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Donald Trump, Pornographer-in-Chief


Donald Trump, Pornographer-in-Chief

Greg Grandin

On February 15th, Donald Trump declared a state of national emergency in order to fund his “

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Such a powerful voice, Prof. Greg Grandin has…it socks you with historical stories and the violence and rapaciousness of America’s foreign policy and empire making and sustaining, up to now. All we can do is read and listen and act to counter not just Trump, but the calm self-satisfied powers that be as they enforce America as the ‘Exceptional, the pure, the policeman and the sacred country’. The City on the Hill, as it has been called. I call on the spirit of Howard Zinn, historian and humane voice for us. We need to rise and claim what all deserve, so our kids and grandkids will live, be kind and prosper, and create a humane place for everyone–so other countries get to rule their own places. Not that it will be easy, but it is more necessary than ever. We see and have seen the worst, climate may do us in, wars and greed may too, but still, we need to rise, to act with others for a better country and world.