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Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia

Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia

Dilip Hiro

In his State of the Union address, Donald Trump warned grimly of “rivals like China and Russia that challenge our interests, our economy, and our values.” In response, he demanded that Congress give even more money to “our great military” and fund the growth and modernization of the U.S.

Ok, so Bush and Obama went into the MidEast guns blazing and destroyed the place. But let’s not mention any of that in the article because…?


This article’s description of Trump’s turn to America First policies in trade and economics is unsettling. The mention of the TPP as one example of Trump’s retreat from the world economic stage ignores the fact that there was and is a strong case against our signing the TPP (See Lori Wallach of Trade Watch, and many others). Its failure to protect workers, and it’s strengthening and consolidation of powers in multinational corporations at the expense of local economies and environmental health was well-documented, and most progressives were against this trade plan. So why mention it as part of Trump’s narrow nationalist focus, as though it was a regrettable position?

Also, I dislike the positing of ourselves (US interests) as ‘balance’ to the rapidly growing influence of China and Russia. Can’t we see the world in non-Cold War terms? Can’t we get past this trope that accepts that however flawed, our US power must balance/or even win out over other powers’ perceived interests? Does it sound weak and unrealistic to mention cooperation and friendship and mutual aid as worthwhile, to attempt to solve the threats to all humans that are climate change and war?


Does it really matter if China and Russia “Roar past” the USA?

The USA’s reign as superpower has hardly been a benevolent one, either to the environment , or the poor peoples of the world. 10’s of millions have died to wars and pogroms that the USA has initiated.

US “interests” lead to millions killed in Indonesia and Vietnam. The US economy is premised on Militarism and Consumerism and as to US values, what exactly ARE those other than Fascism and the increasing of the wealth of the 1 percent at the expense of everyone else? Why on Earth would the author think US interests, its economy and this thing called “US Values” have paramounce over the other 7+ billions of peoples in this world , let alone the things that THOSE people might value or have an interest in such as healthy ecosystems and peace over war?

In short FUCK US interests. I am much more interested in what is good for the peoples of the World and the environment and not what the 1 percent want.


Had started a reply, but you hit the notes I was going to, especially wrt TPP, and all the US initiated “trade deals.”

My own pedestrian opinion is that OBOR has nothing to do with Trump or the US. I see it as a natural, logical civilizational development, and probably would have happened sooner except for the wrack and ruin of China in the 20th century.


Because…no one can change what is in the past. When people reflexively respond to any criticism of the Trump policies with “…yeah, but look what Obama did.”, or “…Hillary would have been worse.”, it almost seems diversionary in its intent, not to mention completely unproductive to the conversation at hand.

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This entire article is diversionary as it purposefully, I’m sure, lays all the blame on Trump. History does matter, no matter the party in power. We so easily want to hide the truth of our past. Remember Obama’s famous he wants to look forward, not in the past? Talk about diversionary. We may not be in the state we are (with Trump in the WH) if Obama did as he was constitutionally (uphold the rule of law) obliged to do. Instead, he covered it all up and kept it rolling. So, here we are today. In very sad shape as a country.


No matter how the article tries to hide it, TPP is bad for ANY country as it puts corporations above people. I don’t much admire Trump’s agenda, but cancelling the TPP makes him about the only political leader who’s doing something right for Americans.


Dumping the TPP is exactly what most U.S. voters wanted Trump to do. And cooperating with Russia on Syria was actually a good thing. Acknowledging that China is the leader in its region makes sense to me. Who made the U.S. the ruler of the world? U.S. “leadership” has brought the U.S. and the world to misery and despair, and the brink of annihilation.

I’m hoping against hope that Trump will somehow be able to resist the unrelenting efforts of the corporate war interests and the corporate media to drag the U.S. into more and more war.


The shit won’t hit the fan until the Saudis start taking other currencies besides the $US in exchange for oil.

Of course, if anyone can convince the Saudis, it’s Putin and Xi. Meanwhile, does Xi want to rock that boat when the US purchases nearly half-a-trillion in Chinese exports every year?


Totally agree! Did CD put this article up just to get us all upset? Did the editors simply think that since it was yet another anti-Trump piece we’d automatically like it? COME ON! The U.S. had DECADES to “lead” the world out of the (largely US caused) climate catastrophe and they not only blew it, but they actively worked against it. LONG before Trump. I too think he’s an idiot but he’s not the root cause of the problem - merely a really bad symptom. I’m getting really tired of all this anti-Trump rhetoric.


Exactly. But at whose insistence.

It was Rodney King, Los Angeles, 1992


So this is what Common Dreams has come to- articles bemoaning the demise of the TPP.

I couldn’t read past that part.


I don’t think anything will hit the fan. There aren’t factories in the US that can make all of those imported goods, especially at those prices. And Xi is about deals, not conflict.


Chinese folks for the most part don’t hate Americans. They are taught that the US saved them from Japan in WWII. They all study English beginning in second grade and many aspire to visit or study there. I have taught all over China and currently get university students from all over China. Many worship the NBA, often choosing names like Kobe and Rose for their English names. They know all the latest pop songs and complain if I put on an old one.
There is hope. Come visit China. There is a doctor’s office in every neighborhood. Buses, trains, subways, and e-bikes. Lots of electric vehicles. Trees farming has replaced farming in many areas.


Dear Dilip,
Your dates and numbers and facts are good, but we’re having some difficulty with the targets of your angst. Hmm… You are from India? My husband, too though perhaps he’s a bit younger than you. India’s war with China when he was a child affected him deeply. He would meet Chinese people and simply not like them, without reason, and we talked it over a long time before he got over it.
Our son married a Chinese woman, and at the wedding, one of my husband’s aunts made the remark, "She’s Chinese, but she’s nice."
India has some border issues still with China. This is real and ongoing. I hope it can be peacefully resolved.

I’m glad Trump stopped the TPP. As for China ad Russia, as I wrote in an interview with Col Wilkerson, it is the neocon policies pushed by Democrats and the Deep State that are strengthening Russia and the BRIC alliance even as they are meant to cause harm and feed a cold war (at the risk of a hot one). That Trump is now on board is only because he has learned that Presidents do not run foreign policy – the CIA does.

Sane and informed people understand that China and Russia are not our enemies and that they would prefer to work with us, and yes, peace and cooperation would be better than economic collapse and nuclear annihilation Sadly the neocon narrative has linked Trump-hate to Russia-gate and liberals have lost their minds. Welcome to the Chinese century – what there is of it.


Thank you for sharing your personal observations China. Our “news” does not report the “on-the -ground” realities of other nations/cultures very well at all.

It seems to me that most of the other nations of the World are moving forward, or at least trying to. The US, in a political and cultural sense, seems to be hell-bent on moving backwards, or maybe just “hell-bound”!

we have 2 political parties(mostly)…hellbent on getting into the WH no matter the damage done to do so. neither side cares about the average person, and God forbid anywhere else. Mexico is right next door and the repubs want a wall. how russia and china must be giggling about how the US seems crippled in a way. trump will do business with anyone, we must remember that at voting time.