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Donald Trump’s droit du seigneur


Donald Trump’s droit du seigneur

César Chelala

In medieval Europe, droit du seigneur referred to a legal right which allowed feudal lords to have sexual relations with subordinate women. This tradition, however, had older origins. The Greek historian Herodotus (484-425 BC) claims a similar custom existed among the Adyrmachidae in ancient Lybia, “They are also the only tribe with whom the custom obtains of bringing all women about to become brides before the king, that he may choose such as are agreeable to him.”


Once Bernie was neutralized, this Election ceased being about issues that matter.


We learned from the days of Nixon that mental health matters. A psychiatrist would have to carefully examine Trump to reach a diagnosis but he certainly seems to have some sort of personality disorder. Nixon was very paranoid. He kept an enemies list. He saw enemies everywhere. Besides whatever personality disorder Trump has he continually tries to game the system. It is like following the rules is for losers. He is certainly not the type of person who should be president for numerous reasons. However, he has a personality cult following and his followers could still be successful in electing him to an office for which he is completely unqualified.


Trump is a certifiable mental case. We agree on that much.


"Droit du seigneur" (thanks for teaching me a term I only vaguely remembered) does describe the sleazebag that we know as Trump. But he is is not the only one that fancies they have this right: movie stars, athletes, and, yes, Presidents of the United States (more than just one). What punishment should be enough for these guys?


I talked with a rich man from the Dominican Republic about "The Feast of the Goat", referring to Trujillo's droit du seigneur. He was adamant that it was El Caudillo's right. Evidently this practice is still acceptable to some elites.


poor lbj went nuts as he escalated the vietnam actions that nixon slowed down. the little girls trained w russian scoped rifles could make a better head splat shot than the rangers w their hunting rifles or 50 cals from a long ways away. hell, most of those girls were under 12. and when u got back to Danang, they gave u a haircut, massage, whatever and sold u marijuana laced w strong cocaine which a poor gi never recovered from. u can never win against a dedicated people that use kids to fight u.t


DISTRACTIONS...once again... While the behavior of Trump (&Bill Clinton, Roger Ailus (Fox)) are shameful, immature, and reprehensible, once again we have another major distraction from what this government is doing and not doing in the world.....
1. US/Saudi partners destroying Yemen and the people of Yemen.
2.. US actions taking us to the brink of war with Russia (China & Iran; India?).
3. Total Inaction (by design?) on the Climatic Stability of Planet Earth.....or the creation of the Climate Football.
4. The total inaction on the help for the people of Haiti who have just been hit with another catastrophic event.
5. More distractions within our so-called "democracy"....no room for the 3rd party choices...It is a democracy of choice between the two chosen ones...

We are truly headed for a major collapse....and the elite and their Government-corporate-protectors are bringing us to that brink.