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Donald Trump’s Plan for Our Water is Just as Bad as You’d Imagine


Donald Trump’s Plan for Our Water is Just as Bad as You’d Imagine

Kate Fried

During his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump vowed to use his first 100 days in office to implement plans to overhaul our nation’s aging roads, bridges, ports and yes—water systems.


Hail Twittler!


"The federal government used to be one of the most reliable stewards of our nation’s drinking and wastewater systems..." - from article.

So if the federal gov’t used to provide funding for the infrastructure and maintenance of the systems, why can’t it now? Oh, yeah, because they are too busy using the taxpayers’ money blowing up people and stuff abroad. Nothing left to be spent for the good of American citizens. Guess it's just as well; seems most Americans now believe that private corporations have their best interests at heart, they keep electing privatizing grifters to Congress, and they think that any money the government spends on the actual people of the US is a "hand-out" instead of being a rational and logical use of our own money.


Aint it the truth!


Only a knucklehead could possibly think that privatizing water could lead to a public benefit.


We have government of by and for too big to fail corporations and super rich individuals. This is reality. They are our nobility and very much entitled to great gobs of money. Somehow we have to cope with life in a nation likely headed for climate change disaster with fossil fuel firms determined to maximize profits full speed ahead damn the torpedoes. Super rich are better off with all of those too poor to be profitable for the super rich to keep around and exploit as low cost labor and consumers who manage somehow to pay their bills, very much dead and buried.