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Donald Trump’s Failed State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/29/donald-trumps-failed-state


Becoming a “failed state” is simply the next step in the evolution of what has been a rogue state at least since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation that redefined “bipartisanship” to mean capitulation to the GOP agenda.


I find Greenberg’s essay quite well-considered, especially appreciating the rigorous definitions of “failed state” she shares. Some cognitive dissonance regarding USA’s status resonates deeply behind her words, as if Greenberg knows for sure, in her “heart of hearts” as they say, that USA is already an irrevocably failed stated, but she wants to save a little shard of activist optimism for the conclusion:

While some may view the coming election as a precipitous cliff, with dangers lurking everywhere, I also see it as an opportunity, which is why the tsunami of early voting, often involving hours of waiting, is an encouraging sign. Despite the abyss that we face after four years of chaos and cruelty, this country still has a chance to prove that we are not a failing state and to reclaim our trust in our government, our protections, and one another.

Do we really have “a chance to prove to we are not a failing state” – any more than, say, the people of Beirut? I feel like we’re left stranded on similar rubble. If healing is at all possible, we’ve got to start somewhere. Possibly we US Americans can halt the sinking at some point. But we’ve fallen so far.


The failed state produced Trump, not vice-versa.


The phony USA is far from a “failed state” if one uses the constitution as a measure.

The belief that this oligarchy was ever a democracy is a willful blindness which uses coincidence as

a proof.

Slave owners and the elites of the electoral “college” were given preferential advantages at the onset

of this phoniness and the religion of capitalist domination has always been the state religion.

The election of Trump is the culmination of the elitists agenda which is central to both sides

of the phony bipartisanship within the state sponsored avoidance of democracy and socially and

environmentally beneficial justice.

The democrats and their republican allies have again succeeded in preventing progress for the

majority of people.

The state is not failing. It is simply and unavoidably revealing its true nature as a global-wide

elitist project of sadistic delights.

Anyone who participates in the electoral college is a person who is comfortable with the

regular jettisoning of huge numbers of voters in a game of pretentious lies.


I was going to respond to the article but I decided not to after reading you comment. You nailed it.


Me too. Starting largely with Rayguns and going off the deep with George W.
Trump then bamboozled the discontent of the electorate.

And I will relish the moment that Biden gives his acceptance speech while trump is nailing boards across the WH front door. How he manages a concession speech is a conundrum.

Nailed it!!! American Exceptionalism has always been a shared fantasy, a myth that kept the population down. Now its truth is revealed, not that the rest of the world didn’t already know it. Failed state, indeed. The actions of the MAGAs at the Trump rallies are exactly like those of peoples worshiping a hero-god, wanting to crowd as close as possible to get some of his mojo rubbed off on them. They’ll sacrifice anything, including themselves, for him. Once the god reveals his feet of clay, they’ll tear him apart like a wildebeest by a pride of lions. Remember Mussolini’s fate(Hitler took the coward’s route with a pistol in a bunker).


Thank you Karen.
A good response to the millions of TV’s tuned in to Hannity.

Not gonna happen. We’re stuck with Trump for four more years.