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Donald Trump’s Unsurprising Surprise


Donald Trump’s Unsurprising Surprise

Mike Lofgren

A lot of pundits have egg on their faces. Nate Cohn recently issued a mea culpa in the New York Times confessing his underestimation of Donald Trump.


How is The Deep State going to Deep Six Trump, Mike? Because you know that they will.


The Repubs are working out a deal with Don Donald. If an arrangement can be made where the Trumpenstein monster can be relied on to go along to get along and agree to leave hands off certain foreign policy initiatives and not mess with the domestic policies that have been so beneficial to oligarchy then they can get with a Trumpster's dudeness in chief! Lofgren must be wondering if certain secrets will be revealed to a man with the right connections.


I eagerly await my paperback copy of Mr. Lofgren's book on The Deep State.

While this essay/article raises some interesting points, I am going to challenge the lack of context related to the following two paragraphs:

"Since the demise of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987, the Conservative Media-Entertainment Complex – Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and all the rest – has poisoned the well of civic engagement with rancor, scapegoating and pessimism about the state of the nation. These self-styled super-patriots seem to get a thrill from talking down the country, and if you add up all the groups they condemn, their targets probably constitute a majority of the U.S. population."

Notably made conspicuous by its absence is any mention of the FACT that this entire "entertainment" apparatus is geared at angry white guys.

Having seen their salaries shrink as Latinos, Black Americans, and women moved into the ranks that previously were reserved for white males only, they are angry.

"Anti-knowledge is virulent in the GOP, but it is a problem in the larger society as well. A study by the journal Science polled on public attitudes about evolution in the United States, 32 European countries, Turkey and Japan; the only country where acceptance of evolution was lower than in ours was Islamic Turkey. States like Louisiana mandate that public schools teach the bogus “controversy” about evolution."

Left out of the above observation is the significant role played by Fundamentalist Christianity and its authoritarian followers who are taught to place trust in faith... not science.

The fact that Mr. Lofgren leaves out the white male element--Trump's obvious base, and in the 2nd paragraph, the impact and influence of old school religion are in my mind glaring omissions.

Did a mind as astute as Mr. Lofgren's miss these key components or is he trying to be Politically Correct?


And here's a link for a look at the lighter side of barbarians:


Thanks for bringing up the male white privilege running rampant in Trump's campaign. Lofgren is obviously far more enlightened than Trump and many Republican leaders, but part of white male privilege is a failure among many white men, especially those with connections to the DC power center, to recognize it; maybe that's why Lofgren missed it.


Did you read 'Goodbye to All That'? I suspect he was only attempting to be brief in this summary of how we arrived at Trump. Besides - Common Dreams subscribers would find the 'angry white guy' argument unnecessary, it's been a well established fact that FOX has focused their propaganda toward this group. As for Christian fundamentalists wreaking havoc - I doubt they'd have experienced the success they've attained without the main stage of the invention of 'conservative media' to advance their radical agenda. They'd have remained only a 'stupid fringe group' as Eisenhower labeled them. Now, thanks to conservative media - this Godless brand of Christians are running amok.


One of Hillary's strongest backers believes we all should now be preparing for the 2nd coming of Christ. So, we can't blame all this on Fox News and The Usual Suspects. Congress Critters are afflicted with willful ignorance, too. BTW- There's no specific timetable published that I can find. Googling didn't help either. I checked Wickipedia, too. I would like to know so that I have the entryway, living room and dining area vacuumed and the floors waxed. And, Donald Trump met with James Baker today in his Washington, D.C. law office. Behind closed doors, of course. In other words, the new lieutenant just had a meeting with the " boss of all bosses " and/or consigliere of the New Republican Party. " Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss...... " How much leash will Trump be given in this election? And then. afterwards? God and Hillary's followers only know, apparently. Time to dust off those " Who Would Jesus Bomb? " signs, again. Maybe I'll put on Manhattan Transfer's " Operator " and clean the house, just in case.


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This country has a long history of anti-intellectualism and racism. A candidate like Trump who can appeal to both of these things and is also a TV celebrity and well known for luxury buildings and golf courses bearing his name and is funny as well can obviously get a lot of votes in Republicans primaries. Basically compared to his rivals he was a big name which gave him a big advantage. It is unlikely he will win the general election because of the poor situation the Republicans are in with regard to the electoral college and he will be most likely facing a person who is an equally big name which will remove that advantage.


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He still thinks he can win. Are you sure he is sane? Just kidding of course.


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When people are left out of societal functions, particularly decision making processes, when they are given little or no voice in these matters, they don't crawl into some corner and vegetate. They (us) will do something(s). We really don't have a choice because our very constitution, our biological makeup is not designed to turn off that thing called a mind. If the mind (soul, spirit) doesn't get people to resist the constraints placed on them by those who believe it's their inherited right to subjugate and exploit, the subjugated and exploited will often create a reality of their own. Extreme religiosity, fanatical cultists beliefs, creation of their own suppressive hierarchies. This isn't something unknown or hidden. It's a virtual truism seen in human history. And in the digital age it's at our fingertips to learn. Groups of people responding to an artificial stress. As with all the other artificial stresses abnormal societies subject us to. It's why people see socialism, or any other cooperative existence, as fundamental to normality. And normality for us Homo sapiens could create a reality that even our creative minds haven't realized.


Back around the time the GOP fully went off the rails, I couldn't accept there weren't any rational Republicans remaining. That is when I found Mr. Lofgren's article 'Goodbye to All That'. I was mesmerized by his dedication to 'slap in the face factual and intricate analysis' of his once beloved Republican Party, and how it devolved to it's present "cult" status. And honestly, his expose' allowed me vindication, for despising the GOP as much as I had been at the time; and still do. His take no prisoners approach, revealed to me details of fact I had merely suspected were going on; before his full disclosure of how sinister GOP modus operandi became the norm. I continue to read his work as he is an important if not invaluable source of information.
Why shouldn't this man receive some medal or presidential award for his unflinching courage to expose the astonishing corruption that has become the only accepted method of governing at the GOP? I admire Mike Lofgren for telling the blistering truth to his fellow Americans. He is a patriot in every sense of the word.


Andrew, did you forget that imitation is the highest form of flattery?


I don't know who Jesus would bomb (Wall Street?), but I do know Hillary must have had the homecoming of Odysseus in mind (his little "housecleaning job" where he slaughtered all the freeloading drunk rich brats) when she named her Libya campaign "Odyssey Dawn". Unless as Abby suggested at the time, she had some stripper in mind instead. Maybe she confuses Jesus and Odysseus? I suspect she does see herself as Athena ...


Trump was proposing things that would have hurt the rich oligarchy?


He isn't specific as may be expected but his rhetoric about making America great again through tariffs, penalizing offshore corporations and any changes in general that he is contemplating worries the Repubs. Republicans love Trump as an oligarch and fear Trump as a candidate who is a loose cannon who just might gum up the works. Basically they don't know what he might do and as we all have seen the Repubs act in lock step and keep a tight rein over any independence among their ranks. They have created a no dissent homogeneity among republicans in congress and they fear any outsider becoming an insider and messing with that republican paradise where all republicans are expected to conform and vote the same way or else! The problem for them is that Trump has gotten where he is in this campaign without needing them.

This is a shotgun marriage between Trump and the republicans and Trump is holding the shotgun!


Your point is well-taken. Nonetheless, it's a dangerous demographic because it has such a primitive concept of "us versus them" that's based in Biblical conflicts among tribes. And since this belief is a very old and established one, it's used to generate war fever which runs HIGH in this group, a group which of course tends to trust in male authority figures.