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Donald Trump’s False Martyrdom


Donald Trump’s False Martyrdom

Robert Parry

Yes, The New York Times is the newspaper of the Establishment and reflexively accepts almost anything that the powers-that-be say is true, but Donald Trump undercuts that valid critique when he spins a conspiracy theory about the Times plotting with women who simply confirm what Trump has said about his own sexual predations.


Given the context that Trump is a pathological liar what he doing is what we would expect him to do. Basically lie and blame others. He appears to be leading a personality cult. He gets cheered at his rallies for saying the craziest things. He has appointed himself as the one person who can take on the elites. Bernie Sanders claimed it would take a political revolution but Trump seems to claim he can do it himself. Both Trump and Sanders seem to have drawn most of their support in rural areas and factory towns (or what used to be factory towns). These are the areas where people seem to feel they have been forgotten. Hillary Clinton gets most of her support in metropolitan areas. The feeling in these areas for the most seems to be we are doing pretty well thank you and don't need a populist leader to take on the elites.


At least House Speaker Paul Ryan recognizes the import of what I've been saying around here for a while:

“If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee? A guy named Bernie Sanders, you ever heard of him?" Ryan warned. "That's what were dealing with in a divided government if we lose control of the Senate." http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/paul-ryan-dems-doom-and-gloon

Bernie's going to be the most powerful progressive chair in a while if Democrats take the Senate. He wants to not be sandwiched between Trump in the White House and Ryan in the House. That's how change is made in real life. It amazes me how negative progressives are around here when conservative Paul Ryan recognizes what this election could mean.


Except that's not really true:

Read the article and you'll find he did this with the Miss Teen USA pageant as well.

I don't know how many years they'd been menstruating, and think it's a really weird question, but I do know that they were teenage girls.


The economically disenchanted (everyone, but Trump and Clinton) had their chance with Bernie. But no racism with Bernie so we get Trump. Disgusting.


But isn't that the point, Bernie isn't gone? Paul Ryan is trying to gin up conservative voters by using Bernie's potential chairmanship of the budget committee as leverage. Do you know why? I can answer: it's one of the most powerful committees in Congress. The way money gets spent and allocated goes through Bernie's comittee and as chair, he'll get to decide which issues get a hearing in front of it. This is why I wasn't devastated after the primary: we get a president he can work with and the most progressive budget chair in decades.


History demonstrates that when things go sour the demagogue ultimately wraps 'him' self (enough corrupt women have simply not had enough opportunities to play this out in America - but of course there was Eva Peron!) in victimhood which resonates well with his passionate 'abused' base. In the aftermath of Trump's pending electoral failure one can easily imagine a publication detailing his inflated grievances and excuses to follow; such a book might aptly be titled "My Struggle"!
(Any German translators out there?)


So true. Trump and HRC are "playing the victim card" and are both dealing it off the bottom of the deck and have similar palmed cards up their sleeve that are being saved to be used in an "as needed" basis.

We are supposed to feel pity for the both of them? They are probably both actually hurt because the people in this land which is your land and my land from California to the New York Islands because we aren't as overjoyed at the prospect of either one of them being the US
Head of State as they think we should be,

Their followers -- and this applies to both of them -- are reveling in the insult rich tone of this campaign. My Facebook page is full every day with new "scsndslous revelations. Those making allegations against either one are looked upon with a truly unpleasant gloating glee. "Aha! The real story why these lies are being told!" The posts seem to have a tone demands agreement "Share and repost if you agree". The smug snarkiness of the nearly always prefab posts that they are obviously getting from somewhere else and reposting them and feeling a very real sense of smarty pants oneupsmanship by doing so, as if they gave gained self esteem by passing along unsubstantiated depictions that they have an emotional stake in believing in wholeheartedly.

None of them give the impression of being willing to forgive and let bygones be bygones when this election is over and they don't get their way, They seem even more primer to oppose the legitimacy of whichever one ultimately wins and are all set to hold longstanding grudges against anyone who didn't see it their way.

Maybe I'm being too quick to judge myself and people will be willing to accept not being courtiers of the winners. I hope so because if they don't the social stability that will be needed when civilization starts to crash and burn won't be there,


It should be noted, though, that only Trump is making this part of his campaign rhetoric.

Over and over at his rallies, Trump tells his followers that if he doesn't win, it's because the election was rigged. He says the media are against him, the polls are fixed, the election will be rigged, it's all one big conspiracy against him.

The peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that separates the USA from too many other nations in the world. Trump is trying to corrupt that longstanding tradition.

The real question here is why the media aren't demanding that Republicans take a stand on this. Trump has been saying this for months with nary a peep from anyone. It's dangerous rhetoric seeking to delegitimize the next president.

It should be condemned by everyone.


It "should" be condemned -- "should," the "S Word." It's one of a long list of things that "should".happen but aren't and won't in no small part because people in the USA Today culture don't like people telling them what they "should" do, I can see why. It sounds like the person doing the telling believes he or she knows best and is better than you are. I react like that and part of me wants to say screw off even if I know in my mind's bottom line that what they're saying really is what I "should" do.


Caught this quote last night on CNN Trump special, but only as passing through, so do not have source, but was introduced as friend of Trump.

"Trump is the most adaptable man in the human race."


Here's another take on Trump's need to make himself out to be the victim:


Pretty fucking weird to bring up questions of how long they'd been menstruating.

More importantly, the fact that they were contestants in a beauty pageant does not even slightly grant Trump or anyone else an excuse to view them backstage while they are dressing. Being a model doesn't mean men have the right to look at you whenever they feel like it. The logic you display here is precisely the same as that which says sex workers can't be raped because by their choice of profession they have granted automatic consent.

That's bullshit.


Your statements about rural votes vs metro are solid. Let's remember the metropolitan, on average, are much better educated and thus more informed. What would one want from their supporters?