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Donald Trump’s “Ban Muslims” Proposal is Wildly Dangerous But Not Far Outside the U.S. Mainstream



"It can't happen here" Sinclair Lewis (1935)


obama, the usa gov't and media belong in jail for mass murder and treason.


If trump doesn't want refugees he should work to stop America from creating them.


Oh come on! U.S. sponsorship of terrorists posing as "radical Islamists," both directly and through our proxies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, goes back decades and keeps building ever stronger. This is not some dark secret that is only known to those with access to presidential briefings.

True, the subject is never broached in the imperialist media. But the specific details of U.S. double-dealing in this regard are quite well documented elsewhere, for anyone who cares about knowing anything (which Trump never will). Just last week, Putin mentioned the clear evidence that the son of Turkey's president is neck-deep in financing ISIS - by fencing their stolen petroleum.

Republicans aren't the only ones who absolutely ignore this fact. Obama, Clinton, and Sanders haven't acknowledged it either.


The next attack, in the US, that the mainstream media and government officials attribute to 'Muslim terrorists', I expect there will be calls for all Muslims in the US to be required to wear a tracking device, perhaps in the form of a giant yellow crescent moon, and for Muslims in the US to be held in detention centers (concentration camps).

I'm an unabashed atheist, but to those who spew hatred at Muslims I say: أنا مسلمة


Your inverted idol worship would have a very dangerous individual become president so that HE could learn something... whereas how many more thousands would end up displaced, and how many more bombed into oblivion...

Your post grants primacy to the big Neanderthal learning something at grave expense to so much more.


Trump is not much different from the Democrats, who show their love of Muslims by bombing them.

And Bernie Sanders, if elected, has no plans to pull back from the USA's Muslim-killing wars.


George Wallace was shot while campaigning. Wallace appealed to the same demographic. Years later, ole George repented for being a racist asshole.


Like I have stated before: if Sinclair Lewis were alive today he would have to write a sequel called: IT HAS HAPPENED HERE!


Whatever moniker you want to paste on Trump, fascist, demagogue, xenophobic, islamophobic, ect. the sad fact is: Trump appeals to too many politically sophomoric, American voters. I am sure the pistol packin mama from Alaska loves Trump and would be more than proud to be included on his Presidential ticket as V.P.


Nothing. However, Trump is pushing the same buttons that Wallace was pushing. Not literally, of course, because there was no 'terrorist' threat of the kind we have today-but there was wide-spread fear and hatred of black people by very many white folks in the South, and Wallace took that ball and ran with it, as Trump is doing with widespread fear and hatred of Muslims now. Wallace, at least, saw the error of his ways, but Trump will never back down from his dangerous idiocy.


Like, he'll care??


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It's what under the hair that's truly askew


Trump's Gift to ISIS....another tool to drive the hearts and minds of humans of the Islamic Faith away from the humanity on this side of the world. We are all one human family on this Planet Earth, we do not need further division between humanity. We will need all of humanity acting together to resolve the great problems of climate change, to restore this planet's natural systems and to repair the great ravages of war being driven by Western powers that be.


That was the truly frightening aspect of the Donald's tirade yesterday...the crowd response. I wonder what happened to the 'protester' that was hauled out of the room. (Please tell me it was Code Pink...they are everywhere!) These people remind me of the audiences for Gladiator Games in ancient Rome. Blood!!!
It reminded me of something I heard back in the 80's. I saw Billy Gray (Bud, from Father Knows Best....along with the woman who played the little girl Kitten) talking on the Donahue show where he stated that he felt the country just could not WAIT to give the straight arm salute and welcome fascism in. (Of course everyone was amused and distainful..'Kitten' opining that what he really needed was more jesus.) It was only the beginning of the Reagan administration, and yet the signs were already so clear.
Elmer Gantry. Face in the Crowd. Father Coughlin. Strap in, it is going to be a bumpy night here in America.


Glenn Greenwald is a citizen of, and essentially regards himself as, a Brazilian.


The link to Glenn Greenwald's full article is here:

The usual link to the full article from Common Dreams is not showing on my end.


You should really consider directing your comments to discussions on websites of Fox News or Freerepublic.org and the like. Please direct your insults at genuinely stupid USAns.

Oh, when you call USAns "Americans" you are insulting the people of an entire hemisphere from the Rio Bravo del Norte all the way down to the your adopted home on the Rio De La Plata. Maybe everyone north of the St. Lawrence/Great Lakes Seaway too. We are called "Estadounidese" or abbreviating, "USAn".