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Donald Trump, Rapist-In-Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/28/donald-trump-rapist-chief

Donald Trump, president of the "United Rapists Of America."


The GOP long ago evolved into something in between an organized crime syndicate and a band of pirates…Trump is just the best godfather they have ever had.


I find these stories humorous, if not for the lies. Benghazi, Kavanaugh, Russia, now Trump as a rapist. I wonder if she will have a “revelation” such as Blasey Ford and recall that it was someone else. Sometimes people do not care who their 15 minutes harm. And now, she no longer claims it is rape due to the slander and libel implications. Shame on the lying LIBERALS.

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Like the rest of you’re repug buddies in congress, who name their legislation the opposite of what it is, I see you’re screen name is the exact opposite of who you are, how clever of you.
Trump has admitted he’s a rapist, on camera no less, or is that too hard for you to comprehend?
Scurry along, Fox News is calling.


Lying Liberals? Fool, Trump is almost at 11,000 lies:


Seems someone made a wrong turn. The Youtube comment section is that way -->


Literally, he’s ravished dozens.

Figuratively, there’s no one he hasn’t.

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