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Donald Trump’s Fascism and His Appeasers


Donald Trump’s Fascism and His Appeasers

Pierre Tristam

“It can’t happen here? My friends, it is happening here.” So says New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia near the end of the “The Plot Against America,” the Philip Roth novel from 12 years ago that re-imagines American history if the isolationist, Hitler-sympathizing anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh had become president instead of Franklin Roosevelt. And so “the right-wing saboteurs of democracy–the so-called patriots and the so-called Christians” of the Republican right, Roth writes, make their march “under the sign of the cross and the flag.”


Tristam closes his article:

"But even the media has betrayed a double-standard in its treatment of Trump in its handling the Curiel attacks as opposed to slurs on immigrants and Muslims. The difference is that Curiel is American. Trump’s attacks on Mexicans and Muslims were directed at people either beyond the borders or beneath American citizenship. The racism, in other words, is not Trump’s alone, or his supporters’. Even the media is playing into the caste of narratives, which shows to what extent the culture has become either inured to the unacceptable or willing to make its accommodations with it. Ryan did: he calls Trump’s racism “unacceptable,” yet he accepts it.

That’s ultimately the danger of Trump’s candidacy—not that he will win, but that even in losing, he is corroding that buffer against the unacceptable. He is making what Roth in “The Plot Against America” called “the unfolding of the unforeseen” possible.

Trump will fade. Trumpism may not. And the longer the Republican establishment is willing to appease him—to make its Munich with him—as a better alternative to Clinton, the more it legitimizes his racism as an acceptable American value at the very moment when white America is fading to minority status."

Tristam pretends - as do almost everyone in professional society - that "the culture" is not steeped in racism, founded on genocide and slavery, constructed by stealing, built on endless "discovery" and "colonization" of "resources" that continue today.

Trump "gets away" with his stroking of these chords, because these chords are part of the very structure of social and economic existence, but cannot be seriously addressed because seriously addressing them would mean invalidating the foundations of the economy.


Trump's entrance into the race forced my hands to pick up Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here last fall. It is a great read. Eighty years of "progress" have not insulated us from such nonsense. How? Human nature does not evolve at a rate competitive with those who would use technological evolution against humanity. The Trump phenomenon is very real and very dangerous. Still, maybe the best thing is to let the country crash and burn in the hope that the people will wake up and restore (OK, really establish) liberty for ALL.


Big Bang struck all gods deaf. That's why not a single plea sent to any of them had been fulfilled.

Does god exist? Don't know, but think he'd love to if the 'holy' books, priestly classes, or most believers would permit it!

Please, don't pray for me!! God might hear it and get mad at you and me!


This is a brilliant characterization:

"In Trump’s case, racism is the overriding allure, the buxom gravity center of his says-it-like-it-is charisma. His supporters deny it. They have to, like drunks who haven’t yet owned up to 12-stepping. But take away the racism, the Mexican-bashing, the dehumanizing of immigrants, the insults to a world of Muslims, the ultra-nationalism, and there’s not much left beside the Mussolini-like jabbing jaw and that hair, the only thing on Trump’s body that defies gravity, his imagination included."

Unfortunately, Hillary's barbarism is more akin to that of the drug lord who wears the $3000 suit but hires the hit-men to do the actual dirty work. Being an enthusiastic water-carrier for the Military-Industrial-Complex, Hillary may not be overtly racist (in the sense that Trump is). Instead, she's open to a more universal plan of mass murder... thus far, aimed at the Middle Eastern nations. But fear not... for when push came to shove, Mrs. Clinton would not allow race to be a barrier to her Killer Instincts and loyalty to the Mars Rules enterprises.


"Even the media is playing into the caste of narratives, which shows to what extent the culture has become either inured to the unacceptable or willing to make its accommodations with it. Ryan did: he calls Trump’s racism “unacceptable,” yet he accepts it."

Today's media works as an arm of the Pentagon. In order to maintain the fear campaigns that fuel militarism, there must be designated "Undesirables." They serve as a sort of "Untouchable" caste to the Military State's need for enemies.

So long as any People can be designated enemy--and that status requires a great deal of dehumanization--racism will be kept alive.

To those who identify with the meme that America is the "Exceptional" indispensable nation, naturally that means any other ethnicity or nationality is "less than." The premise of superiority is used to justify State Violence.

Those who support militarism also identify with some form of racism. The two rely on one another.


Have you seen the latest, hilarious take on Trump University by Jon Oliver? I could be wrong of course, but so far, I see Clinton as a bigger threat to the world and the US. I just don't think Trump will be able to get away with much, and the Dem party can go back to full-time attacks on issues they would remains silent on with a Clinton pres. Although, I think he will deport many thousands, likely even more than Obomber.


Of course if "God" was really "Goddess" that might explain why so many are dialing up the wrong number.


Tristan mentions Lindbergh being a fascist, but fails to mention the more consequential US fascists of the era including Prescott Bush (Dubya's grandfather) and Henry Ford.who although they never came close to becoming president, they subsequently had more influence in the expansion of fascism in US politics than Lindbergh.

Joe McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, the Bush dynasty, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) groomed Clintons and Obamas all took creeping fascism to the next level to the extent that the path was paved for Trump to ascend.


I would not assume Trump cannot win. It comes down to what happens in about a dozen states. Trump could flip a few blue states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, with a high number of white working class voters. Based on the the demographic analysis the appeal of Trump's racist campaign is largely among white non-college educated voters. This suggests that our society has become split between people with college degrees and people without college degrees. Going through college apparently makes you tolerant and accepting of people who are different from you while going from high school right into the work force apparently leaves one more willing to support a racist candidate. Maybe this has to do with family background more than actually whether one attends college or not. In any event Trump seems to be strong in most of the red states so with that base there is no reason he can't win. Hopefully people like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton herself who are all determined to stop Trump will have what it takes to succeed


The Dems and their media sycophants will push the politics of fear and tell you that we have to vote for Clinton in order to stop Trump -- the “good cop – bad cop” routine. They will cite racism, as though Trump invented it, and will imply that Hillary may be a warmonger, but she’s not a danger to US minorities. For those who can see through the liberal fear and hypocrisy, the lesser of two evils argument no longer holds weight. Both Clinton and Trump are bad for the 99 percent. The “lesser of two evils” argument is meant to prevent progressives from voting for a truly progressive candidate – Third Party or write-in.

Do we really have to fear a Trump presidency if we vote Third Party? Maybe not as much as we should fear a Clinton presidency.

Domestically, Trump cannot accomplish much if there are enough progressives in congress and the people's movement remains strong. Remember, Bush tried to cut social security but progressives stopped him (and then Obama put social security cuts on the table to almost no opposition – let that be a lesson). So, we can limit Trump's effect on domestic issues, and the senate can refuse to confirm any extremist he nominates for the Supreme Court. Foreign policy is another story, and that should be the primary concern in this election. Hillary will surely escalate racist wars in the Middle East, and with Russia and possibly China. The neocons and Netanyahu will be her policy advisors. The neocons issued a new report last week outlining the path to a US-European hegemony. Their racist agenda of US-European world domination is far above anything Trump could imagine -- and note that the neocons oppose Trump precisely because he won't go along with their world domination agenda. Thousands, possibly millions more will die or become refugees during a Clinton presidency – not American minorities, but Clinton’s racism extends far beyond these shores.

Trump, on the other hand, has stated that he will talk to Putin, extract us from NATO, and reject the neocon policy of regime change intervention. Now, based on just what we know to date, Trump's foreign policy seems infinitely better than Clinton's. So we don’t have to be strong-armed into voting for Clinton for fear of Trump. We can vote our conscience and interests. It's time we acknowledged a major fault line running through the Democratic Party: There are progressives and there are pro-war liberals. The pro-war liberals control the Party and will lead us, through fear, into more endless, illegal wars. Progressives need their own party. If Bernie won't do it, we must. So, dump your fear of Trump, dump the Dems, and vote Third Party. After all, there are no Democrats and Republicans in Washington anymore – there are only oligarchic millionaires.


You're supposed to bark when you nip at our heels and try to herd us.


So in other words, if you think Trump is less of an overall threat to the world and the nation than Clinton, you must be a racist? You sound just like that famous race-baiter, BWilliamson.


And many Americans love the underdog or the tale of the unexpected--against all odds--victory.


I am not intending to compare the two, but I do think if Hitler needed a Defense Attorney, you'd be a great asset!


"Who could imagine they'd be freaking out in Kansas?"
How much fear can we take? Fear of Trump is worse than pathetic when it leads to voting for clear immorality ("we came, we saw, he died. Ha Ha Ha" "Super predators" Iraq war, Honduras coup, no fly zones, Wall St., WallMart, fracking, Clinton Foundation, etc., etc., etc.,). Grow up. Aggressive war-fascism is far more destructive than racist, sexist \, boorish language that offends liberal ears. Bring the war to the streets of the U.S. - let's fight Trump's domestic fascism - we have done a terrible job fighting Democratic fascist wars of aggression and occupation. Trump may bring us out of our dogmatic DNC stupor - Killary/$hillary will only sink us deeper into a cesspool of our own policies and ideologies.

JILL STEIN or NOBODY for president.


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