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Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees a Truly Toxic Swamp


Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees a Truly Toxic Swamp

People's Action

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees signal a war on working people, the poor, people of color, immigrants and women. In response, People’s Action has launched an all-out effort to oppose these nominees that will engage its entire family of affiliates across 30 states.

People’s Action has joined with allies nationwide in hosting resistance assemblies to insist that Congress reject nominees whose policies would put Americans in jeopardy, and begin planning future action. These assemblies will take place from December 14 to December 18.



Why would Trump's Cabinet picks be anything other than a toxic swamp since the source of it is a highly poisonous Ocean?? (if you have trouble with metaphor & analogy----the "highly poisonous Ocean is Donald Trump---he is the source---and if the source is poisonous & toxic---then so are all of the derivatives of that source---in this case his Cabinet & Staff selections. Just wait until this toxic, poisonous, & deadly brew of misfits & miscreants-----begin to act on the National and World Stage & act with the enormous power of the United States as the "source" of that power.