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Donald Trump Strikes Fear... Even in South Sudan


Donald Trump Strikes Fear... Even in South Sudan

Nick Turse

LEER, South Sudan -- I’m sitting in the dark, sweating. The blinding white sun has long since set, but it’s still in the high 90s, which is a relief since it was above 110 earlier. Slumped in a blue plastic chair, I’m thinking back on the day, trying to process everything I saw, the people I spoke with: the woman whose home was burned down, the woman whose teenage daughter was shot and killed, the woman with 10 mouths to feed and no money, the glassy-eyed soldier with the AK-47.


Nick, thank you for your service.


What a great article. So many pundits on the left will talk reams about issues and conditions across the planet while sitting in air conditioning offices and home and making dinner reservations and so forth. There was witness in this piece. A rawness to the reality that was inescapable in Nick's words about what he was seeing and experiencing in person. You felt the distance between those people and us. You saw true poverty and deprivation there. You recognized the utter fear and complete insecurity endured by people. It wasn't just a story garnered from other sources. This was witness.

It is this kind of courage that is these unfortunates only hope that they have not been forgotten. There is a surplus of pundits who witness nothing themselves but write as if they know the answers to problems such as these.

How long has it been since you (or the pundits) were afraid of the night?


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I think this IS the true PURPOSE of all the "military aid." The elites want to reduce the world's population and by arming areas of instability, areas with histories of tribal divisions, they satisfy their disgusting agenda:

"The signature feature of this civil war has been its preferred target: civilians. It has been marked by massacres, mass rape, sexual slavery, assaults of every sort, extrajudicial killings, forced displacement of local populations, disappearances, abductions, torture, mutilations, the wholesale destruction of villages, pillaging, looting, and a host of other crimes."


Imagine if all the fools who view Trump as a "Populist" man of the people and interested in "the little guy and gal" viewed this?

Thanks for posting it.


Good article. What should strike fear in any progressive American, is that Trump has so many acolytes! And what should really scare the hell out of progressives is that if Trump runs against HRC for POTUS Trump has a good chance of beating the Wall Street harlot, mainly because so many independents, like me, refuse to vote for Hillary as the lesser evil.


How much longer will it be, before the national bird is changed from the Eagle to the drone.?


Well the Turkey was recommended once!


Yep and many think droning is a policy but it is just the tool used to accomplish our worldwide assignation program. I wonder if there would be a difference between Hillary's, Trump's and Bernie's kill list. Like to see this as a debate question.