, they should march a column right in the front door of the White House and take the POS into custody. I’m guessing the Joint Chiefs of Staff have enough sense not to want to get caught on the wrong side of history.


Impeach and remove, otherwise it is past time to kick the stakes from the carnival tent and remove power from the complicit congress critters that played along with the game. Empower the truth tellers and reach out to those sheriffs and police chiefs who walked with the People instead of against them. Perhaps we just need to vote every incumbent* out and take our chances.

*with a few special exceptions


The chances of this happening are virtually nil. The sickness is very deep.


With Ayatollah Pence waiting in the wings, the exit strategy needs to 86 Pence prior to 86ing Trump.

If Agnew and other henchmen had not first been 86ed Nixon would never have stepped down.


It’s not about trump - that is a false argument, a slight of hand, a lookey-over-here, a “squirrel” - whatever you want to call it.

Please, stop pushing the argument that just getting rid of the the bad orange man will solve all of our problems in this country. Let’s move beyond that and get to the crux of the problem, shall we?

The police are but a single digit on the hand of the gargantuan money extracting, militarized system of institutional corruption that is the united states in the year 2020.

These protests need to grow larger and other groups need to join in and real actionable demands need to be forced upon our government. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but an amorphous call for racial justice is unenforceable and will never occur in any meaningful way. Oh, you’ll get your racial justice task force and a useless bill or 2 with pretty names to pass the house - but that is all you will get. nothing will change because the system as it was designed will still be chugging along in the background.

A good start would be a yellow vest movement with demands for national rank choice voting, national mail in voting, campaign finance reform via constitutional amendment. Just those simple changes will flip the balance of justice in America within 2 election cycles.


All good ideas, but in the current environment, any Constitutional amendment would never pass rank choice, mail in voting, nor would campaign finance reform ever be considered. Even term limits at the national level - 5, 2 year terms for the House, and 3 Senate terms would also make sense - especially if sold as a way to free those in office from spending legislative time on the phone, begging for funds.

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But this is not a perfect world, and regular people like you and me are going to have to fight to save this country and our democracy. – From the article.
Yep, just like the good citizens did back in Nazi Germany. Not gonna happen either in the USA.

The military lives for this shit. In this day and age, anyone still in the military does not care about the wrong side of history with all the illegal wars the USA inflicts upon the world. And now they might get the chance to do it on their own citizens and they won’t bat an eye to stop it.


Is anyone aware there’s a bill in the Congress right now strengthening the power of the police unions, nationally? Ah yes, not an essential workers bill of rights during pandemics, this!
More power, more insulation against reforms, with less transparency and accountability to citizens. Washington’s response to the people’s demands; a club across the backs of those who demand a legitimate answer to their " redress of grievances. " Here is their answer, a bigger sap!
As the the Kabuki Boy’s Band gathers to play another set from their " oldies but goodies " song list, oh yea, those where the days, right?
Where have we heard this before; well, how about almost continually from about from 1960 to 2020? And the band plays on and on…
And, Mr. Bunch, please spare me the praise for Sen. Goldwater. He disqualified himself from inclusion into the human being species with his opinion on dropping nukes on N. Vietnam. I know libertarians think he’s a misunderstood man. I also know libertarians who now want to nuke Iran. Efficiency is also a component of Fascism, too. If your goal, Mr. Bunch, is to live long enough to see the end of the world, praising and electing yet more right wing libertarians to office, is a path.


“Donald Trump needs to go”.
NO…Donald Trump and Mike Pence need to go.

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I find this editorial useless.

First, because the problem is not Trump - so far, war criminal Bush was worse, much worse: the problem is the far right Republican Party (which Trump is simply the face of); the ever-capitulating right liberal Democratic Party; and the increasing domination of politics and the economy by the rich and corporations - hence, increasing inequality and non-voting/non-political engagement.

Second, because - due to the above state of affairs - calls to remove Trump can do nothing, so that pieces like this amount to amped up liberal handwringing.

imo, the Sanders movement’s drive to engage and mobilize the large bloc of low income citizens - who are largely progressive in pov, but exhausted, demoralized, and largely non-voting and politically disengaged - was on the right track…and arguably the sine qua non of progressive political change:

h ttps://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/04/bernie-sanders-poor-voters-inequality-primary/

How to do that? As suggested before, politicized health care fairs - a political version of Remote Area Medical - that provided basic care and at same time educated about M4A - the best I can think of…


An interesting election is also taking place today in Maryland where House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer faces a primary challenge from progressive Democrat McKayla Wilkes (~https://www.mckayla2020.com). While Wilkes is given little chance of winning - this may just be the political climate that pushes her activist campaign over the top.

I wish you would proofread your articles a bit better.

You have repeated the same paragraph that begins:

Speaking from the Rose Garden as a flash-bang grenade deployed against peaceful protesters echoed from across the street


Protests would need to be ongoing on a rolling basis as they do in other countries - make this situation we are seeing today the new normal x10, make the situation peacefully untenable for the “money-power” to profit whatsoever unless the requested changes are made.

With respect to term limits, once the money is out of the picture and we have publicly funded elections that really isn’t a problem - if you vote the will of the voters, you stay in office.

If you don’t get rid of the corruption of money in .gov, you may as well not vote - nothing will change to benefit the 99% of Americans.

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Yes boogaloo brats – off the goddamned covidiot before he does even more damage!

Get rid of Gavin Newsom!

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Cool. I needed a bit of sarcasm today.


I don’t suppose that Trump being removed from office or resigning would change a thing.
I think people are products of their culture and that their opinions and principals are heavily influenced by their personal bias and prejudices.
We as a Nation have abdicated to the vagaries of human nature; that can not be accepted anymore than a drunk accepts his alcoholism.
Hundred thousand lives lost to overdoses of pain medication, killings in our work places, in our schools, 393 million guns in the hands of the public. I could go on; why bother?
Short sighted visionaries, self proclaimed emancipators, self indulgent and self entitled, the dichotomy is as plain as it is awful.
It’s the profiteers darling; you know the ones supplying you with billion’s of dollars in loans, buying and selling debt and banking on your nature. It’s their nature as well.