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Donald Trump’s Implied Assassination Threat, Fox News and the NRA


Donald Trump’s Implied Assassination Threat, Fox News and the NRA

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Donald Trump is giving new meaning to “bully pulpit,” ratcheting his irrational campaign rhetoric to new and dangerous lows. In North Carolina Tuesday, he said: “Hillary wants to abolish—essentially, abolish—the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick—if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.” Trump’s suggestion that his supporters could assassinate Hillary Clinton or the judges she might appoint provoked outrage, not only nationally, but around the globe.


Let's see what John McCain, McConnell, Ryan & other Trump enablers have to say now. These soulless political hacks will let the fascistic sociopath-nay, psychopathic Trump get away, literally, with murder. Anybody who votes their party is sociopathic. And Clinton enablers like DWSchultz et al rigged the voting against Sanders for this dreadful election cycle choice. Oy vay!


BTW, I don't agree that McCain is a war hero. He was a lousy pilot who trashed several planes before being shot down--mediocre always; had the horrible misfortune to be in prison, but that doesn't make him a hero IMO, just a person who suffered miserably. And his dreadful judgment might have foised Palin upon us. He is a first-class jerk IMO.


And red-state AZ might saddle the rest of us w/mediocre McCain again. Oy, the US is really going down the corporate-funded, Rethuglican-miserable tube. The rigging of voting that brought us neo-con, corporate Shillary and the rise of insane Trump-yes, he is borderline verifiably nuts-we can thank DWSchultz. Be grand if Tim Canova can put paid to her FL House seat! There is just so much wrong w/our Congress & our politics. Sanders seems to have been our Last Great Hope.


"Trump is a dangerous demagogue who is inciting violence, and the time for it to stop is now."

His falling poll numbers suggest more and more people are finally getting that.


Trump's second amendment statement included no overt reference to the use of weapons or assassination can be construed as identifying the power position the NRA achieved during the past two decades largely as a result of the NRA incorporating the second amendment into their brand by respinning the second amendment to make their case.

As a Secret Service operative told an NPR reporter yesterday, Clinton's 2008 California primary admonition to Obama supporters that something might happen. that included a further reference to RFK's post 1968 California primary fate was a much more explicit reference to assassination. The operative assured listeners that if the FBI or Secret Service took action against Trump on this issue, resulting in the Clinton comments resurfacing that those agencies would suffer poor performance reviews, and heads might roll.

Obama won't tolerate any FBI or Secret Service actions that result in anything blowing up in Clinton's face.


"Trump is a dangerous demagogue who is inciting violence, and the time for it to stop is now."

Is it any less violent to eviscerate national laws to guarantee that those among us that go hungry day after day are robbed of basic human dignity and laws that provide food and shelter?
Is it any less violent to consider HUMAN BEINGS as "super predators" that are to be IMPRISONED for no reason?
Is it any less vioent to RETARDEDLY say "We came. We saw. He died!"?

This piece of SH!T DESPERATELY NEEDS TO BE FLUSHED long b4 she can get anywhere near the WH! And no, I'm not talking about anything connected to the second amendment, I am simply saying that this P.O.S. needs to be removed/FLUSHED b4 IT can do any further damage to this country!