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Donald Trump’s Mission Creep Just Took a Giant Leap Forward


Donald Trump’s Mission Creep Just Took a Giant Leap Forward

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

The smell of a coup hung over the White House this past weekend, like the odor of gunpowder after fireworks on the Fourth of July.


Moyers and Winship in one short essay sums the perils we now face. And it's only been less than two weeks. What's really alarming is the Supreme Court could have up to 3 new ultra-rightwing judges sitting in the next 4 years. A push toward a Christian theocracy has begun in earnest. Coup indeed and there's been many but this might be the worst in history.


"Perhaps some brave Republican legislators, uncharacteristically demonstrating a profile in courage, will take a stand, too". And maybe some Democrats?


The rest of the Republicans are typically cowed which explains most of what we'e so far seen from them but I also think they are quite willing to let Trump go further until he has destroyed most of what we once thought was a democracy. Then, maybe, if, possibly, they will get rid of their bat-crazy "FauxTUS" in exchange for Pence's better manners and more experience political savvy. We'll breath a sigh of relief and then, that is when the damage will deepen and get poured into cement. From bat-crazy frying pan to the fire. The entire new ruling cabal, all (in caps), have to be gotten rid of and I don't see that happening.


1) "Worse Than We Imagined." Yes...for many...most...I think it is worse than they imagined.

2) "Sturdy line of resistance forming"? So one may hope. But, despite demonstrations and protest, a greater resistance is hard to discern. The "political, religious and financial right" Moyers says is collaborating to move America further from the norms of democracy with the triumph of one-party, one-man rule" is a large part of the Republican Party. If there is to be resistance, I think it must come from a left that engages more of the disenfranchised and disengaged liberals than the Democratic Party has been able to with its centrist policies.

Until disengaged masses vote, the Republican right - led by Trump - will continue to enact the policies the right has long wanted. "Why do GOP lawmakers remain so publicly cowed? Is it because they cherish their party’s power more than they do America’s principles?" Uh...well, yes...obviously. On the Republican right wing front, there will be few 'awakenings.'

3) Re "[Trump's] childish obsessions with voter fraud" - Mr. Moyer's, it is not a "childish obsessio[n]," it has been the controlling position of the Republican Party and the basis for disenfranchising mainly Democratic voters for a long time...and the Republican goal of disenfranchising liberals to gain power will speed up now...


A more grand resistance takes time to form. It is unfortunately not spontaneous. Which makes it frustrating that the people who can resist are far behind of demagogues in terms of planning for this presidential outcome.


Worse than expected? Yes, but also better. Better in the sense that the sheer outrageousness of the behavior is pushing people into opposition who might otherwise have been inclined to stay perched comfortably on the fence. No middle ground is possible here


While Trump supporters are in the minority he is backed by tens of millions of white nationalists who are totally irrational. A democracy depends on arguments with both sides agreeing on the basic empirical facts. While most people are engaged in this Trump's supporters live in a world where almost all the facts are not empirically based. A fast pulled out of thin air has as much validity as a fact grained from careful research. Even if these people don't wind up destroying everything in a nuclear war it is clear if they have their way they will destroy everything by denying climate change. Only an all out effort to drastically reduce emission now gives us any chance at all. Trump and his supporters are either suicidal or acting in the same manner as a suicidal group would act. Republicans who one close races may come to their senses. Those who won easily depend largely on the same irrational voters as Trump and are unlikely to budge as the Trump wrecking crew moves forward.


As usual these gentlemen summed it up, sadly. Knowing we have been drifting this way for many years now is no consolation. He's blowing up the government, treason sounds about right, when you place a person known to be against that agency in control of it.
But this country has a decision to make about what kind of country we are going to be. It must be rebuilt better, at least that would make this mess make sense.


I'm afraid I LOL at both notions.


Exactly what I've been thinking, thanks for sharing. and most people will be thankful at first as there are too many no nothings only shopping, brands, sports entertainment and puff. It is sickening.


Trump is offering up scapegoats to them.

"I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”: Well, if you are still unsure of total non cooperation it should be obvious that Trump and his band of clones are aiming to totally disintegrate the nation. Isn't it better that we took the lead and organize for the society we want, one based on equality, peace and environmental stewardship?

We have to make it impossible for Trump to 'govern'.


From the article: Here’s neo-con Eliot Cohen in The Atlantic: “Trump, in one spectacular week, has already shown himself one of the worst of our presidents, who has no regard for the truth (indeed a contempt for it)" ... hmmm, can Mr. neo-con say Bush Jr / Cheney

"... whose patriotism is a belligerent nationalism" ... I remember "With us or Against us." Do you, Mr. neo-con Cohen?

"... whose prior public service lay in avoiding both the draft and taxes" ... just like Dubya and Dick, doncha think Eliot Neo-con?

"... who does not know the Constitution, does not read and therefore does not understand our history" ... definitely George the Lesser, who, if you waterboarded Mr. Neo-con Cohen would readily admit couldn't read

"... He will do much more damage before he departs the scene, to become a subject of horrified wonder in our grandchildren’s history books" ... Trump, just like Dubya and Dicky-boy, are the winners and will therefore, as winners always do, write the history. Mission Accomplished meets America's GRRREEEAAAT!

It saddens me to see journalists like Moyers and Winship give such space to the thoughts of a notorious neo-con. I would have expected as much from Fox News, but not from these two.


Back in my youth, about the time of the Viet Nam Warcrime, the radical Weathermen faction of the group, Students For A Democratic Society (SDS), was declared by the Government to be "Subversive Organization". Now, a half a century later, another subversive organization has appeared, even more dangerous to our future than the Weathermen. The name of that group is the Republican Party. Ever since Ronald Reagan I have watched that party do unimaginable things to tear down this country for the private gain of a select few. Now that they (and ALEC) have sabotaged democracy in state after state, thwarted our elections over and over, wasted the lives of our young in stupid and unnecessary wars, collapsed our Economy, done their utmost to PREVENT peace, and violated our Constitution repeatedly, its time we call a spade a spade, and BAN them from our country! Maybe we can simply trade them for people who will work hard to help BUILD our society: people like Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, Native Tribes, Gays, Transsexuals, and even some "radicals".


By destroy today's establishment I think he means those people in government, media, academia, etc that are promoting multiculturism including celebrating diversity. The most extreme actually want an all white country for themselves but probably most at least they want to stop immigration of non-whites and deport many. Taken to the extreme it could mean unthinkable types of actions such as occurred in Nazi Germany. It appears Muslims are the first target and these white nationalists now in the White House are using the threat of terrorism to convince the raging hoards to support going after Muslims.


I don't fault Moyers and Winship for employing the source to make a point, but they probably should have acknowledged the Cheneybush consigliere was precisely describing his own dons, as you noted.
There's a reason Cohen couldn't come up with a worse characterization of Chump.


You know what? The Iraq war was horrible, an awful decision in spades but I'm going to give the guy some credit. He could keep his mouth shut and sit safely at the American Enterprise Institute making six figures pushing the Koch-Trump agenda like most of his buddies. Instead, he's probably sacrificed a good deal of money and a longterm sinecure to try and get people to understand what is happening right now. If this is his way of trying to make amends for the role he played in a terrible decision, I'll take it.


Read Heinlein's Revolt in 2100. It might give you a good idea of what Moyers is talking about.


A clear-eyed analysis and a call to action. We can always expect sage wisdom from Moyers and Winship.


It's too late. We would need a full scale revolution like Syria's to change things. That is not going to happen.