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Donald Trump, Resign Now for America’s Sake: This is No Time for a Dangerous, Law-breaking, Bungling, Ignorant Ship Captain

Agree totally with your post Sherman.

Well stated. Replacing Trump with Biden will make absolutely no difference.


ljg500, I have issues with your comparision of Trump to Hitler. Clearly by making such a comparision it appears you are ignorant of the realities of Hitler. Hitler dragged Germany out of the mud and rebuilt the country, he reindusrialised the country and ensure the safe recovery of the Depression and WW 1. Trump on the other hand, has done the exact opposite and is responsible for the murder of thousands of his own people, failing to protect them in their time of need. IMHO, he is not a spot of dog feces on the bottom of Hitler’s shoes.


True, but I’d bet that came after the “sit-down”

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Mussolini rather than Hitler may be the more apt comparison. Both misogynist pigs, bullies, toady clown servants to industrial business interests controlling government AKA fascism. This is not Nader’s best assessment of how our democracy has failed. Nor does it frame a logical process to regain control from polluting industrial production interests such as the MIC and the filthy rich.


It would obviously be futile to demand his resignation. However, we could try another impeachment. Has any president been impeached twice before? I doubt it. But this time, let’s be more comprehensive & include acts that the public can better relate to. There’s plenty to impeach him over. Choose the most damning actions, both based on how egregious they are & how ample & obvious the evidence is for them.

It didn’t work the first time, but maybe there are some additional Republican senators that have been appalled by his actions since the trial (they shouldn’t be, but many of them are quite blind and dense), & would vote to convict.

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Everybody in my extended family hates Trump, but I have a small family.

HongKong is rated 3rd, behind New Zealand and Switzerland, in the Human Freedom Index. The US is rated 14th. The irony is that no.14 is telling no.3 to allow more freedom.

The Human Freedom Report is presented by the Cato Institute, the Fraser Institute, and the Liberales Institut at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

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Interesting observation, a lot of people make really poor comparisons of Trump to Hitler when he better exemplifies one of the mad kings of European history. Or even pre-cold war Russia. He has no self- discipline of a military ruler.

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Yup, me too as I have said before. Relatives with Masters degrees walking around without masks And defying social distancing to show their loyalty to the Trumpenfuhrer. One couple ( spouse’s brother And his wife ) have booked three cruises before the end of 2020.
I am so glad for the stay at home orders here in SE PA as we use it as a legit excuse not to come to their family virus spreading events They call us sissies… you wonder how people can risk their actual lives for the worship of someone like a Trump… Boggles the mind.


There’s more than mass ‘walk-outs’ here and many are carrying American flags which ought to tell you something about the level of political awareness among them.

That’s not all that’s bizarre about them because most are asking for ‘democracy’ with no vision for what kind of society they want that democracy to produce. The rest claim they want independence but Hong Kong has no way to feed itself, has no drinking water, nor does it provide its own fuel for the local power stations, IOTW, a death sentence if obtained. Beyond belief.

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This one started early by abusing the Native peoples and land that were already here when the first “citizens” arrived. Not a great foundation to build a country on and even worse, to allow the elite to continue in the same delusional fashion as time went on.

Imperialist amerika has been a dangerous terrorist nation since 1776.! Check with our native Brothers and Sisters. Since the giant terrorist act, aka Vietnam War, the evil amerikan empire has been a threat to global peace; and even to the survival of humanity, and our Sacred Mother Earth! For sure the evil empire is sliding into the abyss of failed empires. Having fraud prez rump and his lackeys in charge has hastened the collapse!

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“Where are the calls for Trump’s resignation?”

Apparently everyone knows such calls would be ineffective except Ralph. This geezer is living in a Nixonian time warp.

My reference to the “filthy rich” includes those among the middle class who are in the same ways as bad the filthiest of the filthy rich. Are we having fun yet? Air travel endless getaways from daily traffic havoc and back? An then we let Jitneys come back? Ain’t Nascar grate?

Another ‘G’ word I like is “grotesque” Rolls off the tongue nice and makes sense to use instead of Great. I am celebrating Tuesday’s election in Oregon. My candidate for Mayor WON by voter intent to force a face off in November. Sarah Iannarone has very good odds to be the next Portland Mayor. Nice person too. Dirty beard Ted. Meh. I’m happy for her and for Portlanders who sense Ted is a sell out to high-tech sector liars and hotel condo landlords.

If Pence were to step up as President, should Trump resign, would that help or hurt Democrats’ chances to win the Presidential election in November?

Pence embraced or covered for DJT antics in approval.
Pence goes down with the ship, preferably a rusty garbage scow.
of reprobation and very few public appearances without security.

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Because it 's not an intellectually decision / position
It’s emotional.
In some, emotions “Trump” intellectual decisions most of the time

…see what I did there…?

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Yes I see, and agree.
For many in the “Independent” voting camp, the biggest emotion was desperation, 40+ years of neoliberalism drove them to it. Textbook example of not vetting a candidate before “pulling the lever” to subdue your pain. The good news is many in this group have repented, and vow never again.
The other group of his supporters largely run on a different emotion, racism, this too can be overcome, but not without an “I want to” attitude, and social education. Both are lacking in this group who consider themselves entitled and special, just because they were born on American soil.