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Donald Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Initiative Is a Lie


Donald Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Initiative Is a Lie

John Nichols

There is a good argument to be made for so-called “Buy American” initiatives. Done right—as part of a national industrial policy that embraces smart regional development and fair-trade protections—they can play a real role in creating sustainable, long-term prosperity.


This is just another "campaign-like rally" to fire up his desperate and ignorant base and to bring the adulation he cannot live without; it is his drug and he has to get his "fix" while costing his base and all taxpayers million$$$ for these stumps and weekly trips to his palace in Palm Beach. Bet those folks ate up Bannon, their doppleganger in kind.

Meanwhile, we mourn his coronation with the dawn of each day.


While mourning his coronation, I will pray for him to have a 'Coronary.'


Many will join you. The msm reports daily about how loyal the liar in chief's base is- somehow I do not believe it as they outsource more jobs and people lose their healthcare. Continue to contact congress, the media and join groups. We are watching, and will not wait.


Did you know that the US does not manufacture train engines and large ships here? Disgusting- just another way to pull the wool over the murkins eyes. Meanwhile in Fla- cities are flying the confederate flag again- we know where these people's priorities must lie- revolt against higher wages, revolt against a better way of life, revolt against a clean environment and those evil unions- good grief sounds like the country is going backwards. What is next- the silent movie and the horse and buggy?