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Donald Trump’s Sound And Fury On Immigration


Donald Trump’s Sound And Fury On Immigration

Terrance Heath

High on decibels, low on policy details and devoid of anything new, Donald Trump’s latest immigration speech was still a lurid reminder of why he must not become president.


Got this headline right CD!
Glad to see you rounded it out in the text.


Recalling the way Pink Floyd was able to sync their "Dark Side of the Moon" with the "Wizard of Oz," I asked myself what the result would be if one were to sync Donald Trumps immigration speech delivered yesterday with one of Hitler's early political speech's?
The experience was otherworldly.


Was that a fascist rally or what? We thought it was gone for good in the 1940s. Wrong. It is now clear the Trump campaign is part of an international white nationalist movement. Trump doesn't use the blunt ugly speech of the KKK but mostly code words or dog whistle terms. The same thing is taking place in the UK, France, Germany, etc. This is probably the biggest challenge to democracy since the 1930s. In the 1930s it was only Europe that saw the emergence of fascism but now we are seeing it on both sides of the Atlantic. Kellyanne Conway seems to be functioning as a cover for what is really going on and has given the Trump campaign an aura of respectability that it doesn't deserve. The anger out there is real. Many white people are seeing too many Hispanics on the streets and hearing too much Spanish being spoken and hearing too much Latin music playing for their taste. Add to that the increased fear to terrorism from Muslims and you get the picture. This no longer feels like America to these people and indeed America has changed. But they refuse to accept it. And of course racism against African Americans still persists. This whole thing could get far more uglier before it is over and who know how it will all come out.


Clearly our school system has failed. That failure can (should ) be attributed to the teachers.


Once again I am reminded of the core moral teachings and principles of the late human rights attorney, Michael Ratner:

"That you either side with the oppressed or you side with the executioner."

The lives of many Mexicans are fraught with struggles mostly related to living on a low income in a costly nation.

How anyone can turn those already suffering and struggling into a primary Target Group is incomprehensible because it's pure Evil.

Trump's anti Mexican rants (along with his careless disregard to very real threats to the Black community, and his hostile painting of all Muslims under one lethal brushstroke added to his nonchalant misogyny) remind me of the Saudis bombing the very poor Yemeni people next door.

The cowardice demonstrated in those who are well-fed, and possessed of rich resources and turn on those who are enduring severe struggles is nothing short of diabolical.

It makes me want to see Trump get a real taste of his own medicine for mostly karmic blow-back purposes.


There's no question that there are parallels with the rise of fascism in the l930s. However, you are numb to the Clintons' role (particularly since Hillary has served as a very martial Secretary of State) in producing it. Or did you think NAFTA and promoting international trade pacts that sent $ up the food chain to the very rich would do much in the way of democratizing nations? Or spreading the wealth around?

It's always when the wealth gets stuck at the top of the financial food chain and working families are made to complete for crumbs THAT inflammatory rhetoric is so useful in turning one group against another.

This practice and outcome are so reliable that elites know when to deploy them for their own purposes; and the Clintons indeed serve the elites (having largely become part of That Club).