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Donald Trump’s Surveillance of New York Times Reporter Is a True Declaration of War Against the Press


Donald Trump’s Surveillance of New York Times Reporter Is a True Declaration of War Against the Press

James Risen, The Intercept

Donald Trump’s real war on the press has finally begun.


Obama went after Risen for 7 long years to try and force him to reveal sources.

Risen stood up to the unrelenting pressure

Obama helped set the stage for Trump to go further

Will the public, politicians and corporate journalists respond?

The jailing of Reality WInter is another example of the established state protecting itself

And of course, Julian Assange has angered the deep state for years and they have tried everything to get him to stop publishing documents.

Our democracy is on the line with the ongoing coup…


This just shows how worthless the Constitution has become. What the hell has happened to “freedom of the press”? The whole of Washington is corrupt beyond redemption. Laura Poitras was detained every time she returned to the US with valuable film of US war atrocities committed as the US lay waste to what used to be viable countries. Call her a film journalist. She makes good documentary films instead of the “nice” Ken Burns sanitized corporatized pablum. There were a bunch of leakers from the NSA that had their lives destroyed by the government goon squad. There are US political prisoners all over the place because if they came back they’d join all the other prisoners the US seems to like housing. What a shithole country we’ve become.


Mr Assange is one of the political prisoners I mentioned in my comment. There are plenty of others stashed away somewhere I’m sure. Ed Snowden for one.


Of course, there was no outcry from the right

I tend to agree that with those who say the Republican Party is now a personality cult. Essentially there is no longer a Republican Party that stands for something. It has been replaced by the Trump Party. Republicans cannot criticize Trump’s excesses without paying a price. We have seen this cult at Trump rallies. They cheer for everything Trump says and does. All public criticism of Trump is forbidden.


The press also declared war against the people:

Media concentration and the market model has turned the press into lapdogs, not watchdogs


Only media engaged in PR disguised as journalism are tolerated while media practicing real journalism is a target of Trump and his corporate cronies.


Fuck The Mango Mussolini and his accusations of fake news. Cut his bully pulpit, Twitter.