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Donald Trump’s Ajit (Pai)-Prop

Donald Trump’s Ajit (Pai)-Prop

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

“You’re fired!” When Donald Trump ousted FBI Director James Comey Tuesday night, it was more than just another of Trump’s shocking executive actions. Comparisons to Watergate are chillingly relevant; Comey was investigating potential collusion between the Russian government and Trump’s presidential campaign. Just days earlier, Comey asked the Justice Department, run by Trump crony Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for more resources for the investigation.

I can’t believe Amy’s still peddling the Russia meme, when there’s far more concrete stuff to get Drumpf on.

Also, I’m still trying to figure out what “decades of progressive policy achievements are being quietly undone by the army of loyalists [of] Trump” under the cover of “the headline-grabbing chaos”(as if the media themselves aren’t enthusiastically serving up the hype of their own free will).

You really have to go back before 1980 to find any significant “progressive policy achievement”: i.e. the ERA and Roe vs Wade, though no sitting politician, no matter how retrograde, is stupid enough to touch them. After 1980 (and the list is long, spanning administrations and Congresses from Reagan through Obama), the “policy achievements” are almost exclusively regressive, witnessing curtailment in basic civil rights (right of assembly; Patriot act, militarization of police, etc.) not to mention constant aggression abroad (Contra War, Gulf War I, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine).

I’m certainly with her on the net-neutrality thing, but it’s not as if Obama wasn’t also trying to get rid of it. So, all these “progressive policy achievements” escape me, unless she means the only one I can think of, same-sex marriage, which, while laudable, seems a pretty modest achievement amidst all the carnage at home and abroad and the curtailment of basically all but the most basic civil liberties.


The “decades of progressive policy achievements” of any economic consequence indeed ended when Saint Ron’s first POTUS action upon ascending the throne in 1981 was removing the photovoltaic array that POTUS Carter had installed on the White House roof. The only policy achievements that come close to “progressive” since then have been social equity issues. limiting even those achievements to issues that enhance Wall Street’s fortunes.

Of the living presidents, Carter is the only one who should currently be a free man. His successors should all be brought to justice, convicted of treason, and locked in Guantanamo.

After years of pressure, most of it well documented in CD articles, Obama preserved net neutrality only because he was confident that he or a successor would sign TPP, TTIP, TISA and other corporate power grabs disguised as trade deals that would doom net neutrality. The media is providing all the distractions and smokescreens the Trump regime and its Congressional GOP cohort need to cut to the chase without hiding their fascist agenda and achievements in “trade deals”.


Amy and Denis, where have you been for the last 40 years. There has been no progressive progress in the last several decades to be undone by current POTUS.