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Donald Trump, Resign Now for America’s Sake: This is No Time for a Dangerous, Law-breaking, Bungling, Ignorant Ship Captain

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/23/donald-trump-resign-now-americas-sake-no-time-dangerous-law-breaking-bungling


Yes, Trump must go, but for real reform we must address the irrationality of his base and the apathy of the nonvoters, the combination of which put him in the position of being an existential threat to innumerable markers of Progress in this nation. We must view Trump as a harbinger of not taking a strong and immediate Progressive tack.


Good essay Mr. Nader, am in total agreement with ALL of your points, one thing though, trump will not resign, he, and his henchmen, most prominently bitch mcconnell, delight in what the orange ogre is doing, and ruining on a daily basis… What seems more likely is trump & etc, will be racing, like the rabid parasites that they are, to complete the destruction of whats left of this country before election day, which they seem to believe they have no chance in hell of winning without massive voter suppression, and full speed ahead cheating. And then, let us not forget 2016, the uber evil steve bannon and his plan for the complete destruction of the “Administration state”, cant forget trumps guiding light in his quest for destruction. Mad, rabid parasites all!


Ok, I’ll say it, “Trump has to go”. No ifs, ands or butts!!!


The United States is a world pariah- widely seen as a criminal state- needing containment. Foreign economic powers see it as an unstable country unsuitable for long term investment and economic security. The American people have made choices for leadership at the state and federal level that reflect a level of ignorance and media brainwashing almost unparalleled in world history. Collectively the nation is working steadily to its own decline and devastation on multiple levels- economic, political and social.

There are of course clarion voices such as those of Nader and others- and even a majority of Americans recognize the follies of their nation and its leaders. However their voices are enfeebled by corrupt elections, electoral disparities, disproportionate representation of destructive and exploitative powers in the Senate- and a general apathy and ignorance of their own politics. Leaders such as Sanders- however flawed- are mocked as extremists in a political and economic system that is in rapid decline and cannot care for its own people. And even worse- large percentages of its own people have descended into selfish narcissism and racism- emulating their leader.

As for Trump- he is the US modern equivalent of Germany’s Adolph Hitler. The Left sees this as an oversimplification- even as day by day it becomes increasingly evident. The literalists will accept nothing less than an exact repetition of history to consider this possibility- betraying their own deep ignorance of history. Indeed- the Left- caught in an ideological fantasy land- even has difficulty supporting a moderate/weak leader like Biden- in the face of this abomination in the White House- go figure.

At a deeper level Trump is a reflection of the existential threat the United State has been posing to the World Order for over a 100 years. He channels and amplifies the incredible evil of American foreign policy and disregard for life. You reader may lament what you see today- but where were you when 500K Iraqi children died from an American embargo- when millions have died in Asia and the Middle East from wars instigated by the US? How loudly have you protested the atrocities in Yemen? And other than buying expensive SUVs- what exactly have you been doing for the environment? Did you really believe a Trump was not inevitable in this sea of indifference and culpability.

Trump rails against being called what he is- a Loser- plain and simple. But what he reminds us of is who the real losers are. Look in the mirror.


Trump don`t have the intelligence of a pissant so resigning is off the table…


Trump supporters no longer support the Republican Party - they now belong to the Fox Party which is more like a cult than a political party. They are impervious to reason and logic and believe in the infallibility of the ˜man in the orange mask’.
For them, the great leader can do no wrong and the world is divided into themselves (Fair and Balanced) and Trump haters.
All criticisms of the leader are ˜fake news’ and dismissed as the pronouncements of Trump haters. The craven Republican senate has long ago been bullied into submission to the leader. Murdoch capitalism rules!




As much a fan as I am of Mr. Nader, and as spot-on as he is in his arguments, I am afraid that this is just another case of demonstrating a ‘firm grasp of the obvious’. For context I would like to point out more of what we already know:

There have never been so many people calling for the removal of a sitting president as there are now. Mr. Chomsky has accurately declared him to be the most dangerous criminal in human history. The problem is that, as the now famous study has shown, the actions our elected officials over the past 40 years bear absolutely ZERO correlation with the wishes and needs of the citizenry.

Trump did not impose on us the corrupt oligarchy under which we live. They imposed Trump on us for the explicit - AND STATED - purpose of destroying, once and for all, the last vestiges of any responsive or accountable government.

The ‘media’, as Mr. Nader, myself and others old enough remember them, when they still spoke truth to power, no longer exist in the broad public view.

“Would they support a ….” Well, of course they would, and they do! At every level, of government, of industry, of society. They have allowed every sector, every institution, to be taken over by the incompetent, corrupt, and criminal elements that Trump personifies.

The existing corrupt duopoly, which masquerades as a democracy, is proof that our elected officials will NEVER deliver us from this rampant evil. Bullies can only be removed by being confronted. We must loudly and openly declare that we are coming after them and then put millions of people in the streets of Washington until the entire cabal is dispatched with, one way or another. The military can decide whether they want to defend the country and the constitution or gun down millions of their fellow citizens in the street. It appears that we have passed the point of other options.

Do NOT ask me to show up for some symbolic ‘March’. Let me know when you are ready to take these criminals down once and for all, and I WILL be there.


Ralph, would lamestreet media even cover it if we were out in force to demand him to resign? or demand the dems to make a real impeachment effort not that flimsy one they made?

Lamestreet media does not want to upset any of their billionaire friends who advertise Dollars they would loose.


There is no better time to reject this man as president and remove him from the White House. It is an imperative for the health and well being of the country. Every effort should be made to this growing consensus. There are cracks in the MSM too, hard to hide 93,000 dead bodies without someone asking a few questions.


Trump is the natural result of a political system that was taken over by corporate forces, a long time ago. No matter which political party has been in power, more and more wealth has been redistributed to the wealthy from the middle class and poor. Most people have rightly given up on our political system making a favorable impact on their lives. Trump’s supporters see him as someone outside the mainstream of American politics and he does everything possible to bolster that image.
Without addressing the corporate takeover of our government and the complete failure of both political parties, we’ll have more leaders like Trump in our future.


Those Americans that thrive on “hate” as Trump and the GOP Congress do, will never be enough to sustain their steady march towards an Authoritarian ruled America.

November 3rd will be the long delayed reckoning that defines the masses in America.

Be a part of it.

Send the Motherf#€ker packing, and join us in Washington DC on January 20th, to aid in his removal.


Here’s where Nader’s essay goes so very lame (on the street?), unfortunately in his conclusion:

Devastating critics like Dana Milbank, Republican Michael Gerson, Eugene Robinson, Margaret Sullivan, and conservative Max Boot of the Washington Post, or Charles Blow, Paul Krugman, David Brooks, Maureen Dowd and Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times have cogently taken Trump apart on very serious matters since 2017, yet they leave their readers without the obvious conclusion – Trump has to go.

Nader would be happier, I suppose, if any one of the peanuts in that gallery were to crack. Imagine, if you will, a world in which nobody gives two hoots what substance appointed “opinion-makers” make.


Correct - this is exactly where we are.

We need Hong Kong style mass walk-outs orchestrated by a 3rd party, without a charismatic figurehead that can be co-opted by the alphabet agencies.


Agree, this bunch in DC now, D’s and R’s, are not going to stop/leave no matter how many are in the streets marching, we are well beyond that now. The only way they will be un-seated is good old fashion FEAR. They must believe that if they remain in power, there’s a good chance they will die.
As far as Trump resigning, nothing but a dream. Ralph and many here, seem to forget what’s waiting for him, if he were to leave office before the end of a second term - Jail. He will do and say anything to avoid that simple fact.


You know what’s incredibly bizarre about Hong Kong “protests”? By the numbers, Hong Kong is practically the best country in the world for protection from infection. (Vietnam is also a sterling model of public-health competence.) All I see in those so-called protests is the usual Maidan-style ginned-up fuel for the agitprop machine – setting fire to police and bystanders because they’d rather enjoy the freedoms of New York City? Those jerks belong in fascist death-cult MAGA hats.


"Why no demands for resignation? "

If Trump resigned, you’d have Pence, and if Pence resigned, you’d have Pelosi.


From my perspective, the Republican, Party is really the Amerikan, Fascist, Party. I have first hand knowledge of this because I have many relatives who love Trump and seem to be totally hypnotized by him, much like Hitler did with the German people in the 1930’s in Nazi, Germany. That is not hyperbole my friend!! As for Fox News, being a cult, you are correct, if Joseph Geobbels were still alive, he would make a great anchor.


You’re not alone as far as the family members. Some of mine even have college degrees, yet when it comes to Trump, dumb as a rock.