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Donald Trump Scares Me


Donald Trump Scares Me

Diane Ravitch

I watched the GOP presidential debate last night and found it very depressing.

The main event was the effort by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to pierce Trump’s armor and rattle him. The more they poked at him, the more belligerent he became.

Given the wide lead Trump has, he is likely to be the candidate of the Republican party. This is horrifying. To watch him makes me feel frightened for the future of our country. I also listened to him speaking (I think in Maine) i the morning.


TPTB fear DJT's lack of fealty to their money!


Vomit right back at you. You've been pushing Trump IN this forum for some time because you identify with his audience: angry white guys. Most of your posts routinely contain the F-word, as if its use somehow comports with intellectual stamina!

Trump IS a dangerous egomaniac.

Anyone who brags about using torture, turns the problem of NAFTA into that of "Mexican rapists," and insults women (Ms. Kelly--as one example) for daring to challenge "his mighty majesty" is hardly FIT for The Office.

He's "your guy" because you are like him. You probably think that ALL Muslims are evil, ALL Mexicans deserve to be shipped back, there's nothing wrong with torture to get information (even if the whole 911 debacle was an Inside Job), and that women should just shut up.

Trump represents MEN like you.

He is not representative of the rest of the nation... and that is the singular flaw in Ms. Ravitch's short essay.


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I guess we should have realized that Howard Stern and the other shock jocks who created a subculture of radio listeners would have someday resulted in a candidate for president just as Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk radio hosts did. The Americans who are tuned in to this stuff wanted their own candidate. Trump is an odd combination of shock jock radio, hate talk radio, and liberal social programs. As a reality TV star unlike the other candidates he has his own fans. Can Trump win the general election? If opponents don't unite behind the Democratic candidate he might. If he wins, it will clearly be a disaster because he is climate change denier. It is easy to imagine other ways his presidency could lead to disaster. This election it absolutely critical that the winning believes in climate change and will work hard to address this crisis. Only Clinton and Sanders fit that description.


Can any reasonable, informed person actually propose that Cruz and Rubio are any LESS scary than Trump?

The only non-terrifying candidate in the entire race is Bernie Sanders. ALL the others are simply different flavors of disaster.


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You believe what you want to believe and hear what you want to believe. Trump says a lot of things and slips in little tidbits like the use of nuclear weapons which then get responded to by Putin (which has already happened following the previous repub debates). You excuse Putin who has a more circumspect and European urbanity than Trump's crudity and unrinhibited extroversion but the domineering and autocratic personality is recognizable in both men. I believe Putin is more competent but for all Trumps's bombast and excess, I think Putin is more ruthless... But then again Trump hasn't had the chance to be that way except in business which is very different than the political.


Are you seriously basing your impression of Trump primarily on his supposedl willingness to work with Putin? I do not see the present 'threat posture' alarmism over Putin as anything more than election year extremism. The Cold War is standard operating procedure and right now America is in no shape to prosecute a major conflict with another superpower especially in their own backyard.

I also don't think that Trump's anti Muslim stance translates well as him being a fair mediator between the Israelis and Palestinians. Of course he might intend to be fair but I tend not to trust what Trump says.


The best thing about Trump is that he is scaring the hell out of the established Republican party. And they are trying to stop Trump any way they can. They are in panic mode and the latest salvo by a real lightweight, Romney, that was backed by Trump when he ran for POTUS is all the proof you need. The pejorative, diatribe by Romney was soooo pathetic! Maybe some good will come out of this after all if Trump can destroy the Republican party and they could become an irrelevant party like the Whigs.


You would vote for Trump? You think that he isn't on the side of corporations? He's fooled you too?

He is a dangerous demagogue who is attracting white supremacists and other dangerous groups for a good reason. He is a megalomaniac bent on power who is willing to use bigotry and hate to attain that power. Sound familiar?

The MIC is afraid of Trump? What? You missed his speech on Super Tuesday where he said that our military was in bad shape and that he was going to make it bigger!! He said that he was going to make our military so big and strong that nobody would "even think of messing with us"!

How about the in your face racism, misogyny, and the rest?

You defend this jerk?


There is no doubt that Cruz and the rest have their own brand of terror attached to a potential presidency, but Trump definitely Trumps them all with Cruz being a close second.

I truly believe that Trump is dangerous, and his dictatorial bent will be apparent from the start if he becomes President. This guy with people on the inside of the NSA with that ego, he will quickly demonstrate that everyone not stoking his ego including us on this forum have a lot to fear.


No Trump just sicks his henchmen on groups of black peaceful protesters and stands by approvingly as they are violently escorted out the room with shouts of racial epithets. He just brags that he will get that wall built along the Mexican border, and will stop Muslim immigration.

How can you defend this guy? You can't imagine Trump being belligerent in foreign policy with that ego and temper?


I have always respected you around here, and not trying to pick a fight, but saying that he is going to make the military bigger, claiming that it is in poor shape, and that his goal for doing so would be so nobody will mess with us should be a window into his overall foreign policy posture.

You just said that you can't trust any candidate. Well we can make best assumptions on their personality and what they are actually saying, and the movement that they are stoking.

Trump is stoking a movement that is the most terrifying I've witnessed in my lifetime. I'm over half a century myself.


It is disheartening to read so many people defending Trump on this forum. An open misogynist, racist and overall bigot, who brags about his fucking money, courts white supremacists, and promises to build a wall and not allow any Muslim to enter the country. Yet here I am on a progressive forum. What bizarre universe have I found myself in?


Brief wikipedia check list on narcissistic personality disorder:

  • An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges
  • Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
  • A lack of psychological awareness (see insight in psychology and psychiatry, egosyntonic)
  • Difficulty with empathyProblems distinguishing the self from others (see narcissism and boundaries)
  • Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults (see criticism and narcissists, narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury)
  • Vulnerability to shame rather than guiltHaughty body language
  • Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them (narcissistic supply)
  • Detesting those who do not admire them (narcissistic abuse)
  • Using other people without considering the cost of doing so
  • Pretending to be more important than they really areBragging (subtly but persistently) and exaggerating their achievements
  • Claiming to be an "expert" at many things
  • Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
  • Denial of remorse and gratitude


Yes, dangerous to us, but also dangerous to the Repugs!


Trump is also the only candidate that has said that he will re-open the 9/11 investigation.
So all of the Trump haters out there need not worry. If he wins, the CIA will "solve the problem"

But I am banking on Bernie or Jill Stein to come through and save us all.


Sorry...we're already the laughing stock of most of the civilized world.


...and that says it all.