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Donald Trump’s First Amendment Hypocrisy


Donald Trump’s First Amendment Hypocrisy

Nat Parry

Election 2016 has taken a turn into territory unfamiliar and perhaps mildly terrifying to many Americans, potentially heading down a dark road characterized by political violence and what social scientists call “authoritarian aggression,” defined by retired psychology professor Robert Altemeyer as “a general aggressiveness directed against deviants, outgroups, and other people that are perceived to be targets according to established authorities.”


I’m still not sure if Trump is the biggest threat this country has ever faced and intends to take us down the road to full on Fascism, or if he’s just playing us all for a good laugh, no matter how many people get hurt (maybe even killed) in the process.


I think so too and I think so too twice. Both statements are correct. Trump is an opportunist and will if necessary go either way depending on which gives him the best outcome for himself. Trump should have titled his book the art of self promotion but then with him that is implicit anyway.

Is he seriously a fascist? Absolutely if it works for him. No one can deny that his ego gets stroked by the crowds cheering him. Lol. To put it mildly. Lol. Nevertheless, aside from just feeling enthusiastic about the potential sense of power that cheering crowds impart to an ego worthy of a king, does power entice Trump? Real power (let’s not forget he is a billionaire already) - political power - is unique for anyone. Political power for a billionaire is tasty wouldn’t you say? Would he go down that road? Rounding up people and deporting them? Building a wall to keep people out? Coming down on the press? Playing that ‘protect our culture’ from being muddied by ‘them’ (fill in the blank)… It sure sounds like he would go down the road that he is already walking on.

The question is what could he get away with easily. Then his plan B - playing us for a laugh applies. If Trump loses then it isn’t really a loss because he was just having us on didn’t you know?

The thing about making a wrong turn at a crossroads is that if you keep going down the wrong road is that you still end up somewhere - the wrong place! The only way to avoid arriving at the wrong destination is to not start down that road in the first place.


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The threat exists both sides of the aisle.



I can imagine if Trump looses, he will have a news conference and say " I lost. But that’s OK, I didn’t really want to be president anyway ".


Seriously lol. I bet he would too!


Remember, that Trump above all things is a man with business acumen. Trump, in my view, is approaching the election for POTUS not from a politicians perspective but from a business mans perspective. And whether we like him or not, from that perspective, we have to admit he is doing one hell of a job! He has been playing the MSM like a fiddle. And Trump has just about eviscerated his Republican opposition.

If Trump wins POTUS he will probably write another book called; THE ART OF BECOMING PRESIDENT.


Citizens of a nation tend to behave the way that their nation behaves in the international community. That is why Americans behave the way they do.