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Donald Trump’s Convention Speech Rings Terrifying Historical Alarm Bells


Donald Trump’s Convention Speech Rings Terrifying Historical Alarm Bells

Jon Schwarz

tonight accepting the Republican nomination for president will probably go down as one of the most frightening pieces of political rhetoric in U.S. history.

Even for people who believe the danger of genuine authoritarianism on the U.S. right is often exaggerated, it’s impossible not to hear in Trump’s speech echoes of the words and strategies of the world’s worst leaders.

Trump had just one message for Americans: Be afraid. You are under terrible threats from forces inside and outside your country, and he’s the only person who can save us.


It is doubly frightening because, no matter who you are, he utter words that resonate with some part of you. As Michael Moore fears, this guy just might win. The only way out that I can see, is for us to organize our efforts so as to be able to scrutinize Hillary's words and actions as president, at every turn, 24-7, then hold our noses and vote for her.



I just can't wait for the Red Queen to try outdo Trump next week on dangerous bogeymen trying to kill us all... (you know: ISIS, her creation.)


Thank you for this quotation from Plato's Republic! It's scary to realize that this wisdom has been with us for centuries!


Poignant article. But the thing is that these articles are preaching to the choir, as Trump supporters don't read articles. And the rest are mesmerized by HRC - who even if she wins - will exacerbate the conditions for another Trump.


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More exactly, you only need to vote for Hillary in a contested state. States that Trump does not have a chance - or that Trump is going to win overwhelmingly (like West Virginia, Ohio, maybe Michigan, maybe Pennsylvania) feel free to cast a protest vote.


You must be Clinton's newest sheepdog here. Sorry, No. Can. Do. Sanders or Stein. It's time to break free of the old Duoploy.


That's right fall for the Trump charade, Hillary is just waiting for a landslide victory to give her presidency and agenda a landslide mandate! Lesser of2 evils is just as insidious as outright tyranny.


It would be nice then if the Democratic Party would stop trying to put him into the White House. If they support Trump by nominating Clinton then there isn't much left to do except hope the Green Party gets enough votes to stop him.


That is not going to happen.


I'm surprised at the negative comments on Hilary the most competent candidate out there. i guess people here have be duped just as most repubs have by the billions spent by the right wing establishment to hurt Bill and Hilary over the last 30 years. Why do you think they are so affraid of her???? having followed her for that period of time I have not always agreed with her but I've understood why she did what she did. I feel the same way about all candidates I have never agreed 100% with all their policies but democarcy workd through compromisei


"And if anything, Trump’s speech is actually more terrific, fabulous and huge than those of previous fanatics, since he promises he’s going to fix everything overnight. “The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon — and I mean very soon — come to an end,” Trump says. “Beginning on January 20th of 2017, safety will be restored.”

I hear this as an advertisement for MORE cops and more militarized "solutions" to "crime." (I put the term crime in quotes because the weight of lobbyists pushing for building more prisons necessitates the need to designate more citizens AS criminals. That's why the under-funded inner cities, depleted of jobs in the post-NAFTA/"free trade" era by necessity makes for an underworld economy. I'm talking about drugs and by extension, "The Drug War." Police and the whole corrupted criminal justice system now serve this make-criminals apparatus in the same way that the U.S. MIC invading foreign nations and breaking down persons and infrastructure generates new "enemies.")

These are contrived symptoms of the Shock Doctrine--that ethos that either capitalizes on catastrophe or significantly helps "that process" along; and it is a sickness. It keeps wounding more and more persons, places, and living things.

But Trump would only speak of this idea of persecuting criminals by using more police. It's always the modus operandi of uniformed guards to imposes this "Law and Order" that he emphasizes. Never a word about the CAUSES for what ails so many cities, persons, and places.


More fear propaganda. Folks, this election is between two factions of the oligarchic ruling class: the Wall Street neoliberal Clintonites, who need neocon US-NATO power to protect their interests overseas; and Trump’s isolationist conservatives, who want to restore the American economy to the pre-globalization era. Of the two, the Clintonites are by far the greater danger to world peace because “Full Spectrum Dominance” is not a viable policy in an era that has seen two other nations – Russia and China – achieve superpower status. The joint neoliberal-neocon agenda will only lead to more regime change wars, and eventually to a confrontation with Russia and China. The real reason the establishment doesn't want Trump is because he's opposed to neocon regime change wars and Full Spectrum Dominance. Think of all the profits and power that will be lost if we gave up these wars!

Trump, in contrast, intends to scale-down NATO, stop regime change wars, and repair relations with Russia and China. For this, he has brought the entire Washington establishment down on his head. They are focusing on his racist rhetoric to divert attention from his anti-neocon foreign policy proposals. Yet, charges of racism can hardly be a convincing argument coming from the establishment, given that Obama’s and Clinton’s policies throughout the Middle East are “racism in action” and seem to go unchallenged by the same people so up-in-arms against Trump’s rhetoric. The foolish liberals and progressives who also ignore Obama’s and Clinton’s racist actions and focus on the low-hanging fruit that Trump’s racist rhetoric actually is, have been suckered by the establishment into condemning the only anti-neocon candidate running. They have been so blinded by the media’s hysterical propaganda that they cannot even see, much less use, the talking points in Trump’s anti-neocon proposals. By not seeing through this media-orchestrated cover-up, the left will be complicit in future neocon wars. The stupidity on the right is more than matched by the ignorance on the left.


Many comments on Trump's speech are about other comments. So is this one.

Opposing Hillary, as I do, doesn't mean you need to defend Trump. Reading his speech I was most reminded of the speeches of Hitler. The man is a demagogue.Our nation with him at the helm would be a nightmare police state.

Whereas Clinton would just be the nightmare we know. The institutional insanity we're familiar with. Increasing income inequality and more wars. Unfortunately, her neocon continuation of Bush's policies might actually escalate into a nuclear war with Russia. At a minimum she'd jump start the cold war and attack Syria and Iran, while cementing economic inequality in place.

Which nightmare is worse? Does it matter? Certainly Clinton will be more able to get Congress to go along with her wars and policies to funnel more wealth upward. They are, after all, Republican policies. Trump will face hostile Dems and have only the halfhearted support of establishment Republicans.

So I think Clinton would be the more effective evil. That makes the demagogue the lesser evil.

But still evil.

They're trying to shoe-horn us into this bi-polar choice between police state domination and military/business domination, to choose which suit we want our masters to wear.

I'm not voting for that.

Stein 2016


Exactly. (sorry to refer to you as Siouxie in a previous comment). How will they do this? Well, Trump will be influenced by Evangelicals to revoke or ban non-Monotheist oriented religions, like mine and many others or something like that. If you need more criminals, the worst of the worst are those that follow a different deity - or none, perhaps. Or those who are not following him, free thinkers, the disaffected, etc.


Agreed! I think my mind changed on supporting the duopoly - a tool of Wall Street and Corporations who have no allegiance to us anymore.

awake108, it is not being duped by 30 years of "Republicans", but rather seeing Mr. Obama un-deliver on many promises, including at one point, nearly giving the Republicans a free pass on tampering with Social Security and our retirements! The fix is in; they're both corrupt to the point of desiring human eradication over any reasonable goals towards peace.

I would never vote for Trump, and I certainly won't vote for Hillary. And yeah, I think that Bernie was probably some bs now, too. It's opened my mind; we cannot change this election, but I want to start supporting something else. Jill Stein/Green 2016!

PS: I am a lurker of many years, over 10 for sure but don't always feel comfortable posting. So I won't engage in arguments, etc.


Where do you get the idea tha Trump could or would overwhelmingly win Ohio, Michigan, or Pennsylvania? No polling supports that conclusion.