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Donald Trump’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors


Donald Trump’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

President Donald Trump’s alleged attempt to quash the FBI investigation into his former national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, and his subsequent firing of FBI Director James Comey, has rightly inspired endless speculation in the mainstream media about whether he could be impeached. Certainly, the evidence presented by The New York Times, along with everything else that is already consuming Trump’s first few months in office, warrants an independent investigation.


We oughta be arguing: “What about Pense?” The guy’s a mess. So, Trump is, too. But he’s not a religious fanatic. The “two evils” choice, again? 300 million Americans in our country’s streets and on every street corner with protest signs, say every other weekend (gettin’ to know each other maybe for the first time ever) - Why does 300,000,000 alive citizens sound like a real alternative rather than just installing another (unelected) evil? BECAUSE - privatization of OUR COMMONS - by handing over our control as an electorate, to bankster-owned multi-national corps that can never be fired? And are immune from our wrath as voters (with verifiable paper ballots)? And Trump, Pense or Ryan mean to just that! Take over and never give America back to us!

Ever hear of a guy named Temer? You know, the unelected vice-prez of Brazil, who now is acting prez from a corporate-created impeachment? He is actively taking apart Brazil’s Commons and social safety net, nail by nail and thread by thread!


The bedrock belief of the United States of America, and the reason she came into being, rests on the premise that no one is above the law. Here we have a President who openly (and stupidly) confesses that he obstructed the law, and that that was his intent. The case couldn’t be more clear.

We can wring our hands until the mid-term elections, but can we afford the luxury of time? The problem is not the idiot, but those around him who face jail time; they have shown that they are willing to strike at the Constitutional order, the country be damned.


Trump is not the problem; therefore, impeaching Trump will not solve the problem any more than the resignation of Nixon solved anything.


God Emperor Pence of course