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Donald Trump’s Incendiary Language


Donald Trump’s Incendiary Language

Robert Parry

Donald Trump’s strange comment about “Second Amendment people” somehow stopping gun-control initiatives of a Hillary Clinton presidency has earned him condemnation for supposedly suggesting the assassination of his Democratic rival. And his inarticulate half sentence surely could be interpreted that way, which is alarming enough.


I think many of these people who want to be armed with military style rifles believe in the new world order conspiracy theory in which the elites want to form a single government to control the world. They see in most countries there are already strict laws against owning guns. They believe the only thing preventing this takeover in the US is the ability of citizens to have assault rifles. So they see themselves as the defenders of freedom and liberty against an effort for worldwide control. Trump has already suggested during one of the debates that the US government was behind 9/11 or at least knew about it beforehand, a statement which he backtracked on a bit later. Of course his followers see the mainstream media as being part of a conspiracy to stop Trump. Many of his followers no doubt see the international climate conferences as an attempt to control the world as well as the UN's agenda 21 which pushes sustainability.


It was interesting to watch Chuck Todd today on MSNBC interview a Trump supporter. Todd was doing all the ranting and the Trump supporter had a hard time responding. Todd went on and on about how can a presidential candidate attack our institutions,the media,the election process,and now saying the president was the founder of Isis. I think Trump hit a nerve.

Its amazing how the corporate media is so clueless.

If we had a media that focused on real issues Trump and Clinton would not be the current nominees. And I say this for real conservatives and progressives.

Sanders made similar comments about the media-yet the media would conveniently ignore these comments. Strange how someone like Chris Hayes wouldn't ask Sanders to expand on this-no all Chris Hayes could ask is when are you going to concede to Clinton.

I am not a fan of Trump but understand one thing the corporate media doesn't care about racism or hate of other religions- Trump is a wild card , the ruling elite don't know what he will do.

And if people want real change its taking money out of politics. This is another thing confounding the elite----Trump isn't out there begging for money.

It was so interesting as media people brushed off the issues of the Clinton foundation because this is how it works????????

Why is the media so silent on these new emails about pay to play with the Clinton Foundation????