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Donald Trump’s Empty Blustering Reveals a Narcissist Who Can’t Fathom Defeat


Donald Trump’s Empty Blustering Reveals a Narcissist Who Can’t Fathom Defeat

Bill Blum

The highlight of the third and, thankfully, final presidential debate last Wednesday came roughly at the midway point, when Donald Trump refused to say that he would accept the results of November’s election.


The Republican primary showed that Bernie may be wrong about money rigging elections. Trump spent less than just about any other candidate yet he won handily. Jeb Bush spent far more than any other candidate yet got nowhere. Moreover, Bernie may have outspent Clinton. In many primaries he spent twice as much on ads as Clinton. Yet Clinton got several million more votes. Sometimes the amount of the money spent does correlate with the outcome but sometimes it doesn't. Each contest must be looked at individually. Of course, even if money has no effect on the outcome of an election it could and probably often does have an effect on how candidates perform in office if they win. Money therefore can corrupt the political system which undermines confidence in goivernment.


I echo artist Hiroyuki Hamada’s sentiments below and encourage all CD readers to reflect on his powerful piece:

“I urgently ask readers to consider our predicament being trapped in this scheme devised to perpetuate the rule of the extreme minority with enormous wealth and power.”


Allow me to summarize this article: A bunch of psychologists who have never met Donald Trump decided to diagnose him as suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, and also he's scary and nasty and he's not going to win anyway so vote for Hillary Clinton (the other narcissistic, scary and nasty candidate).


I guess "Correct the Record" paid a handsome sum to Mr. Blum to write this propaganda. Just one example of the specious talking points that infest this article:
"The scapegoats in Trump’s confabulated thinking include not only powerful forces such as the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign..."

You would have to be sound asleep to not know that the MSM is biased and has been shilling for Hillary since day one of the primary. Trump is absolutely right about that.

Stein/Baraka 2016


A Narcissist Who Can't Fathom Defeat better fits Hillary Clinton. After all she keeps coming back into the political scene even thought the people want her gone.


Not like it excuses any of Trump's actions though. He has been enjoying millions of free air time. Win or lose, he gains something from exposure. As for the candidates who fought tooth and nail to even get the slightest bit of air time like Bernie and Stein? Tough shit.


This article does a great disservice to all anti-war progressives. Trump says a no-fly zone in Syria is a bad idea and will lead to WW3 with Russia! So, who’s the crazy one now, the dame who wants to blow up the world, or the dude who doesn’t??? Now that Trump has come out against WW3 and a no-fly zone in Syria, the Left had better re-evaluate its "lesser-evil” nonstrategy.


The "left had better re-evaluate its lesser-evil nonstrategy" won't happen because they are not "left" and they are NOT strategic. They ARE blue team fans taking direction from the corporations, its media and politicians, and they would need to re-examine all of their votes for Democrats since the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), at which point they would conclude that they voted against their own interests and to the detriment of the health of the Main Street economy and environment for three decades.

Policy-wise Sanders and Warren have much more in common with Trump than with Clinton, yet they vehemently campaign against Trump while treating Clinton with kid gloves on the rare occasion they express any concern with her agenda.


I don't think Trump will have any problem accepting defeat. It was never a part of the plan that he would win.
The only way Hillary could win this election is if she had a challenger who was worst than her. That's where the Clinton's good friend, Mr. Donald Trump comes in.
Donald doesn't do anything unless there is a big payoff involved, the Clinton's must have made him an offer he couldn't refuse.


In addition to receiving free media advertising for all of his businesses during the past two years worth at least $200 million, his Obama birther scam and his primary election run gave Trump an audience base of at least 40 to 50 million potential viewers in the US alone for his new TV network. Although the Clintons didn't need to pay him anything, nobody is better at selling favors than the Clintons, so Trump can look forward to some payback favors from President Clinton.

In claiming the election his rigged, Trump indeed fails to mention that he is an integral part of the rigging.


As I see it, this all about raw ambition. Hillary has nothing to offer the country, but her enormous ego craves a permanent spot in the history of the world and will not be deterred. Two-term senators and Secretaries-of-whatever are soon forgotten; presidents not so much. Anyone who thinks women are incapable of acting ruthlessly to get to the top are being deliberately obtuse.

Trump is a buffoon with a vocabulary second even to G.W.Bush and Sister Sarah Palin. Hillary is a polished speaker and accomplished politician who will be taken seriously by every world leader. Of course she will face the theatrical opposition of the Republicans, but as she moves further to the right, both will find more and more opportunity for "pragmatic compromise."

We have heard over and over since the Trump nomination how this is all on the Republicans, how they "created the monster" that is Trump. What no one seems to want to acknowledge is that as the Democrats move steadily in on traditional Republican territory, Republicans are allowed, perhaps even forced, to move further and further to the right to maintain a difference.

Trump is at least as much a creation of Clinton Democrats as of Republicans.


I'm really tired of all these articles about the two toxic fiends at the top of the two corporate parties and wish CD would publish more about Jill Stein and the Green Party. We could use something to inspire us and keep hope alive. Those two fiends do nothing but extinguish hope for the long-term survival of or the improvement of the welfare of the human race.


This is NOT the Bill Blum we have known for years, the author of "Rogue State" and other excellent tomes.


"As a narcissist, Trump cannot countenance actual defeat or even the possibility of losing"

Sounds like a certain country I shall refrain from mentioning by name, but if the shoe fits...