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 Donald Trump Rejects the Basic Premises of American Democracy

 Donald Trump Rejects the Basic Premises of American Democracy

John Nichols

John Adams did not approve of Thomas Jefferson. The second president battled to retain his office through the brutal election campaign of 1800 and through the arduous process of establishing the winner of a close contest in a deeply divided young nation.

Poor Donald can’t grasp the immunity idol with his tiny hands.

Readers Beware: Over the past several months, many Common Dreams selected pundits have
starting spewing fraudulently. Some we have identified as Hillary Clinton Shills who pretend to be objective. We are trying to keep up with it. Be skeptical of pundits such as John Nichols who have their own agenda.


PREMISE: “Donald Trump Rejects the Basic Premises of American Democracy”
— Hillary & her money-machine Dems ACCEPT IT?
… Oh, John, yer kiddin’, right?
This whole GAME … including the nature & structure of these so-called debates …
… is an anti-democratic charade.


Trump or anybody else “rejecting the basic premise of democracy” WOULD be a serious issue IN A DEMOCRACY.

Would a democracy have the best Congress money can buy ?


The basic premise of democracy is that the public (demos) makes the rules, not billionaires that buy politicians.


Where is that written down?

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This is why Trump is so dangerous. Our two hundred and forty year political continuity and tradition of peaceful transitions of power, unblemished by any coups or military dictatorships, is built on the acceptance of both sides of our elections’ legitimacy, all matters aside. Trump threatens this, and therefore he must be cast back decisively into the mud where he belongs.

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If they had not already set Ralph Nader up to be the scapegoat, the Democrats would have challenged the 2000 election results when the SCOTUS, not the voters, determined who would be POTUS.

So much for the alleged “240 year history”. Actually the first election was 1789, so it is closer to 227, not 240 years.

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Apparently questioning election resullts is now the biggest un-American taboo. According to Wikileaks (the Russian’s attempt to take control of US), Clinton/DNC cheated in the primaries against Sanders. Anyway, I guess we won’t be needing those UN election monitors here anymore either.


All Donald had to do was to point to the rigging that went on by the DNC during the primary which resulted in the dismissal of Debbie W Schultz who, not surprisingly, was offered a position in Clinton’s cabinet; anybody who thinks we don’t have rigged election after the theft of 2000 election and the voter suppression that continues today is either not paying attention or plain old naïve. We live in the worst kind of banana republic because we hold ourselves and elections over the entire world which is a cruel joke!! Have fun with Hillary when she starts a war with Russia – hope you have plenty of children to spare because I’m sure Chelsea will be picking up an M-16 as well!


I wish Bernie Sanders had challenged the results of some of the state primaries.
If Trump really feels that election fraud has happened and questions the results, then he should say so.
Will election fraud happen in the 2016 general election?, with Hillary [ I’ll do or say anything to win] Clinton in the race, it won’t surprise me.

The reason he didn’t challenge them is the same reasons the rest of the non-fringe left in America didn’t challenge them: They didn’t believe those anecdotal stories or conspiratorial claims by fringe elements.

You can still believe there was vote fraud in the calofornia primary, but believing it recalls such a degree of conspiratorial thinking that it basically entails rejecting the legitimacy of all the major respected institutions of American Liberalism.

This is also my reply to TheDude

Can Nichols not even remember back to the year 2000??? Why should Trump accept the result at once? when all the votes are recounted? (what about machines?) when the “Supreme Court” (a worthy, fairly elected body, of course) declares it so?
Trump is hardly alone in wondering if the election is fair. As an outsider, I certainly doubt it, having read Greg Palast’s books.

Trump continues to play to his base and not try to expand his appeal to more moderate Republicans and independents, defying the the rules of political strategy. What makes Trump unique his base is totally paranoid. Whether it is the second amendment people who believe the US government wants to take away all guns from everyone to the Alex Jones fans who are truthers and birthers. His supporters identities are bound up in their paranoia. So naturally they believe the election is rigged. They don’t trust either political party or the media. They just trust fellow paranoids like Trump. Of course they don’t believe in climate change because they are sure scientists rig their results and keep results they don’t like from being published. These people felt vindicated by the faux scandal called climategate. Democracy cannot work with a completely paranoid population. It requires people to some extent to believe what they see and not believe everything is being manipulated behind the scenes. Of course if there is solid proof of this manipulation that is one thing but almost all this paranoia exists without proof. Trump has managed to base his candidacy on this paranoia, which worked for him well in the primary. However, it is not playing as well in the general election and it looks like he going to wind up a loser (although it appears he will claim he would have won had the election not been rigged in favor of Clinton).

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