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Donald Trump’s Demolition Derby


Donald Trump’s Demolition Derby

Bill Moyers

We’re a week into the Trump administration and it’s pretty obvious what he’s up to. First, Donald Trump is running a demolition derby: He wants to demolish everything he doesn’t like, and he doesn’t like a lot, especially when it comes to government.


My heart is truly broken. There has to come a turning point when enough of us cry "ENOUGH!"


Thanks Bill - yes, BOTH parties are guilty of groveling to vast wealth - a bi-partisan scandal for sure. We have come to expect that from R'Cons but far too often ignore corruption, conflicts of interest, collusion and capitulation from Democrats - we failed to demand an end to such servitude/sellout to big-money, banks/wall street, corporate greed and war machine/security-state from Dem establishment and Obama.
Its up to the people, journalists & writers, who ignored or defended Dem complicity and corruption to wake-up and demand an end to Dem Party march to the right - to join in demanding real change!

The result of silence and misplaced trust now very apparent, and we all will pay for our silence on Democratic collusion/service to wealth! Dem failures, complicity and collusion must be denounced with the same vigor as trump & co!
Dem machine politics and leadership reform is demanded or millions will support something new - new leaders representing "progressive" American values and issues, the 99%, as Bernie Sanders championed until destroyed by Dem Party hacks & corruption - no evasions, no smarmy qualifications or complicity!
As of now Dem reform is entirely absent with the same-old sellouts still in charge - Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Cuomo, et al, desperate to subvert/divert demands for total reforms, new leadership & mechanisms, like the "Super-Delegate" scam! Reform utterly or die!


Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for a beautifully written article. Your sincerity and genuine concern are very apparent, as always,
in your writings. I have always considered you to be one of the few genuinely honest and unselfish people in government,
as well as journalism.


This goes way beyond Bush who was not a nationalist. Not only will the rich be getting richer but a nationalist movement that is intolerant of just about everyone but themselves is emerging. Much more than economics is at stake. Pretty much everything associated with the values of the United States is. The one thing that the Trump/Bannon machine requires is creating a false reality. It all has to be based on lies. It's greatest vulnerability is the true reality and it has to constantly fight against the truth basically by carrying out a war a against the truth.


I didn't say I was in the loop. What a strange goofy retort. I read and follow as much as I can about the situation. Along with following Robert Parry, Prof. Stephen Cohen, David Swanson, and others who are expert in these matters, I consider my position quite well informed. Furthermore, if you read the article linked, it doesn't take an expert to discover the inanity of R. Maddow, the upshot of her show referred to is pure rubbage, a piece trying to justify the Demo establishment running from their responsibility in losing the last election by blaming it on Russia.

Edit: What an antidemocratic politics you seem to promote, gosh, not being in the loop isn't a disqualifier as to thinking or opinion, in politics or life.


Agreed. "Trump’s strategy of deliberate chaos.": This more than anything should inspire us to take on the Gandhian tactic of total, rolling, non cooperation. Trump is paving the way to this and as we engage in this non cooperation we need to be busy organizing for a new country.


Sorry. By not being in the loop I mean that we don't have enough information to make such a qualified statement either way. I do not get my news from R. Maddow or any other TV news source. I did read the R. Maddow article and while I didn't consider it necessarily rubbish, I didn't pay much attention to it either. My point is that you just cannot take such an unequivocal stand without more facts. Granted you will never get all the facts but all of the people who are in the loop (connected to the information sources we are not privy to) are much better informed than we are. When the current and past administration, all of the intelligence agencies and the FBI consider the information to be credible I don't see how you can just simply say it is the DNC.

Your statement was unequivocal and was far in excess of the facts you had to support it.


Trump cancelled the TPP, said he wants to ban lobbyists, assails the crooked MSM, stopped a few jobs from leaving, criticized the warmongering and trillion dollar bailouts, wants to do business with Russia and China instead of starting a Cold War, seems to be against NATO threats and is doing a few things Democrats or Republicans wouldn't do. How these positive things will offset his many negatives is yet to be seen.


natureboy, some of the "positive things" you mention are positive in your dreams. The "crooked MSM" looks positively straight compared to Trump's endless lies. As far as China is concerned, he has said things that push for a cold war and a trade war! Other than that, he's pretty much all talk so far and getting ready to make money for himself and his cronies.


Maddow is half journalist and half entertainer. I watch sometimes and sometimes learn a bit. I am often at least somewhat disappointed. I guess that if I want entertainment with my journalism, then I compare to John Stewart. That does not work out well for Maddow. BTW, I was watching some RT news the other night and I was surprised how they poked fun at Trump protesters. Their bias was not subtle.


Moyers sez: "Experts say a review of government documents shows that regulators appear to have abruptly stopped enforcing the (ethics) rule, even though it remains the law of the land."

Ayuh. And the Weimar Constitution remained the 'law of the land' in Germany throughout Adolf's abbreviated little Reich. Works best when the volk are kept out of the loop.


About the only good I see is the TPP being canceled. Having a liar assail the press for being crooked is a laugh. One of the 1st thing a demagogue does is attack the press for being crooked. Trump follows the demagogue's handbook perfectly.
Saving jobs, sure bribery with tax payer's money, and far more jobs went elsewhere from the same country.
As for russia, sure making friends with another dictator is great, one can never have too many dictator friends.
As for china, Trump has promised a trade war and now adds another country for a trade war, mexico. That will sure help everyone.
I must have missed the part about not making war, since he ran on increasing war and building up our 'weak and anemic' military.
And yeah, he sure did ban lobbyists when he appointed the richest men in the country to government positions. He cut out thew middle man and went straight to making them richer, esp now that none of them have to deal with any of those pesky ethnics prohibitions.
As for doing things no republican or democrat has ever done before, that certainly is true. But demagogues tend to do such things. I notice none of the countries he does business with are on the banned list. Esp the two countries that have contributed more to terrorism than the rest combined. The saudis who fund the most radical version of islam and supports ISIS, from which al quada came from is not on that list. Neither are the pakistanis who started the taliban and support them, even though the US is still fighting the taliban. And is also the country that harbored bin laden.
I did notice that the Iranians were on that list, which is odd for someone like trump who proclaimed ISIS enemy #. Because the fiercest opponent of ISIS besides the kurds are the Iranians who fight against the saudia backed ISIS.
And another point is that Iran is a friend of russia and if you want to be friends with someone, declaring one of their good friends as a mortal enemy doesn't make sense. Plus it pissed the Iranians off big time, which if you are trying to make peace and not be a warmonger, pissing off another country doesn't fit the bill about not wanting a cold war. And this happens after Obama tried hard to cool tensions between us and Iran. So trump goes and blows that apart by declaring he will get rid of the nuclear Iranian deal, put more sanctions on them, and now puts the country on a terrorist list ban.
Which brings us to Cuba, which Obama was trying to patch things up and Trump says he will undo all of that.
And to think that Trump is not a warmonger with all of that. He just wants to make war on different countries than the ones we have now.
If Trump wants to be someone who changes things, he is going in the wrong direction. The changes he is making are bad. They certainly are not going to help the ave person do better in life.


Your take is an extremely limited aspect of a very complicated story.


While TPP has problems, the other nations involved will carry on without us, and China will come into play. The US will be the loser in this.


It appears Bill Moyers is saying what I and many here have been saying for quite some time, Never vote Democrat or Republican ever again. These parties have literally sold this country to the highest bidder.


A flagged comment must make one wonder where they went wrong. In reading my so-treated effort, it may have been a single term and its meaning is all I can figure. When writing of any political party "reforming" or "bearing consequences" for perceived failures, I may have inadvertently not been clear as to the consequence and whether the party or individuals must bear responsibility. The intent was a party must "reform or become irrelevant and wither" not that party "leaders" should be subject to violence!

Multiple flags suggest either such a poorly-written end sentence or deliberate attempt to silence criticism of the party involved. You tell me....after countless comments, any suggestion of me promoting violence is absurd.............perhaps "reform utterly or become irrelevant" would have been an acceptable end......................


I know that, but on this site showing any support for a trade agreement is going to get the wolves down upon you. One bad aspect of canceling the TPP was that US farmers will lose 4 billion dollars in trade. And if trump starts a trade war with mexico (another country we sell a lot of food to), the farmers will get hurt again.
Now how much of the lost trade will be upon the head of the big agri and how much small farmers will lose, I don't know. I do know that the small farmers are hurt badly already. But if big agri loses trade overseas, then they will have to dump their stuff somewhere. And they can dump it at prices so low the small farmers here can't compete. So the home market for the small farmers could get hurt badly for them. Something they don't need.
When Nafta was implemented, I predicted that mexico would do better at a price that would harm the US in the short term. But in the long term benefit us. Most illegals don't come from mexico, they come from war torn countries of s. america. But the largest group of illegals come from asia and no wall is going to stop that. Furthermore from the research I have done, 88% of the lost jobs in the US are due to automation, not shipping jobs overseas or to mexico. Which means our trade war policy isn't going to help us at all.
5 million jobs in the US depend upon trade with mexico. What happens to those jobs when you have a trade war with mexico?
And many of the people coming over the border are fleeing from violence fueled by drug wars, because american demand is so high. You can build any wall you want, but the 20s' show us that if there is a high demand for something, someone will provide the supply. Much of the violence in the US and to the south of us comes from a prohibition effort that has failed utterly to stop the demand for drugs. Much of the illegal immigration has come from the destruction of our drug war and is going to continue until we stop the insanity. All the lives lost and so much wasted money on the effort and instead of learning from it, we continue the same way. That is a definition of insanity. We could have spent that money just giving it away to the rich. I would say to create jobs and education, but stuff that actually would help doesn't really happen.


Our political system has always been corrupt with money involved. The rich have run the country since the beginning. It is not the parties, but the people who have always suckers and always will be. We could solve the problem of money, but hey free speech, money is plenty of free speech.
The founders wanted a system where the rich were in control. They feared the ave man, calling them uneducated unwashed masses. It is why they didn't want full democracy. One was their fear of a man like trump, the other was a fear that the common man would stop the elites from running things.


Good points in your post.

As to the MSM, its somehow gratifying to see someone, anyone, take on the corporate media.

About Russia, I feel a lot safer getting on with those in possession of nukes than having them as my enemy.

Relations with China and Mexico have changed. Where his negotiations will take us remains to be seen. So far they're not looking good.

On the one hand, he says he would rather do business with other countries than spend money on wars. On the other hand, he wants to build up our gargantuan military. Does the latter preclude the former? Is this a winning by intimidation tactic? Why would he feed the M/I/I Complex monster, to appease it, to make money from weapons sales, to soothe frightened conservative nerves?

He knows he must bow to neocons on Iran but he once dared say that for peace in Israel both sides should be treated more equally.

A civilian Trump said things that a President Trump could not. It seems his cabinet nominations belie any good intentions he may have had when he was a Democrat. Or when he said that the Republican party had moved too far to the right.