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Donald Trump Now Owns White Supremacy


Donald Trump Now Owns White Supremacy

protester holds sign
Bob Burnett

It's one thing to disagree with him and quite a different thing to take a stand against his white supremacy.  Now is the time.


when faced with the issue of race in conversations I very pointedly say…“all of our shadows are the same color”…this puts everyone in the conversation on the same footing, the same level and no one can refute it…please use it, it works…


Good one. Mine is, people that hug live longer than those that don’t. It is a statistical fact. Anyway, I get a lot of hugs.


It’s time the MSM starts calling this new racist regime led by Trump what it is, racist, no more sugar coating it. Charlottesville proved that. We still have a long way to go and the most overt racist since Johnson and Nixon in the big chair gives them all so much more credence and leverage than before. It has to stop. The antifas are denigrated for standing up to the the outright violence perpetrated by these bigots; good for them. There simply shouldn’t be any place in public that they shouldn’t be met with fierce resistance, allowing them to spread their hatred isn’t cool, at all. Free speech, yeah, but there has to be a concerted stand against hatred and violence.


White privilege infiltrates every corner of America. Here in rural Colorado, a small town that tries to pass itself off as “liberal” struggles with continuous bickering and sniping between the leisure class, which has dominated the politics here for decades, while the needs of the poor and minorities are marginalized. They “talk” about the issues, but never invite these groups into the conversation. Months and years go by with nothing being accomplished while this “in-group” fights about who will run the show. It’'s quite nauseating.


Trump pushes white “supremacy” for the 37% of Americans who support him, no matter white. His message to them is they are great because they are white. But he offers them nothing more than a chance to hate. The real “supremacy” he offers is government of, by and for the .001% who own the country.


I like that. I live in the God fearing deep south, so I use “you do know God is an entity of color don’t you”.


Can I please hug you Fern?


Sure, hugs back. :blush:




To the 20% of republicans that DO NOT support DJTrump: Your herr Twitler,
you will NOT replace ‘herr’ with ‘heil’ or ‘Seig heil Twitler’.
Read mein kampt again. It’s the same 1925 plan for world order.
Pig in a wig, snout job, ear clip, cloven hoof finger/toe transplant.
Taught pig Latin on the 19th hole.


By the time the public gets sufficiently motivated to force congress to throw this goon out my tar will have become cold.